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Tabi basa and greetings family and friends,

It’s the Third Sunday in Advent season for Christians, which means there is only one week to go for Christmas. Every Christians all around the world are excited for Chrismas, the day that marks the birth of our Saviour. I have been hearing rumours that Sarawak will have their own public holiday on 26th Dec, in addition to the usual, one-day celebration for Christians. This is a good news for everyone. More time to be spent at home with family, or to pursue your passion-project, be it singing, or photography.

Kindness Is Beautiful

Somehow, before I talk about my photography journey yesterday, I want to touch about kindness. It is beautiful. I had my fair share of being the receiver of someone’s kindness. They are warm, they open up hearts and melts even the most ice-cold heart. Some might take longer than the other, but given enough time, it will. Always be kind to others, because you might be the only one who does.

Saturday Photography Journey

Yesterday, I had a journey to Matang with Cikgu Alvine, a fellow Bidayuh photographer also. Alvine, accompanied by his wife, Presilia comes with their own talent, Hazel. I brought talent from Divabiz Ambassadorz, Micelly Jane, or simply Jane thanks to Priscillia for arranging it. It was raining on our way, so we have to change our plan of photoshoot. Thanks to the rain, it was not so hot, but that means the colour temperature is much lower. Therefore, calibration has to be done and voila, it is fixed.

This time around, I do not have any helper. Therefore, I have to make use of all my four limbs to ensure I place the lighting at the right spot. I also did not have any tripod with me, so my left hand is my off-camera flash (OCF) holder. I had a good exercise doing the walk yesterday.

Alvine had a good time photoshooting, because he was accompanied by Presilia. What a sweet couple. I should bring mine too.


Initially I planned to do it in a simple manner, doing all the conventional photoshoot. But since there is a lot of beautiful greeneries and trees, I decided to do it differently. There were a few good-looking cats roaming around, but it only the black-brown coloured cat that is tame enough to pose with Jane. Jane is also a cat lover, so it is a good combo.

Her bronze skin tone is beautiful, so it has to be emphasised. If at the Western world, you will fine fair-skinned beauties, at Sarawak, you will find an abundance of bronze-skinned beauties. Biologically, it is also part of the protection against the sunlight although some people thought it is not beautiful. It is a wrong misconception. All the need is some photographer to capture their beauty, the one that captivates the heart of many.


Hazel, on the other hand, is fair-skinned Iban beauty. Coupled with her short-hair, it amplifies her already good-looking into a different level. I do not have much opportunity working with her, so I just grab the opportunity to do few shots, this time assisted by Jane on the lighting, to enable me to focus on the creative side.

In the end, Alvine and Presilia became my models.

Sweet Couple, gituu

End-Note: Mental Health

One of the way to keep a good mental health is to mix around with the tonic person, the one that listens to you, supports you and tells you if you are running full speed to the wall. The one that will encourage you to do anything even though it is bad for you is not friend, but an enabler, an accomplice. Why? Probably because it is benefitting them in a way. I am blessed to be able to meet kind persons along my journey, whose memories I will treasure and write in my diary, to which I repay in kindness, or even a live song performance on the street.

Where do we go now? Sweet child, where do we go now?

With that, I end my post for now. Have a blessed week ahead!

Your Tukang Rantek,
Claudius Weson

Note: Claudius Weson is a tukang rantek (photographer) based in Miri, mainly doing portraiture (indoor / studio / outdoor photoshoot), weddings and event photography.

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