Christmas Eve at Pichin, Serian

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share some of the images captured during Christmas Eve at Kpg Pichin, Serian. 


Celebrating Christmas at your own hometown is always feel special, even though you can have grander celebration elsewhere, with much more advanced facility etc.

But nothing beats the feel of celebrating Christmas (or any other festivities) at your own hometown. Surrounded by familiar face, speaking the same depth of language that you have (no matter how well-versed / proficient you are with your 2nd or 3rd language) and having that sense “I am home”. 

That is how special it is to me. 

The Mass

It was a lead by Brother Christian & Mr Bertram. Nothing fancy, just a simple, Christmas Eve session with fellow Pichin.

Upon arrival, it was unexpectedly full. Lucky for me, I always like to sit at choir seat because I love to sing. Only at a certain location I was not welcomed at Catholic church’s choir seat (and only certain individual has that issue), but most of the time, other Catholic members always (yes, always) welcome additional personnel to sing at choir. 

Choice of Songs

One of the songs that we sung was “Saudara Kemari”, which is a Malay version of O Come All Ye Faithful, but I think this is an older version. It was my childhood carolling song, apart from “Di Kandang Hina Jadi” (From The Lowly Stable Be). Those songs were not sung elsewhere. 

Therefore, I have to “unlearn” most of the songs that I have learned at Pichin so that I won’t mixed it up with their version elsewhere, for example Miri. Most of the time I just keep it to myself because no one is interested with its Pichin version anyway. No power, no influence, no say. That’s why, silence is golden. Such is life.

Having said that, I quite like the state of being nobody here. No one will bother me with stuff that I don’t need. At certain point in life, you’ll truly appreciate this peace in life.

The End of The Mass

Surprisingly, the kids choir was so good this time. They sang to their heart’s content, to my delight as a senior choir member. Then, there were sweets distribution. 

I went inside and outside. Take photo, of course. I am glad to meet Bia & Abiek. So, we took a few photo outside. The rest of the images are self-explanatory. I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Blessed Christmas to you and your family!

Your Tukang Rantek / Rockstar Emcee,

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