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Tabi basa & greetings everyone. Blessed Sunday to all of you wherever you are. Today, I’d like to  share about some of the images captured during Kpg Pichin’s caroling party, a party that was organised by Pichin’s Youth as an appreciation to the team that has been working hard during 2022’s caroling. 

In simple, caroling is an integral part of Christmas celebration, and it is done to proclaim the good news from one Christian’s residence to another, usually done by a group of people, with roles of group leader, reader, and the rest would be singing Christmas songs. A musical accompaniment is sometimes used, usually guitar, as it is the most practical & mobile. 

For this caroling party, opening prayer was led by Brother Christian Levi, Kpg Pichin’s very own priest-in-training to give thanks to almighty God that has granted a smooth process of caroling throughout its period during December last year. 

It was followed by eating session, with food prepared by the carolers. The event that was emcee’d by Scholastica then opened up with some quizzes related to Christmas, a group game called Telephone Booth to test communication skills, musical chair for both kids and open category before it finally ends with one last quiz. 

Overall, it was a fun session, with these images as one way to immortalise the memories of these peoples at the very moment. It is also good to catch up with some of friends and relatives being a distance away for quite some time due to work commitment. 

No matter where we are, or what we do, there is always something that we can be grateful about – good food, good fellowship, peaceful & stress-free simple life.

Therefore, I wish all of you a blessed day ahead. 


Duwah sanda Bidayuh Serian:

Tabi basa & silamat brupagi andu minggu ndug bala kita. Duwah post iti ku ira pitanggah bala gamar de mbuh odog tumbit ku nyandun neh duwah parti caroling de balû Kpg Pichin, balû damba ami. Parti iti odog tundah tinan nyugon trima kasih ndug bala inya de mbuh suwe mada kraja caroling marui sawa nyandun neh. Adeh lagi nak game icek-icek odog tundah de parti ti, tinan pirimpu asung bala inya de mandug, conto ne kuiz pasal andu bahas Krimas, main kaping de minan sanda ti:

“Ndug ta’uh, ndug mahit; ku-ta’uh ku-mahit; ndug mahit, ku-ta’uh, lalu ku-mahit, aba kai ndug ta’uh lagi lalu panu bojog”.

Sanda de mada ahi bala inya prajongong. 

Pingirami ami ngarum ne odog tundah tok pukul simeheng, dangan kai dapat tuhai bina bin inya burak kai dapat muhun simayang andu minggu. 

Arap Tampa Amang de palabikuasa birakat bala kita, dapih-dapih nehen bala kita ati. 

Your Tukang Rantek,
Claudius (Del)

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