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Til Death Us Do Part

Babai & Oma Last Moment Together

A lot of us want to have someone to love in our life, especially those who wants to live until the end, share our lives until old age. To like someone is the easiest part because more and more people knows how to groom themselves, apply proper make-up to beautify themselves and make them more handsome. To pretend to fall in love is easy in first encounter, because lust is often masked as love and we call it love first sight, when it’s actually hormone in action, fueled by libido. For some, love just happens. Like a spark, it just go boom. For others, it takes time. For some unfortunate ones, they are still waiting and hoping for that miracle.

To fall in love is the easy part. The real challenge is to maintain it; to maintain the same love as when we first started to fall in love.

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In Loving Memory of Babai


Tabi basa and greetings everyone! When there is life, there is death. We are taught to celebrate life, but we are not openly taught to embrace death because it’s saddening and bring grief and despair to the affected family, especially when the deceased is someone’s significant others; husband or wife, or even a life companion.


In this post, I’d like to write about the funeral of my late grandfather, or his nickname “Babai”, which means grandfather in Bidayuh Siburan/Padawan/Bau, instead of “babeh” or “babuk” in Bidayuh Serian. Partly this is because I want to remember the final celebration of life that we had with him.

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Veveonah, 2 MPs & Internet Coverage Issue at Sabah & Sarawak

Terjemahan Ke Dalam Bahasa Malaysia Atas Permintaan Pembaca

Cuba pembaca bayangkan. Anak/adik/sepupu perempuan anda yang masih berusia 18 tahun, menghadapi kesukaran untuk memperoleh akses internet. Tanpa berputus asa, dia telah mencari jalan agar dapat berpaut kepada rangkaian internet bagi menghadapi peperiksaan yang akan menjelang tiba. Usaha dia telah didokumentasi dan dimuat naik di laman YouTube pada 13 Jun (exam beliau 9-12 Jun). Video tersebut telah menjadi tular di alam maya, dan mendapat perhatian netizen di seluruh dunia. Itulah yang terjadi kepada saudari Veveonah Mosibin, seorang pelajar Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Video beliau yang berjudul “24 Hours on Tree | Challenge” (Cabaran 24 jam di atas pokok) mendorong Kumpulan TM untuk menaiktaraf Pusat Internet di Kampung Pinggan-Pinggan, Pitasc Sabah, yang terdekat kepada kampung Veve. Kampung beliau hanyalah 140 km dari Kota Kinabalu, namun mengambil masa 3 jam menggunakan kenderaan pacuan 4 roda untuk dikunjungi. Internet yang laju ini sudah tentunya menggembirakan warga Pitas.

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Claudius Weson's JourneyFinding The Magic of LightA career-defining session with Thorsten Overgaard

Have you ever wonder what does it take to create a great picture? Was it because of the gear? Was it because of the people inside the picture, their expression or their emotion? Or was it because of an x-factor? X-factor is a common term used in algebra (one of many branch of mathematics, from Arabic “al-jabr”, meaning “reunion of broken parts”), where “x’ usually refers to the unknown. All this while, I thought that this x-factor was something else, something beyond our current science or level of comprehension. Some photographer might call it the technical perfection. However, no matter how good your equipment is, regardless it is the recently released equipment or lenses or camera, without that x-factor, that picture will not become a great picture. So what was it?


That question kept on bugging me because like any other aspiring photographer, I always want to improve my photograpy skills. I want to become a good photographer. Various combination was tried, but it was always hit-or-miss, where sometimes I nail it in my shots, and sometimes I don’t. It was when I heard about Thorsten, reading his stories and reviews, and watching his video on Youtube that I started to get an idea of a good picture. In his word, the x-factor is “the Magic of Light”.

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