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Another Claudius StoryThe Story of Mas-Suara BandWhen the best of monochrome meets the best of jazz band at Bar-thyme

A monochromatic evening with MasSuara Band. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you guys. For jazz aficionados, this band is certainly not to be missed. This performance is part of their promotional performance, for the upcoming Borneo Jazz Festival at Miri, 12-13 May 2017. Should you would like to see more of their performance, join Borneo Jazz Festival! Don’t be ja ja jaded – let’s get Jazzed up!

For your information, MasSuara is formed by few musical educators, namely Prostasindra Atin (Prosta), Faustinus Jilum (Tinus), Thia Sock Yiang (Thia), Grace Cindy and Dainel Lemen.

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Music: Food for the SoulFinding your motivation to play music

Dear friends,

I love music, it is the food for the soul and for Christians, MUSIC means Make Us Sing In Christ. Not only Christianity, but literally every other religions in the world has some musical elements in their worship style. At Malaysia, “azan” from mosques can be heard, to indicate their worship time, the Buddhists and Hindus with their chants and many more. But this post is not about religion, it is about music and hopefully, by reading this post, some of you (the readers) will be able to find your motivation to learn more about music or reignite the spark that was lost.


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