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Greetings everyone! I am Claudius, a photographer (working full-time as engineer) based in Miri, Sarawak (Malaysia) who loves to take picture of peoples, their emotions in search of the perfect “decisive moments”. I love photography and love meeting peoples. I have been using Leica for my photography works, started with a Leica M9-P silver, now with Leica M10-P. I just love it. Started by Oskar Barnack, Leica history is a wonderful journey indeed. Leica M itself is an icon, a revolution to the soul, particularly those that is inspired by #inspirationsehen and desire to be different, whilst equipped with the essentials, aka Das Wesentliche.

Everywhere I go, there is always new things to be captured using my camera. I even brought my Leica camera to my workplace, (previously M9s, now the ever-silent M10-P & APO-50) in the event there is something that I want to take photo of. You’ll never know.

I love interacting with people. Throughout my career in photography, be it during wedding, event or street photography journey, I met peoples who inspired me. Trust me, there is at least one new thing that you can learn from someone, everyday. Therefore, I have started to publish my work of art in my Instagram page, which can be found here. Some of my initial works can be seen in my Facebook page, which can be found here. Do check out my YouTube page as well, here.

It is indeed an inspring journey that I took so far, and as a fan of continous learning and education, I am still in a learning phase towards excellence. Perhaps by following my page, you can find an inspiration to do better in your life. If  you are interested in my photography services, you can drop a query, where we can discuss further. I have done wedding, event and street photography, so hopefully my experience will be able to bring the best out of your event. Have a nice day ahead!

“Immortalising Memories”



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