Pichin-Reteh Love Story: Plonia Jane & Sabin

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share some of the picture captured during Sabin & Plonia Jane’s wedding mass at Serian. 


Jane & Sabin, hailing from Kpg Pichin & Kpg Reteh Mawang respectively, were part of the mass wedding blessing at St Theresa Serian, featuring 11 couples from Serian area. 

This was partly due to high-volume of wedding mass requests at year-end, and this one of the popular solution by St Theresa’s church. Each year, there will be few series of mass wedding at Serian. 

While it is an memorable ceremony for many, especially for those who is getting married, for photographers and videographers, it provides it own unique challenge. Things like this is out of our control, so we just have to adapt with whatever is happening around us.

Waiting for Bride & Groom

The event was scheduled around 9am, but I went there early since I know there will be a lot of people. Around 8.20am, I arrived there. Not long after, Joan & Bat arrived. So, I took their family photo first to kick start the engine. 

I can see other couple’s there too, with their own families and some even hired videographer and photographer. Mostly chose to fully utilise their own smartphone as part of their cost-optimisation effort.

The Arrival of Bride & Groom

Once Jane & Sabin arrived, with Bugis as their driver, I took the opportunity to start their photoshoot before they went up to the church. It was just a simple photoshoot and we don’t have much time anyway since mass is about to start soon.

At the church, there was a lot of people already. After confirming their attendance to the person-in-charge, we did another round of photoshoot.

In a wedding for one couple, one can take their time to take as much picture as they can.

But in a mass wedding like this one, one need to be an opportunist. Whenever there is an “opening”, or an opportunity, just grab and go for it.

Also, Sabin also forgotten his necktie. But I offer him a word of encouragement, “kai manih necktie menteg asal kende kawen” (it’s alright if you forgot your necktie as long as you’re getting married), much to Sabin’s delight. In reply, he said “iye, tanan mene kuan mu damu” (yes, you’re absolutely correct).

Doesn’t matter how intriciate your plan is, things prone to went wrong somewhere. All we can do is to stay cool and carry on.

Wedding Mass Begins

Being a Catholic, attending wedding mass also means being taking part of the mass. Therefore, I try to avoid any unnecessary movements. 

As mentioned before, Catholic wedding is rich in tradition. In short, there are Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Homily, Celebration of Matrimony which includes statement of intentions (their freedom of choice, fidelity to each other, acceptance & upbringing of children) & exchange of consent; blessing of rings; Liturgy of the Eucharist; and the rest after that is according to the usual mass. 

In Bidayuh wedding, those “I do” part are replaced with “Aku Ira”. But in multi-racial wedding, and mass wedding such as this one, the use of Malay language is much more preferrable. Besides, it is our national language. 

Couples March-In

I am blessed to be the official photographer of the first couple of the day. Being the first photographer, I don’t have to rush and find the right angle because there is no other couple in front of Jane & Sabin. 

Once they are at their seat, I also sat down to participate in that wedding mass and patiently wait for my turn to capture the moment & carry out that duty that was entrusted to me.

Throughout the Wedding Mass

You May Kiss The Bride (a.k.a Nyecep Tokoi)

The mass celebrant, Reverend Father Arockyaraj Pavulu didn’t do the homy and went straight to the Celebration of Matrimony due to time constraint. This is understandable since he have 11 couples to be blessed that day.

Mass Wedding Pics

The End of Wedding Mass

At this time, it is time for the couples to march-out. I walked in front of both Jane and Sabin and took their best photos.

Photoshoot After Mass

Outside of the church, peoples were rushing to take their photo at the statue of Mother Mary. We went there and took as much as we can with the whole family before it is finally our turn to step out and give chance to the others. 

Bigamar de Kolong Gawai

We went to the the kolong Gawai at Parai Kuari, Kpg Pichin. There you can see lots of people working together in preparation of the wedding reception this evening.

We also took the opportunity to take photo at the wedding dais, before it is officially in-use this evening. Once done, we call it a rest, have our lunch and prepare for the celebration this evening until morning.


That’s all that we have for the first part. The part two would be the picture of their wedding reception at Pichin and with Sabin’s family from Reteh.

May God bless Jane & Sabin!

Your Tukang Rantek/ Rockstar Emcee,

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