Bye-Bye 2022Silamat Sawa Bauh 2023Hello New Year 2023 from Kampung Pichin, Serian


Tabi basa & greetings everyone. Today I’d like to share simple New Year Celebration from Kpg Pichin, Serian. 

Usually Happy New Year is being celebrated inn a grand way at our Awah Gawai. But after COVID-19 hits, things were tuned down and New Year Celebration is done in a much smaller scale, limited to small groups.

Anyway, last night’s celebration was organised by Mr Sangkitang’s family where they invited their family, close neighbours and friends to come together and celebrate 2023 together. Besides, their house compound was strategically located in the middle of Kuari Zone of Kpg Pichin, where it is easy to organise events there as well as having fun, including joget-joget like how Pichins like to do it. 

As 2022 draws its curtain, as usual, I was on the mic, singing our ever-green rock song, It’s My Life by Bon Jovi, followed by Final Countdown by Europe, one of the best rock song in history. 

When the clock strikes midnight, everyone was out and enjoy fireworks show – be it at the distance or nearby “airbomb” attacks. These fireworks show are something to look forward to, especially when it comes to new years or Gawai. Those were the important dates for us here at Pichin. 

Once fireworks celebration stops, or rather slowdown, we resumed with our karaoke and joget-joget session. 

Perhaps these memories seems to be fresh for others to see, but for me, another reason why I would like to blog this memories out is for others or future generations to see how we celebrate New Year. 

One thing that never failed to impress me is how fast people changes, especially when I am always out of village unlike during my younger days. My childhood friends who used to be smaller than me, now has three kids. Our landscape also changes. 

Long time ago, we only have a handful of camera to record really important memories. But now we have phone camera and some decent camera that can be used to capture important moments in our life. Therefore, use it to the max and keep on capturing important memories in your life.

Untuk renungan bersama, Tahun Baru tidak semestinnya membawa maksud segala-galanya harus baru. Tapi, yang penting adalah kita harus senantiasa mencuba untuk memperbaiki diri. Mana yanngn kurang, kita tambah. Kalau kita sedar akan tabiat yang tidak membawa faedah buat kita pada 2022, maka di dalam 2023, kita harus memberberhentikan tabiat itu. Usah terbawa-bawa sifat mencuba untuk menarik perhatian orang (trying to impress others) sehingga keperluan diri / tugas penting di dalam kehidupan terabai. Tiada gunanya menjadi sedemikian.

Kita harus sedar akan keperluan diri, keluarga serta kerjaya kita. Ukurlah baju dibadan sendiri. Kunci kebahagiaan terletak di dalam kesederhanaan. Kalau kita bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, maka Tuhan akan bermurah hati dan memberikan rezeki yang lebih kepada kita.

Sekiranya kita menghadapi kesukaran, usah risau kerana Tuhan tidak akan memberikan cabaran yang melebihi kemampuan kita untuk hadapi. Apa sahaja yang kita hadapi buat masa ini adalah satu persediaan buat kita untuk menyediakan diri kita bagi menggalas tugasan yang lebih hebat di masa akan datang.

Apa sahaja yang kamu impikan di dalam 2023, semoga kamu berhasil untuk mendapatkannya. Tuhan memberkati kalian semua.

Tukang Rantek,

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