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Fascination in Black & White Photography

Greetings everyone!

How was your weekend? I pray that it is a good one for whoever is reading this. Today I intend to write a short post about the black and white photography. It has been a while since I took photo in B&W, mainly because I was still enjoying my M9s, that has been with me for the past few years. After I was informed by Joyce that my Monochrom has arrived, I was so excited. Now, I finally get to enjoy back my monochromatic journey. For me, pure B&W is different from converting colour DNGs to B&W. It is more than just the feeling that you get, but the subtlety of the final product. Of course, that varies from one photographer to another, but to each his own.

As photographers, we paint using light. The paintbrush that we use is our lens. Some prefer it wide open, while some prefer to have it small. The canvas that we use varies from crop sensor to full format, and to some, medium format sensor (which is not within my grasp at the moment). Ultimately, what matters is the emotion that we channel through our art. We create art, and behind it is an engineering marvel, capturing and taming photons to make it dance along the valens line, creating something we call photograph – immortalising our memories.

In laymen term, aim – press – capture. Voila, you have a photo.

I think it is better if I just share the first few photos that I have captured using my Monochrom. Maybe there is a new Monochrom out there, the one based on M240 – the Monochrom Typ 246. However, Mark 1 Monochrom is good enough for me. In fact, I can’t ask for more. I am looking forward to more assignments using my Monochrom.

Below are some of the moments captured during my visit to Leica Store Malaysia.


Daniel is enjoying Win Soegondo’s work

Sniper in action.

Erica is more interested to pose than to listening to Daniel’s chat



While Joyce is away…

Adios, amigo!














Just in case and wonder how peoples of Kpg Bidayuh, Taman Tunku enjoy themselves, here are some of the examples  – in monochrome. Thank you and congratulations to host, Dr Anslem & Mr Francis Menden. May God bless you and your families. See you in future posts!






Gears used: Leica M Monochrom, Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH.

Get yours from Leica Store Malaysia:

Nyehep taye bala kita.

Ngajat time.

The legendary Sape Player

Jak ote nuok.

Couple of the night. Jiwang habis.

Mr Joseph with his ngajat stance.


Good time isn’t it Nigel?









Smoke House & Street PhotographyDiscovering Miri's History and Legendary Food Outlet

Dear friends,

Today I would like to write about one of the best place to be visited at Miri town, which is the legendary smoke house.

Although it is called smoke house, by definition it is a collection of few stalls or establishment selling smoked or roasted foods, in a manner of open house restaurant. It gets the name of “smoke house” because it is always surrounded by smoke emitted by the continuous roasting activities to cater the ever-growing customers, be it local people or visitors. Sometimes this smoke acts like an indicator, whether they are in business on that day ornot, which can be seen by the passerby. No smoke, no business, so move on to the next locations.

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