Kpg Pichin’s New Year Celebration 2024: Nam Stengah!

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share about the images captured during New Year Celebration at Kampung Pichin, Serian.


New Year Celebration is a funny celebration. While in reality it is just a change of date, and nothing magical happened at midnight, some really took it seriously and expect some (somewhere) will happen. Such unrealistic expectation with definitely spell disaster and disappointment. That’s why, whatever we do, we should be grounded in reality. 

Whatever you are aiming at, doesn’t matter what year it is, if you are not strong-willed and tend to sway based on your surroundings, your likelihood to achieve it is close to zero. There are possibilities, but you should be aware of that narrow chance of success. 

To dream is easy. But to make it a reality, that’s tough.

Let’s Talk About Dreams

If you want to achieve what you haven’t achieve before, you need to do things you haven’t do, or does not have the courage to do.

Otherwise, it is madness. If you keep on using the same road, you will arrive at the same destination. To arrive into a new destination, you need to use a different road. Maybe someone else arrived there. So, ask that person how to get there. 

Along the road, you might meet someone. They might have a different destination. They also might persuade you to follow them to their destination instead of yours. 

In this case, you need to make that judgement call – should I follow them or should I proceed to my goal instead? 

Most of the time, in order for you to arrive at your desired destination, you will need to travel alone until you meet someone that has the same destination at you. Be ready to go on your own. Be prepared to do things alone. That’s the grind.

Inability to do so (to be independent) will always force you to be in group. Therefore, group’s will is your new will. Further away you will go.

Embrace discomfort. Magic will appear in your life. Oh, consume less social media, but create more stuff.

New Year Celebration at Kampung Pichin, Serian

This year, JKKKP decided to make New Year celebration at Awah Gawai, but freedom was given to those who wants to do their own celebration. There was a time in the past where JKKKP makes it mandatory for everyone to be present at Awah Gawai for New Year celebration. 

But those time are long gone. Now, Pichin folks are free to do their own New Year Celebration. Some points this as the reason why there is not many people at Awah Gawai. But there unexpected death and planned event elsewhere are beyond our control also.

We can only focus on what we can control. Those who are present at Awah Gawai really wants to celebrate New Year with fellow Zone members. That’s what makes it merrier. Yes, “makin ahi, makin rami” (the more the merrier, in Bidayuh).

Arrival At Awah Gawai

I went to the Awah Gawai later that evening. Around 11pm, I arrived there, just in time for Gina’s Pesta Muda Mudi. 

Special Performance: Pironcong

After that, there was a special performance by fellow Pichin folks. They were performing Pironchong performance, which was lead by Madam Ritet @ Tayung Subeg.

That performance makes the New Year Celebration similar to Gawai.  

Joget Continues

After that, Joget was continued. Mr Menten sang a song to his wife, a lady from Bari Zone. His hit song never failed to entertain fellow Pichin peoples. They will dance from end-to-end at Awah Gawai which is a testament for its reception. 

Preparation for New Year

Moments before New Year, the Final Countdown song was being played in the air, entertaining those present. There was no countdown though, which makes it feel incomplete. I received few complaints, but I was not the emcee so nothing dragon much I can do. 

Anyway, it is what it is.

Expression of Appreciation to My Works

Whenever I met someone that appreciates my work – be it emcee, photographer or even writer, it gave me a special kind of joy. Thank you to those who share their appreciation. I will continue to share my passion be it via emcee, writing or photography.

New Year Is Here!

Offical program proceeds. As usual, all of sung our National Anthem, Negaraku, followed by Ibu Pertiwiku, which is Sarawak’s anthem. After that, we were being lead in prayer by Mr Kennedy to bless this new year.

After prayer, our Ketua Kampung, Mr Rioi gave his speech. There was one part of his speech that I think is funny. New Year, new aspiration, new spirit, new life but not new wife (translated to English). 

Rain, Rain, Go Away

My mother made a joke about our venue today. Son, today you will be “bigawai” at Titanic. She refers to the flooded area of Awah Gawai, which makes our Awah Gawai looks like a big ship from a far. Too bad it was dark.

The heavy rain the day before causes this, but I think poor drainage system contributes to this.

Handover of Gawai Host 2024

Last year’s Gawai was hosted by Binyok Zone. This time, this year of 2024, the organiser is going to be Paddû Zone. Symbolic handover was made by Binyok Zone’s leader, Mr Ahin to Paddû’ Zone, where both Malaysia & Sarawak flag exchanged hands.

Continue With Karaoke Session

After that, karaoke session was continued. One of the singer is Mr Kalut from Kpg Sejijag, but love brought him to Kpg Pichin. 

Photoshoot with JKKKP

A special request by Mr Toper to take their group photo. So, to honour his request, I made an announcement to call for all JKK members to come and gather at the middle of the Awah Gawai.

After the photoshoot, Mr Solomon, the leader of KaSiDi, which stands for Karang-Siluang-Dimbong immediately went to the stage and dance merrily to it.

“Tukang Rantek, Ginamar Ami”

This is the common phrase that I heard during this event, which means “photograper, take our photo” in Bidayuh Pichin. And I gladly honour their request provided I am not occupied that time, or is busy taking other people’s photo.

I did take a lot. It is important for you to enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then why do it in the first place? Money can be a good motivating factor, but for long term success, monetary reward is insufficient. You need to love what you are doing.

That’s the key to success.

Nam Stengah!

Nam Stengah is basically a slogan that captures Pichin’s partying spirit. It is a short form of word, Enam Setengah (six thirty), which is actually 6.30am, made popular by Mr Kimpa. That means we will having Gawai until 6.30am. 

In our new year celebration, we have been shouting Nam Stengah from time to time, in one of our way lift the partying spirit. 

One might think that we party a bit too much.  However, it is only during Gawai or Christmas / New Year we party this frequent since most of our friends and family from afar came together for this occasion. 

In the past, we spent our lives locally – farm, work, love etc. But in this modern world, we learned about better opportunities outside. Hence, quite a number of work outside.

When we work, we really put in the effort. But when we party, we party hard. 

There were a lot of things happening during the night, but it is better to let the picture speaks for itself.

Magic Fruit

The End of Our New Year Party

I have been waiting for my time to sing. But when I do, it is usually the time to close the party. Therefore, I sang “Takkan Melupakanmu” by Radja, and It’s My Life by Bon Jovi. After that, Mr Kimpa of NamStengah granted me another greenlight to sing the final song – Final Countdown, to my delight. 

After that, it is time for Gelang Sipaku Gelang – a symbolic song to end our party. We had a group photo after that to mark the end of the party. Some chose to go back home instead though. I can’t blame them. It is already 5.10am. 

But for those that stayed until the end & group photo with me – you guys rock!


This party marks the end of party for my long holiday. Work will follow next, therefore it is time for me to switch my gear. 

For those reading this until the end – Blessed New Year 2024 to you & your family!

Your Tukang Rantek/ Rockstar Emcee,


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