Outdoor JourneyStay Fit, Stay YoungA hiking story at Canada Hill

General impression that a photography is not a physically challenging job. But it actually is, especially if you are outdoor photographer, and you are required to catch-up with the participants and the events that you are shooting. Throughout various outdoor events that I have done, I managed to pull it off thanks to my healthy body, that enables me to move around constantly to get the shot that I want. Being a user of prime lenses, I zoom in and out by moving my body. My fixed-focal length or prime lenses cannot zoom, period. That is why you will find me moving in and out a lot, especially when I am composing an image in my camera before I press the shutter.

As for the activities today, it is a hiking activity. I still remember the last time I went here was with Prosta, Edna and Samantha. I can’t recall when was that, but it probably was few years back. If Natalee joins us, then it would be the luckiest day of my life.


Today, the team I went with was Uncle Stwart and Anthony. We will be using route 10, all the way until route 21. I thought it would be a good idea to bring my camera only, and not to bring anything else. No shoes as well, because I love barefoot run and trail. The journey started around 3.10pm and it is already blistering hot under the hot sun. However, as soon as we enters the shade, it is quite comfortably cool. There were other members of Iron Leg hiking around at their comfortable pace. There is a lot of other people that came here just to hang out with their friends around Grand Oil Lady, because it is Saturday.

Kayuh kuan ami sani neh, taripades.

To get this shot, I need to run down the hill before they does.

Hiking is always better with friends. They supports you.

Look what I found here.

Long way to go uncle.

The prize of hiking. View from Canada Hill.

Why Photographers Has To Stay Fit?

Easy answer is to enable him to fulfil any demanding task that might came across him. You would never know when you will be called to cover for an event that is out of your physical capability. So you better be prepared.

Through this session, in order for me to get to the shot and the angle that I want without interrupting fellow hikers, I have to stay ahead of the hikers most of the time. There were many occasions where I need to climb up or climb down earlier to get the right shot, and the right angle. Otherwise, I would miss it and I would not be truly happy with the final images.

To capture this image, I have to run down the hill before they do. Otherwise I will miss this shot.

Also, if you are the dancer/singer-hybrid type like me, staying fit means you get to enjoy yourself at the dance floor or singing due to higher lung capacity and has more mitochondria reserve at your muscles.

Who knows?

Take 5.

Advises on Staying Fit:

To stay fit, you don’t have to start hard. You can start at your own current paces. For starter, I would recommend you start with 30 mins walking daily. Then after a week, increase your pace to jogging. If you would like to push it further, you can run for half an hour and then cooldown. In average, you would spend 1.5 hours inclusive of warm up and cool down. Don’t drink any cold drinks when your body temperature is still high. The temperature of your beverage should be almost equivalent to your body temperature for optimum effect. Any colder is not advisable as it would interrupt thermal equilibrium inside your body and this might lead to unwanted bodily temperature upset, aka fever.

The rule of thumb is, exercise 30 mins daily. Constant daily exercise is good to keep doctors away.


Bonus: Why Barefoot?

In this kind of exercise, I prefer barefoot as I feel more comfortable and it offers more grip. That is how our ancestors survived the attack from predators and sabres. Also, it is healthy as my heel will land a bit later and it allows my forefoot to strike the ground first. In physics, this gives more time before the impact hits my heel, thus reducing the overall force that hits my feet. In simple, I will minimise the impact that eventually be exerted at my knee.

But it is not recommended if you are not used to it. I am used to run barefoot, because that is my preferences. Anyway, you are most welcomed to try and feel it yourself.

Uncle Stwart & I, as captured by Anthony. By my side is trusted Leica M10-P, APO-50 and Rock & Roll Leather Strap.

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