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Monthly archives: June 2017

Another Claudius StoryA Monochromatic WeddingA sharing on taking black and white photography for weddings

A Monochromatic Wedding

Dear friends,

I would like to talk about one of the biggest event in someone’s life – wedding. In Malaysia, we have a lot of wedding ceremonies style due to the abundance of the culture that we have here – Chinese, Malay, Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Orang Ulu et cetera. It is very common for us to see a lot of our friends dressed beautifully, adorn themselves with their best garments to celebrate the joyful occasion. Men, on the other hands, wear a well-pressed suit, shoes and ties, hair combed to the back like a modern-day Romeo or Don Juan. Every single woman dressed nicely as well, hoping that they will find their prince charming on the wedding reception. Lovely event isn’t it?

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Another Claudius Weson StoryWhy Black & White Photography?Monochromatic photography in three big reasons

Dear friends,

As a photographer, so long as I can remember, this is the most common question that I get when it comes to my photography works. Yes, I still can do photography, but time and time again, I always find myself picking up my black and white monochromatic Leica over my colour DSLR (yes, I do own a DSLR, but most of the time it is sitting idle at my beloved dry box).

If you notice, my earlier pictures has colour photographs (refer to #filiphilo album at my Facebook page). There is no doubt that colour photography is indeed very beautiful, and it is good for my photography business (4 out of 5 customer wants colour photography). With Leica colour photography rendition, the natural colour can be seen without being too inorganic or too digital. In a way it has the film colour photography look, something that Leica has done for the past 100 years and perfected the trade now.

However, despite all of those attractions, I still fall in love with black and white photography. Trying to put this emotion in words, I can simplify it into three main parts. Don’t worry, this is not a long essay like what I always did, just a summary. Read More

Smoke House & Street PhotographyDiscovering Miri's History and Legendary Food Outlet

Dear friends,

Today I would like to write about one of the best place to be visited at Miri town, which is the legendary smoke house.

Although it is called smoke house, by definition it is a collection of few stalls or establishment selling smoked or roasted foods, in a manner of open house restaurant. It gets the name of “smoke house” because it is always surrounded by smoke emitted by the continuous roasting activities to cater the ever-growing customers, be it local people or visitors. Sometimes this smoke acts like an indicator, whether they are in business on that day ornot, which can be seen by the passerby. No smoke, no business, so move on to the next locations.

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