Black & White Photoshoot with Barbara and Suriana

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. It has been a while since I last post my images at my blog. Due to space constraint at my blogspace, I would really need to be selective in terms of choosing the picture that I want to upload at my blog. 


With the advent of digital photography and its high-tech add-ons nowadays: blazing fast auto-focus, unimaginably high ISO performance, dynamic range of 14-15, high megapixel count: it is easy to be complacent and take the path of least resistance. 

One can just put it on auto mode and still get a decent picture out of their camera. Let those built-in AI to do the picture. At photo-processing softwares, one can just those modern-day conveniences to produce, fill and finally come up with a perfect images. 

Isn’t that great? 

With the right prompt, you can also create multitudes of never-before-seen pictures. Yes, you have the power to generate images that you think you can’t create or of someone that you can’t meet. 

But where is the fun in that? I do aware that those conveniences generate happiness in certain someone, but for me, I prefer to keep it real. One of the joy of photography is to go out and capture the images of the thing or person that I like. 

Which is what brought me to this photoshoot.

Photoshoot Day

Few days before the photoshoot, I contacted Barbara, the first runner up of Dayung Sangon, Miri Division Gawai Celebration 2023 and told her that I want to do a photoshoot, to test out my new lens. She said yes, so we arranged for a photoshoot. 

It was a Sunday afternoon at Miri City Council building area, and there were a lot of peoples.

She was running her errands too, so I waited a bit. I even took a nap. It was a long day, and the night before was a happening one at Dulang Mas. 

Her Arrrival

After a while, she arrives. After catching-up about life, including the Gawai Closing that was held at Tudan the night before, we then proceeded to start with our photoshoot.

For this photoshoot, I didn’t bring my lighting because those M’s is best used using available light. I also love to travel light. One camera & one lens is all I need. 

Some might not be happy with my approach but it is not my duty to make everyone happy. If I try to make everyone happy, I will ended up unhappy. Therefore, my priority is to meet my own objective. 

Photoshoot Starts

For this photoshoot, Barbara brought her sash, the one that she won during Miri Division Gawai and during Taste of Borneo, both she won last year, 2nd place and 3rd place respectively. But 2nd place sounds better. So she wore that one. 


Actually Suriana’s photoshoot was not in the plan, but since she’s, dressed nicely for her date, I took a few images of her.

After that, we meet her friend, Suriana and I took a few of her photos. We also planned for future photoshoots, which I will post the images in my blog. 

Blog is a good way for me to eliminate noise in my life. Nowadays, I appreciate peace of mind more than anything else.


The images shown here are all in black and white, as what you can see. I am not too keen on writing about technicalities of my gears, but I might change my mind in the future. Hope you like what you see here and thank you for reading until the end. Have a good week ahead.

Your Tukang Rantek / Rockstar Emcee (R★MC),

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