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Charlist & Lorita: Bidayuh-Iban Love Story

Tabi basa & greetings everyone! Today I’d like to share about the recent work that I have done at Serian – a wedding reception between Charlist & Lorita, a Bidayuh from Kpg Pichin and an Iban (Remun, to be exact) from Kpg Semukoi respectively.

There is a YouTube video version of the event, which you can watch here. Do consider to Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

They were in a relationship for 15 years before actually tying the knot. Their official wedding took place on 16th Aug 2022 and as per locals custom, the wedding reception can be done at a later date. This gives more flexibility in terms of their planning and also allows family members and friends to arrange their plan in order to attend their wedding.


Charlist is a Pichin lad, where his mother is from Kpg Pichin and his late father from Kpg Tebakang Dayak. For us at Serian, it is easy to know whether you are from which village because each village has their own identical dialects. Piching has their own unique “tan neh” filler words. In Bidayuh Serian, the word “iban” refers to “isan” in Iban language, which refers to the relationship between parents of married couples. Meanwhile, “tuwa” is how the couple refers to their parents in law. This is not to be confused with “tuak” (rice wine).

The funny thing is in Bidayuh Biatah / SIburan, the same “tuwa” words refers to your uncle / aunty that is younger than your parents. This is just some of the examples of how complex Bidayuh language is.


For those who didn’t know, Iban is the biggest ethnic group at Sarawak, followed by Bidayuh. Both are Dayaks, therefore both celebrates Gawai and there are various similarities. Mixed-marriage between Iban and Bidayuh is also common.

Being the biggest ethnic group in Sarawak, Iban is bound to have dialect variation due to geographical distance as Iban people progresses through time. Lorita is from Iban Remun’s tribe. Iban Remun language is different from standard Iban language. Their dialect is different from other Iban speakers from other parts of Sarawak, including Betong, Simanggang (Sri Aman), Sarikei, Rajang etc. Remun Ibans reside around Serian, Simunjan and Balai Ringin.

If you look up samples of Iban Remun in Google, the two most popular example are as follows:

“Entai ku ngilau” (Iban Remun) – “Nadai ku meda” (Standard Iban) – “I cannot see”
“Entauk ku badak” (Iban Remun) – “Enda ku nemu” (Standard Iban) – “I don’t know”

Other common example of Iban Remun words

These unique dialect is something that every Iban Remun needs to protect, lest it will be lost with time due to various reasons, which is something that Serian Iban Remun Association (SIRA) is fighting to prevent from happening.


Back to Charlist, the wedding reception is always a moment that is being awaited for, especially when it comes to a friend that have known for so long yet haven’t settled down with his / her life’s partner. For Charlist & Lorita, it is a special night to celebrate their love along with their family and friends. 

The event started at 6.30pm at Roxy Hotel, Serian. Both bride & groom walked in with accompaniment from dancers in full costume representing their respective ethnics. After that, there was a bit of religious segment of the night, where Pastor Lawrance gave a sharing from the Word of God to both Charlist & Lorita. 

After blessing was done, cake-cutting ceremony follows. That’s where Charlist & Lorita cut the cake together, as a symbolic of undertaking the task in life together, and share the fruit of their labours with both family. As correctly mentioned by Mr Jantai, Lorita’s father, the union is not only between Lorita & Charlist but the union between both families. He himself has a new son, i.e. Charlist.

Once the cake-cutting ceremony is done, a new symbolic ceremony took place.


The custom called “Adat Pernikahan Bungai Pinang” is an Iban Remun’s traditional customs and I haven’t witnessed it being done elsewhere apart from Remun areas. It is a unique custom where representatives from each family goes to the front to the ceremony master. 

But before that, a tajau is prepared along with the other traditional items, including a Pua Kumbu (Iban’s ceremonial textile) & sarong on top of brass tray (talam loyang) or sometimes silver or gold. Inside that tajau are a bunch of “ai bisa” (alcoholic beverages), where home-made tuak also can be used though in this case their opt for commercialised drinks as long as it meets the purpose / objective of the tradition.

One person from groom side will take first, followed by a rep from bride’s side.

Whichever bottles they have obtained, it will be shared among the representatives. Once done, the bottle from the bride’s side will be opened and shared. Since this is a mixed wedding, Bidayuh cheers “Tara Tara Tara” was used.

After the “Bungai Pinang” ceremony, Mr Jantai officiated the singing session with “Bekikis Bulu Betis”, a legendary song sung by Andrewson Ngalai, a renowned Sarawakian singer from Iban group. The group at the back dance enthusiastically to the song, with chanting of “Indi, Duweh, Taruh” breaking the ice between the guests.

Wonderful Tonight Slow Dance Session

After “Bekikis Bulu Betis”, it was the time for first dance, slow dance between Charlist & Lorita, though other couples are most welcomed to join. The song for this slow dance is “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, and sung by yours truly, Tukang Rantek.

After that, it was free & easy. There were a lot of dances happening around the hall, cheers Tara Tara Tara heard from the dancing guests. Charlist & Lorita finds it difficult to have a rest because there will be excited guests from family and friends group who will come to congratulate them, givings gifts to them and most importantly, group photo with the bride & groom.

Dancefloor that never rests.

The event ends officially at 11pm, but after-party at Kpg Semukoi picked up where the official dinner left off. DJ’ed by Charlists cousins, Benen & Atai & his uncle, Mr Sangkitang, the afterparty goes on until 4am in the morning.


One thing that I like about this kind of event is that I am able to catch up with long, lost friends such as Dolin, Po-et, etc, those whom I don’t get to see on day-to-day basis due to life’s path. It is good to see childhood friends such as Boyong & Achik, Buntek, Jantul, Teten etc have a good family of their own, a path which Charlist & Lorita soon will follow suit.

Looking at them reminds me to the good old days, where life’s biggest challenge was UPSR, an exam which our late headmaster, Guru Besar Patrick Dabot from Kpg Tebakang Dayak wants us to excel in.

Your Tukang Rantek,
Claudius Weson (Del)
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1. Claudius is a freelance photographer based in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
2. “Tukang Rantek” means “photographer” in Bidayuh Serian language.


Death & Reborn: A Single Mother’s Story


Tabi basa & selamat petang semua. Pada hari ini saya ingin berkongsi sebuah kisah berkenaan dengan seorang ibu tunggal yang terpaksa berhadapi dengan cabaran beliau tersendiri dan bagaimana beliau mengatasi kesulitan hidup yang beliau hadapi. Anda boleh membaca ringkasan kisah Rhea (bukan nama sebenar) dibawah.

Sakit lagi di hiris pisau, sakit lagi apabila kita ditinggalkan oleh orang yang pernah sebumbung dengan kita. Hari ini, saya nak kongsikan sedikit, melalui pengalaman hidup saya sendiri. Sebelum itu, saya ajukan kepada anda semua satu soalan: ada tak wanita di luar sana yang mahu jadi ibubapa tunggal untuk anak-anak?

Buat saya, itu sangatlah mustahil dan sangat sukar. Akan tetapi, saya mesti bergerak ke hadapan (move on). Pahit, manis, pedas & masam – saya kena telah semuanya.

Terjadinya keretakan di rumah tangga saya sehingga nama saya tidak asing lagi nama saya disebut dimana-mana, dikalangan sepupu-sepupu, makcik-makcik saya sendiri serta di lingkungan kenalan saya. Keluarga terdekat saya pun tidak kurang hebatnya bercerita akan kisah saya sehingga yang biasa pun menjadi luar biasa. Bahkan saya digelar sebagai wanita yang tiada masa depan.
Kiri, kanan, depan dan belakang, semua cerita pasal saya.

“Eh, dia tiada duit ke nak sara anak dia?” dan banyak lagi yang mereka umpatkan berkenaan saya di luar sana.
Siapa mereka untuk menghakimi saya?

Namun tidak mengapa. Saya bersyukur kepada Tuhan kerana telah mengurniakan keluarga yang selalu ada buat saya. Tuhan telah memberikan ibu & bapa yang sentiasa ada buat saya walau di saat saya jatuh, di saat saya terpuruk, dan hampir putus asa dengan hidup yang saya jalani. Mereka memberi kata-kata semangat agar saya kuat demi anak-anak saya.

Apabila saya sebut “ibarat mati hidup semula” ia bermaksud, disaat saya dipukul masalah terbesar dalam hidup saya yang hampir membuatkan saya jadi gila, Tuhan hadirkan berkat terindah dalam hidup saya yang tidak pernah saya lupakan. Tahu tak, pada masa yang sama juga saya telah mendapat pekerjaan baru, iaitu kerja dengan sektor awam.

Sebelum itu, saya pernah berdoa memohon kepada Tuhan agar dikurniakan perkerjaan yang bagus dan peluang untuk mengubah hidup saya dan anak-anak. Biarlah orang di luar sana dapat membuka mata dan melihat bahawa tanpa seorang lelaki pun saya boleh hidup. Ternyata, Tuhan mendengar dan mengabulkan doa saya.

Bagi saya, menjadi ibu tunggal itu adalah luar biasa. Menggalas tanggungjawab sebagai ibu dan ketua keluarga agak mencabar bagi saya. Menjadi mak sekaligus bapa kepada anak-anak itu bukan satu hal yang mudah. Saya tidak boleh menyerah. Saya mendidik hati saya untuk menjadi wanita besi dan menjadi wanita yang menjadi kebanggaan kepada anak-anak. Bagi saya, menjaga masa depan anak-anak adalah sungguh penting.

Saya sudah sediakan semuanya buat mereka. Dari aspek tabungan untuk masuk universiti 20 tahun akan datang pun saya sudah buat untuk mereka.

Pada masa ini, kisah silam biarlah kekal menjadi kisah silam. Saya gembira dengan kehidupan saya sekarang – sudah memiliki kerja tetap, ada perniagaan sendiri, kereta sendiri dan akan datang adalah rumah saya sendiri. Produk baru saya dan jenama saya sendiri pun di dalam proses pembikinan.

Buat gadis-gadis di luar sana yang mungkin mengalami nasib yang sama seperti saya, jangan pernah takut untuk bangkit semula. Status kekal status, namun kita juga manusia. Jadi, kita harus bergerak ke hadapan dan jadikan impian kita satu realiti. Lelaki boleh datang sendiri sekiranya dia benar-benar cinta akan kamu.

Buat lelaki-lelaki diluar sana, tidak semua janda itu murah dan tak semua janda itu tiada masa depan.

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca. ❤️


Blade hurts, but what hurts more is when we are being left by the person who once lived with us. Today I’d like to share about my story. Before that, I’d like to ask a question to all of you: is there a woman out there who wants to be a single parent for their kids?

For me, it is an unsurmountable task. However, I need to move on for my kids. Bitter, sweet, spicy or sour, I have to go through it all.

There was a crack in my once blissful family until it shatters into a thousand pieces. My name even became the talk of the town, from my cousins, my aunties, uncles and within my family circle. The ordinary turns into extraordinary. I was even labelled as a futureless woman. That’s how bad it was for me.

“Eh, she doesn’t have any money to feed her kids?” et cetera. They kept on gossiping about me out there. Who are they to judge me?

But you know what? It doesn’t matter. I am truly grateful to God because He blessed me with my family that is always be there for me. God granted me my parents who always be there to assist me whenever I fall down and almost gave up with my life. They encourages me non-stop so that I am strong for my kids.

What I meant by “death & reborn” is when I was faced with this seemingly impossible challenge, God granted me the best blessing that I could never forget. Guess what? Amidst this calamity of my life, I also managed to land a job with government.

Before that, I prayed to God to grant me a good occupation and a chance to change my life for the better. Let those naysayers out there opened their eyes and see that I also can survive without any man. Indeed, God is great and answers my prayer.

For me, becoming a single parent is a extraordinary feat. Holding responsibility as a mother and family leader is challenging for me. Becoming mother & father to my children at the same time is no easy task. I cannot give up. I taught my heart to be an iron lady and become someone that they can look up to. For me, their future is my top priority.

I have prepared everything for them. From their university funds in 20 years’ time to the basic needs, I have it all prepared.

Today, let bygones be bygones and past remains a past. I am happy with my life now – having a stable career, owns a business, own car and soon, my own house. I am also doing my own product and my own brand.

For ladies out there who might be having the same problem with me, don’t be afraid to rise up again. Let status remains a status, but we are still humans. So, we need to move on and let our dreams come true. Your man will come to you if he really loves you.

For men out there, not all widow is cheap and not all widow is futureless.

Thank you for reading. ❤️

Tukang Rantek,

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Abseiler’s Story: Conquering Fear of Height

Fastart Abseilers. From left: Kelly, Kevin & Harith.

Tabi basa & greetings everybody! Today I’d like to write about these brave souls that works as an abseiler. Abseiler is defined as a person who descends down a nearly vertical face by using doubled rope that is wrapped around the body & attached to high point. Most of the time, they deal with great heights & literally hanging out.

I took my chance to ask a few that I have met in person about their profession. They are trained & certified under IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) & internationally recognised. For beginners, Rope Access Level 1. For the experienced, they have Rope Access Level 2. Rope Access Level 3 is for supervisors.

Working at Height

When comparing IRATA and WAH, IRATA is internationally-recognised, while WAH is more local. In the work at height industry such as these, there are many regulations, laws & standard application such as FMA 1967 (Act 139), OSHA 1994 (Act 514) & DOSH Guidelines for the Prevention of Falls at Workplaces 2007.

To join this work at height industry, most important things is you have to be fit & has no fear of height, like what you’ll hear from these peoples: abseiler’s from Fastart & a lady on hiatus.

First one is Kevin Use’ Pahang, 26, from Long Apu, Baram. He has been working as abseiler for the past 3 years. His unforgettable experience is working rope-to-rope at 50m tower. The challenges as an abseiler is the fear of height, and a lot of things could go wrong. One wrong move, they would end up falling to the ground. Therefore, safety is their top priority. He hoped that this profession is not being regarded as lowly profession but as a profession that’s equal to the other. He also hoped that it can be extended across other industrial sector as well.

Second one is Mohd Harith Ugak Minggat, 31 from Sibu. He has been working as an abseiler for the past 5 years & have done lots, including changing flare tip, inspection at blasting tower, underside helideck, jacket leg & touch-up painting of crane’s boom. The challenge of working at height have him the fulfilment because he loves to hang at a high places. He hopes thay Rope Access technique is made more popular in oil & gas industry as well in TMM’s (projects, maintenance & construction).

Third one is Kelly Mutang, 39 from Lawas. He has been working as Blaster / Painter, BP team leader and BP supervisor. He is going to take his abseiling course & painting inspector next year. He loves the challenge that abseiling will grant him, though he also has to face the challenge of being far from his family.

Ain. Nang berani nya tok.

Last but not least, a rose among the thorn, Nurain binti Muhammad, 34 from Sibu. This happily-married lady worked offshore since 2011 and had worked with Oceancare, Velosi and lastly RIA Solution. The challenge of being a women abseiler is being understimated due to physical strength differences. But she proved that a woman also can perform as a professional abseiler & deliver their part to the hiring client, be it Operations or Maintenance team. She hoped that many more women will took up the challenge to be an abseiler because it is a good profession & break the stereotype of women being afraid of height.

I hope the story that I have written about these brave souls inspires you & broadens your career option, especially those who love to climb & enjoy the heights. Stay safe & take care!

Tukang Rantek,

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Til Death Us Do Part

Babai & Oma Last Moment Together

A lot of us want to have someone to love in our life, especially those who wants to live until the end, share our lives until old age. To like someone is the easiest part because more and more people knows how to groom themselves, apply proper make-up to beautify themselves and make them more handsome. To pretend to fall in love is easy in first encounter, because lust is often masked as love and we call it love first sight, when it’s actually hormone in action, fueled by libido. For some, love just happens. Like a spark, it just go boom. For others, it takes time. For some unfortunate ones, they are still waiting and hoping for that miracle.

To fall in love is the easy part. The real challenge is to maintain it; to maintain the same love as when we first started to fall in love.

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In Loving Memory of Babai


Tabi basa and greetings everyone! When there is life, there is death. We are taught to celebrate life, but we are not openly taught to embrace death because it’s saddening and bring grief and despair to the affected family, especially when the deceased is someone’s significant others; husband or wife, or even a life companion.


In this post, I’d like to write about the funeral of my late grandfather, or his nickname “Babai”, which means grandfather in Bidayuh Siburan/Padawan/Bau, instead of “babeh” or “babuk” in Bidayuh Serian. Partly this is because I want to remember the final celebration of life that we had with him.

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Veveonah, 2 MPs & Internet Coverage Issue at Sabah & Sarawak

Terjemahan Ke Dalam Bahasa Malaysia Atas Permintaan Pembaca

Cuba pembaca bayangkan. Anak/adik/sepupu perempuan anda yang masih berusia 18 tahun, menghadapi kesukaran untuk memperoleh akses internet. Tanpa berputus asa, dia telah mencari jalan agar dapat berpaut kepada rangkaian internet bagi menghadapi peperiksaan yang akan menjelang tiba. Usaha dia telah didokumentasi dan dimuat naik di laman YouTube pada 13 Jun (exam beliau 9-12 Jun). Video tersebut telah menjadi tular di alam maya, dan mendapat perhatian netizen di seluruh dunia. Itulah yang terjadi kepada saudari Veveonah Mosibin, seorang pelajar Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Video beliau yang berjudul “24 Hours on Tree | Challenge” (Cabaran 24 jam di atas pokok) mendorong Kumpulan TM untuk menaiktaraf Pusat Internet di Kampung Pinggan-Pinggan, Pitasc Sabah, yang terdekat kepada kampung Veve. Kampung beliau hanyalah 140 km dari Kota Kinabalu, namun mengambil masa 3 jam menggunakan kenderaan pacuan 4 roda untuk dikunjungi. Internet yang laju ini sudah tentunya menggembirakan warga Pitas.

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Claudius Weson's JourneyFinding The Magic of LightA career-defining session with Thorsten Overgaard

Have you ever wonder what does it take to create a great picture? Was it because of the gear? Was it because of the people inside the picture, their expression or their emotion? Or was it because of an x-factor? X-factor is a common term used in algebra (one of many branch of mathematics, from Arabic “al-jabr”, meaning “reunion of broken parts”), where “x’ usually refers to the unknown. All this while, I thought that this x-factor was something else, something beyond our current science or level of comprehension. Some photographer might call it the technical perfection. However, no matter how good your equipment is, regardless it is the recently released equipment or lenses or camera, without that x-factor, that picture will not become a great picture. So what was it?


That question kept on bugging me because like any other aspiring photographer, I always want to improve my photograpy skills. I want to become a good photographer. Various combination was tried, but it was always hit-or-miss, where sometimes I nail it in my shots, and sometimes I don’t. It was when I heard about Thorsten, reading his stories and reviews, and watching his video on Youtube that I started to get an idea of a good picture. In his word, the x-factor is “the Magic of Light”.

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