2 Minute ReadAfter-Work HabitsAnd A Bit of Leica S2-P Photography

As I drive back from home, I saw a guy running down the lake where I live. I don’t know who he is, but he is one of the familiar faces that I saw in my neighbourhood. I noticed that he ran daily, at the same time.

That instance hits me, and it came in a form of action. What is my after-work habits?

This is what I call – Happy Hour (Leica S2-P & Summarit 70).

Gotta Stay Fit bro.(Leica S2-P & Summarit 70).

For me, it is simple. If I am not at home, after work, I just spend my first hour to jog followed by cool down. In this challenging work environment, we need to stay fit for the future. I believe that the best medal a person can have is a good and healthy body.

I took my idea further and change it to a different tone. Let’s say you have done your exercise, took your meal, and before you go to sleep – what you will do next? Your answer will determine your fate. I always find it interesting that we can shape our destiny daily. If you want to become a good runner, run daily. If you want to become a good singer, sing daily. If you want to become a good writer, write daily. If you want to become a good speaker or emcee, practice daily. Find a good coach, get your method right and practice daily.

People like Michael Jordan, Velentino Rossi or Celine Dion did not just born with their talent, but they hone it daily. They practice, practice, and keep on practicing. We only see less than 3% of their time, but that is when they are in the spotlight. If you want to be like them, be prepared to dedicate your whole life to it. Like the immortal quote by Tom Delaney, composer and pianist for Ethel Waters, “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”  You have to break the egg in order to make an omelette.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.(Leica S2-P & Summarit 70).

Think of a field, and then commit to it. I am committing to inspire others through my photography. That is what I like to do after my work hours. As for you, once you have decided, go all the way. Keeping options open is good, but you don’t want to stuck in a hallway either, not knowing where to go, like someone browsing in Netfilx not knowing what series to watch. Commit to something, someone. That’s how you can seize the day.

Then, get to know the rules of the things you are committing to. If photography, yes good, you can ask me, especially if you are one of those crazy ones who prefer to use manual mode all the way, from ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. We can talk about it all day.

As for the inspiration, try to find the people that you admire in the field. If you are committed to be a powerlifter, I can refer you to my friend, Marvin Gau (IG: MarvinInspire) and David Liaw. As for singing, I have a bunch of friends that can sing very well like Grace Cindy, Natallee Kwan, Arnold, Mark Julex etc. For drum, Prosta Agatho. For counselling, Psalms Stephen. For bike, Sifu Kimi and Unkel Nigel. My ex-bigbiker friend, Ahmad Fahmi also now learning the art of bicyling, which is good for him. Regardless, you should ask yourself this question. Know what you want in life. You might think you know yourself better, but you might change your mind after a bit of pain.

When you are in an itch, no one will help you but yourself. The rest will be an observer, from a distance.(Leica S2-P & Summarit 70).

If you do not enjoy the whole process and do it for the sake of money, I can tell that you will not go far. The best fuel of all is not money, but love. Love the whole process. Love the end result. Love the pain and suffering. If you love all the bitter part, the sweet part will come to you eventually because you deserve it.

For me, I always bring my camera everywhere I go. It is good also because I can always remind myself that I should go back to work and not to read any camera review since I already have what I want, in my lap, daily.

Carrying my M everywhere I go is like a therapy, because if there is anything interesting happened, I can just grab my camera and create an image. Imagine if I have started this habit long time ago, I would have a lot of interesting moments wherever I go, including the sighting of hornbills at my office.


We Have A Dream. (Leica M9-P & Summilux 35)

It also gives an impression and it is the image that I want to make in the eye of the others. If you started to doubt yourself, you will be doubted. If you believe in yourself, you will do better in any field you do. Try not to beat the others, but rather try to beat yourself yesterday. Always ask yourself, what I can improve today versus what I did tomorrow. The more time you spent on something, the more you will improve.  1 degree changes daily is better than nothing at all.

Well, that is all I want to write today. Until next time. 🙂

No matter what happen, close your eyes, tell yourself that everything will be fine and smile. That’s when you realise that your real superpower is to rise up against any life adversities.(Leica S2-P & Summarit 70).

Pro-Leica Shooter – Daniel 😉

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