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Welcome to “Tukang Rantek” Claudius’s Official Website

“Tukang Rantek” means photographer in Bidayuh Serian.

In this website, you will be able to see my artworks, done throughout my journey as Tukang Rantek across Sarawak, where I took a lot of pictures, be it onshore or offshore, portrait or boudoir as well as wedding and funerals. 

For me, life is previous and needs to be celebrated. Different people have a different definition of what is precious. Hence, without any bias, for me, what’s precious is time. That is why I only spend it for things that really gives value to me and to my family and friends.

For queries, WhatsApp me via +60148677585. 


Your Tukang Rantek,
Claudius (Del)

Social Media Links

My YouTube Channel: Claudius Weson 

Ravi & Merien’s Love Celebration

Bidayuh Teachers

Bidayuh girls.

Wedding of Charlist & Lorita.

Cynthia, Saban maiden.

Various jobs commissioned over the years.

Mary, leto Kenyah.

Veron, Indu Dara Kapit


Pris & Vivianna


Frontliner’s Love Story


Saban Peoples

Jill & Friends Photoshoot

Gador’s Private Shoot

Naga 7 at E6

Kpg Pichin Long House, Serian

Edna & Jacky’s Wedding

PETRONAS Ladies’ Photoshoot

Dayung Laut 2019 Finalists

Pichin Girls

Dominic & Ernie’s Wedding

Sarawak Girls wearing Orang Ulu costume

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