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Tabi basa & greetings everyone. Today is Monday and it is time for kids to go back to school. But since around 6.30am yesterday, we’re having blackout, which only returns around 18 hours later. Blackout of this degree usually means there was something happened, and its corrective maintenance took quite sometime. Anyway, as usual, life finds a way. 

Blackout means more time for family bonding, including stories. I’ve learned from my mother that Kpg Pichin only received electricity back in 1978. Before that, people were using kerosene, hence it is called “inyo kilita” by Pichin folks (translated to light’s oil). The famous “amoi” lamp was not even being used back then, it was relatively new.

There was a lot of story about the old, great long house of Pichin, which lives vividly in memories of the older folks, where mass migration begins at 1967, and the old, great long house was demolished to make way for new development.

Also during blackout, no matter what generation, fathers will advise their children to focus on study & getting a good education to make their lives better. 

The following day, I took the opportunity to go to school & captures how it is like in the morning at my old school, which used to be called SRB St Dominic, Pichin. Now it is called SK St Dominic. A lot has improved, from old wooden buildings to beautifully-decorated concrete buildings. 

It is also good to meet my former teacher, Cikgu Oliver who used to teach our batch BM last time. Together with Asin, Matthew & the rest of the security officers, they took group photos.

Some of the kids noticed my presence and proceeded to wave at me, giving peace signs and even “siu” by CR7. 

Hopefully these kids will continue to study smart & became a pride to their parents, village and ultimately our nation. May God bless them.


Duwah Sanda Bidayuh: Muhun Sikulah

Tabi basa & silamat narang andu ndug bala kende. Andu iti andu indi, andu bala anak inya muhun sikulah. Pak masu pkl 6.30 nyandun neh, karan pli anyap. Ngan putu boh binua tik tok narang matin neh. Adeh gih inya manang tungkang ne odog tantek tengen kayuh nyandun neh wang ribut de gente. 

Lama neh, wang karan anyap, bala inya pidaan tanen dangan bala anak sungkuh neh. Ku kaping masu andu ku binua kita sani neh mina adeh karan wang sawa 1978. Ngan minan kilita bala anak inya sani neh. Nak putut mah asap neh, de kelek mada undung bijengeh. Ngamin neh ntangan damba odog tatak inya wang 1967. Wang turang babuk mi pidaan agah ti, adeh inya pra-gangek lele ngin nyeet ntangan damba. Nyaat neh anyap gamar neh.

Wang anyap karan, lama neh bala amang-amang pitayen bala anak neh sikulah paguh-paguh jirong dapat kiraja paguh mati pagi. 

Andu dindi neh, wang nganted bala kon anak umbu ku, ku pan suwe muhun sikulah. Ain tebek sikulah Mangon makin paguh. Ain gih ku napud Cigu Uber de ngajar ami sani neh, sanda BM. Lalu ginamar ku bala nyahe. Adeh lagi bala anak inya de nak ngapai-ngapai masu joho. Ginamar ku. Tinan kenangan ceh kuan inya. 

Arap bala nyahe rajin-rajin sikulah, jirong wang bahas dapat ceen kraja de paguh. Arap Tampa birakat bala neh. 

Leled & gopren neh, Olel

Leled & gopren neh, Olel

Your Tukang Rantek,
Claudius (Del)




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