The Story of Edna & Jacky

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My post this time is about a friend of mine, an active member of FIAT Miri as well as a choir member, Edna and her husband, Jackie. She was one of the person that inspires me to be active in FIAT Miri since end-2016 and actively involved in choir since I am passionate in singing.

The Engagement

Engagement between Edna and Jacky was done Edna’s longhouse, Rumah Michael Jalak, Sg Bawan, Kanowit, on 17 March 2018. It was like Gawai came early that year, where we enjoy ourselves until late morning, as usual for any Dayak celebration. To my pleasant surprise, Edmund (or Dimen, his Pichin nickname) was there as well. I didn’t know he was married to Edna’s cousin, Etta. Also, Ita Medin and Tony Engkabi was there as well, doing shooting for their Gawai video.

Tony Engkabi & Ita Medin
Engagement Photoshoot
Engagement Photoshoot
Take Me To Your Heart

The Wedding

Fast forward to 2020, 25 Jan, it is the big day for Edna and Jacky. Planning has been made months earlier, and  whatsapp group is busy with the attire of the day. For the church blessing, it was conducted at St Dominic & Rosary Church, Taman Tunku. I was one of the groomsmen, and we were attired in suspender (first time) and polka-dot necktie. These items are easily attained at Daiso Miri, because our aim is to look stylish without burning a hole in our pocket. 

Cikgu Psalms

As for the evening session, it was a fun and memorable night. The ladies looked their best for the night. As for entertainment, I did a song performance, first one is being a solo performance (Perfect – Ed Sheeran) and second song is duet with Diana, You Are The Reason. Jackie’s cousin had better idea, they come up with Bollywood dance for the night.  

Parey Remeo
Grace Cindy
Natallee Faith Kwan
The ladies that shaped my early FIAT activities. Kinda miss the good old days.
Mr Jameson, still searching.
FIAT Music
Dayung-Dayung Combined Forces.
Walton “Carlos” and Mary Uring – too fast, I can’t capture them. haha

After the P&W by FIAT, it was Marlcolm’s turn to play, along with Cikgu Psalms’ ehem-ehem.

They played Danau, and Semina Duduk Berimbai, sape version.

Too bad I don’t have a picture with Diana on-stage. Otherwise, I would post it here. Probably I need to wait for the other photographer to share it.

I have uploaded this performance at my YouTube channel and my Facebook page, Del.
Wakil Pichin – Dimen.

The event is a crazy one, mainly due to the choice of the right Emcee. In this case, we have Mr Nomiday Dajie as the emcee. He can speak at least three languages, English, Malay and Iban.

Mr Nomiday Dajie
Miss Choreographer below the stage.

After the kids’ performance, it is time for the Bollywood performance, including mashup of music from Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham and Shah Rukh Khan’s top songs.

Say Shava Shava

Caleesey, Jackie’s cousin also sang a song by Alicia Keys, If I Ain’t Got You.

What a burst!
Our own rockstar in the house.
Poco-Poco background dance
Grace and Charles

Nearing the end of the event, Jameson, Remeo and Nomiday are still ready to rock and roll, but the hotel staff is calling it a night. Therefore, that’s it.

May God bless Edna and Jacky, and their Bakeh Homebakery business. One thing that I admire about the two of them, they are husband and wife that runs their own busisness, doing the things that they are truly passionate about.

Until next time. 😉

Your Tukang Rantek,
Claudius Weson a.k.a Del

Instagram: claudiuswesonphotography (for B&W works & short story)

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For the 2018 photoshoot, I used my beloved M9-P which was no longer around, coupled with Noctilux 50mm. For 2020 shoot, I used the first Summicron (collapsible) which I love to use to create dreamy effect due to its softness, but still packs a lot of punch combined with Leica M10.

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