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Music: Food for the SoulFinding your motivation to play music

Dear friends,

I love music, it is the food for the soul and for Christians, MUSIC means Make Us Sing In Christ. Not only Christianity, but literally every other religions in the world has some musical elements in their worship style. At Malaysia, “azan” from mosques can be heard, to indicate their worship time, the Buddhists and Hindus with their chants and many more. But this post is not about religion, it is about music and hopefully, by reading this post, some of you (the readers) will be able to find your motivation to learn more about music or reignite the spark that was lost.


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Greetings! I am Claudius.

of a Beautiful Life

Greetings everyone! I am Claudius, an amateur street photographer based mainly in Miri, Sarawak (Malaysia) who loves to take picture of peoples, their emotions in search of the perfect “decisive moments”. Thank you for visiting my website. This is just an experiment as I wille updating my website from time to time, to reflect my competency level as well as my journey in photography.

As you can see, I love photography. I have been taking pictures ever since I bought my first phone, the long-lost Black Ice phone which has VGA image quality back in 2007. Slowly I upgraded my mobile phone to a better model, starting with Sony Ericsson W890i in 2009, followed by iPhone 4S in 2012. I do have a experience handling Olympus Touch TG-1 and Nikon D7100, but when I upgraded to Leica M9-P, my world just flipped. Read More