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Mental Health Matters


Tabi basa everyone! Today, I’d like to share with you the health topic that was shared by our onboard “awantang” Medic Jaduin from Ranau this morning about Mental Health. It is related to emotion, psychology & self well-being. 3 factors that causes all of this including biological factor (genetics), life experiences (trauma, abuse, broken relationships & heartbreak, quarantine too long, extended offshore etc) and family history with mental health problems. For those suffering from mental health, it is easy to see that they are not their usual self.

The early warning signs are as follows: 

1) Eating / sleeping too much/ too little

2) Pull away from people or usual activity (prefer to be alone / isolating oneself)

3) Have low / no energy to daily activity

4) Feel numb / like nothing matters in this world

5) Feel helpless / hopeless

6) Excessive smoking or drinking / start using drug to drown the pain

7) Feeling confused, forgetful, upset, on edge, angry, worried, scared for no particular reason

8) Yelling / fighting with family / friends / colleagues

9) Experiencing mood swings

10) Having persistent thought / memories that you can’t get out of from head

11) Hearing voice / believing things that’s not true

12) Thinking of self-harm / suicidal thoughts

13) Inability to perform daily task

In case any of you are experiencing these early warning signs, it is important for you to approach the right person. Our society is not yet ready to accept the idea of visit to psychologist is just as important as visiting a doctor.

While doctors heal physical wound, these psychologist helps to heal mental wound. It is during this time, help from family and friends are equally important to keep you going. You should get physically active lest your body are affected as well.

Some people also develop a coping skill, including finding their own catharsis, which includes music. Singing high note songs are cathartic to some because some emotion can’t be expressed with words. Some chose to meditate, while some chose to pray.


Nevertheless, if any of your friends or family is showing signs of mental illness, do reach out to them. For emotional support, you also can call Befrienders’s hotline at +60376272929.

Life is too short to be wasted on mental illness. Therefore, stay safe & take care!

Tukang Rantek,


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Story of Perscilla: Pru-Tecting Lives

Tabi basa & greetings! Today I’d like to share about Perscilla, a Melanau – Iban lady but was raised and resides in Miri. Her father is a Melanau, while her mother is an Iban. In this post, she wore Melanau traditional costume consisting of black satin blouse, yellow-red songkey sarong and red embroidered chest decoration with string pendant.

Perscilla graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Malaysia, Sarawak (UNIMAS). She worked three jobs prior joining Prudential as a full-time insurance agent because she wants to know and explore more on insurance business.

According to her, she wants to join insurance business because she wants to give an awareness to herself, family and relatives about the importance of insurance and what it can provide in case something unfortunate happens.
With insurance, she’ll be able to ensure that her circle of family, friends and dearest clients always have the best protection that can guard them financially should death, disability, critical illnesses or accident happens.

Aside from teaching how to save money for emergency or illnesses, insurance also helps to plan further in the future such as planning for children’s educatiom and also planning for their beautiful retirement.

With insurance, her client also will have a peace of mind as they has no need to worry should emergency happens since they have secured their money and planned for their future ahead.
Her journey so far makes her realise that this industry is beautiful as it helps her to connect with a lot of people regardless of their race, cultures, occupations etc. Her clients eventually became her friend and it brings her fulfilment to be able to serve them and subsequently grow successful as an Insurance Agent.

From her also I learned that the insurance agents that forces others to purchase an insurance plan only brings a bad name to the rest of the insurance industry.

I hope that her story inspires you to embrace a new understanding and get yourself protected by getting yourself an insurance plan not only for yourself but for your family.

Tukang Rantek,



Claudius is a boudoir & portrait “tukang rantek” based in Miri.

Tukang Rantek means photographer in Bidayuh.

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Abseiler’s Story: Conquering Fear of Height

Fastart Abseilers. From left: Kelly, Kevin & Harith.

Tabi basa & greetings everybody! Today I’d like to write about these brave souls that works as an abseiler. Abseiler is defined as a person who descends down a nearly vertical face by using doubled rope that is wrapped around the body & attached to high point. Most of the time, they deal with great heights & literally hanging out.

I took my chance to ask a few that I have met in person about their profession. They are trained & certified under IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) & internationally recognised. For beginners, Rope Access Level 1. For the experienced, they have Rope Access Level 2. Rope Access Level 3 is for supervisors.

Working at Height

When comparing IRATA and WAH, IRATA is internationally-recognised, while WAH is more local. In the work at height industry such as these, there are many regulations, laws & standard application such as FMA 1967 (Act 139), OSHA 1994 (Act 514) & DOSH Guidelines for the Prevention of Falls at Workplaces 2007.

To join this work at height industry, most important things is you have to be fit & has no fear of height, like what you’ll hear from these peoples: abseiler’s from Fastart & a lady on hiatus.

First one is Kevin Use’ Pahang, 26, from Long Apu, Baram. He has been working as abseiler for the past 3 years. His unforgettable experience is working rope-to-rope at 50m tower. The challenges as an abseiler is the fear of height, and a lot of things could go wrong. One wrong move, they would end up falling to the ground. Therefore, safety is their top priority. He hoped that this profession is not being regarded as lowly profession but as a profession that’s equal to the other. He also hoped that it can be extended across other industrial sector as well.

Second one is Mohd Harith Ugak Minggat, 31 from Sibu. He has been working as an abseiler for the past 5 years & have done lots, including changing flare tip, inspection at blasting tower, underside helideck, jacket leg & touch-up painting of crane’s boom. The challenge of working at height have him the fulfilment because he loves to hang at a high places. He hopes thay Rope Access technique is made more popular in oil & gas industry as well in TMM’s (projects, maintenance & construction).

Third one is Kelly Mutang, 39 from Lawas. He has been working as Blaster / Painter, BP team leader and BP supervisor. He is going to take his abseiling course & painting inspector next year. He loves the challenge that abseiling will grant him, though he also has to face the challenge of being far from his family.

Ain. Nang berani nya tok.

Last but not least, a rose among the thorn, Nurain binti Muhammad, 34 from Sibu. This happily-married lady worked offshore since 2011 and had worked with Oceancare, Velosi and lastly RIA Solution. The challenge of being a women abseiler is being understimated due to physical strength differences. But she proved that a woman also can perform as a professional abseiler & deliver their part to the hiring client, be it Operations or Maintenance team. She hoped that many more women will took up the challenge to be an abseiler because it is a good profession & break the stereotype of women being afraid of height.

I hope the story that I have written about these brave souls inspires you & broadens your career option, especially those who love to climb & enjoy the heights. Stay safe & take care!

Tukang Rantek,

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The Story of Sikokok

Tabi basa, silamat brupagi, sramat isan-isan, slamat pagi & greetings everyone! Today I’d like to write about one of the stories from my childhood, which is about a bird callled “sikokok” (in Serian) or “Sikukuok” (in Bau). In English, it is called red-legged crake (Rallina fasciata).

It is a medium-large bird with size of 24cm in length. Its head, neck and breast red-brown, paler on throat. Its upper parts are grey-brown. Underparts and underwings are barred black and white. Its bill is green and its legs are red. But its most defining character is its red eye. 🔴A fiery-red eye, that tells us a lot about its true nature. It is like a ghost in disguise for Bidayuhs.👻

Bidayuh folklore revolves around our relationship with nature, with most of the spirits are manifested in physical world in apparition of animals. In this case, sikokok represents spirits that borders between life and death. It is also related to Bidayuh’s “pontianak”, despite its innocent look of a small bird.

The sound of sikokok represents a lot of thing. It could mean an impending death at a village. In a normal day, usually sikokok is silent. But when someone is about to die, especially back in the olden days where we were still practicing folk religion, sikokok’s sound from a distance at night means someone is about to pass away. We will gather at the person’s house at his or her final hour to give comfort to the family, as well as to be ready for anything, be it spiritual, or physical threat.

When I was a still a small boy, before I started my primary school, I like to sleep with my grandparents, a habit that seems to be followed by my nephew and niece. There is something so comforting with them around me as I fell asleep, especially when it comes to supernatural security. Usually I will wake up my late grandfather or grandma to accompany me for extra protection. But there was one time, I really want to go to the toilet. Suddenly, there was a sikokok’s sound from a distance.

Sikokok’s sound means an approaching omen, or something that might disturb us. There is a weird thing about its warning sound. If sikokok’s sound is getting louder, then that “thing” is moving further away. But if sikokok’s sound is getting further, that “thing” is getting nearer.

As for my case, at first, it’s getting louder, but then it became further away. It means, something is near. Then I saw a black figure seems to be walking around our house. There is no way that could have been anyone. It’s around 3am in the morning. So, I cancelled my wish to go to the toilet and stayed motionless on my bed to avoid getting unwanted attention and ended up wetting my bed. But that’s way better than being disturbed by that “thing”.

The next morning, I told my grandparents what happened, and coincidentally there was someone passed away on that night too, around 3am. So the “thing” that I saw is someone’s spirit roaming around for one last time before “it” left.

At the jungle, if we see someone, we are not allowed to called them by name. Instead, we will shout “wooo”. If they are human, they will reply by shouting “wooo”.

For many Bidayuhs, no matter where they are, “sikokok” plays a key role in our native story-telling as it is closely related to the afterlife and supernatural. It is sad that its story is not well-documented, and many of those who knew no longer alive.



Tabi basa ndug bala kende dangan silamat brupagi. Andu ti ku ira nulis pasal cirita de odog pidaan ndug aku wang ku lagi icek sani neh pasal manuk de odog taba ami sikokok de Kpg Pichin, Serian. Ganan ne ahi, Sikek, Sikekek, Sikukuk ato Sikukuok kuan Bi-Bau, pak kita bisi niju ndug manuk de indi ti.

Kai lagi manuk ti tantu bahas, Baak ne dangan koko’ ne nak bidaya mah kaler neh. Adeg dangan katap ne bihis-buda. Pak de kai buleh asat, bateh ne de pli kaler bidaya mung jawa apui. Kayuh kuan inya, mung mindu.

Tanen bala Bidayuh ti ahi ne pasal pimudip kita dangan tarun, ngin ahi bala kamang de dunia iti gayen ne mung bala pinatang. Dedeg sikokok ti, adeh inya manang ne nak tong kamang de nyaga pimudip dangan pingabus. Adeh lagi inya de manang ne “pontianak” Bidayuh mene pan riama ne mung manuk de icek. Ira ne maan toroi dari ato ngirantak turi kuan inya.

Angun sikokok ti ahi rati neh. Adeh inya manang ne pidaan pingabus de binua. De andu biasa, anyap angun kayuh ti. Pak wang adeh inya ira kabes, labih lagi sani neh wang ami lagi minan adat damba, angun sikokok de masu joho wang bingarum rati neh adeh inya ira kabes. Kita bigumpul bisindi duwah ramin inya de ira kabes tinan kita pirimpu asung bala nyahe, tangini pan kita ira sidiya asung kita dedeg kayuh de ira nantek kita, baik duwah kayuh de dapat dep tebek ne ato de anyap tanggah.

Wang ku lagi icek sani neh, sibayuh ku sikulah mangon, ku babar buus dangan bala tayung dangan turang babuk ku. Anak buah ku pan kelek ne buus dangan bala tayung babuk ne ngaya aku ngin pli lelek aku buus dangan bala neh. Lama neh wang ku ira kasing, garak ku tayung ato babuk ku ngancak ne nganted aku kasing. Aku mua maru tirawe sani neh. Pak adeh indi ngarum he, wang ku ira kasing, tipiya pli adeh angun sikokok. Mera tamang neh, tanan de rap ne nyap asung ku.

Angun sikokok ti rati neh adeh kayuh de nyinduk, ato adeh kayuh ira ngaco adep. De tusa neh, wang ne makin nyohon, makin joho ceh kayuh he. Pak wang ne makin retek, makin sinduk ceh kayuh he.

Balik ndug ciritu aku, angun de melen neh makin nyohon pli makin retek, rati neh kayuh he pli makin sinduk. Tebek ku adeh riama kayuh bihis de pinjan, mung kah ne panu de sapa ramin. Wang pkl 3 brupagi, anyap ceh inya pli gindong-gindong de awah. Kai ku jaji kasing. Biar ku kaset de amak masu ku napud kayuh he.

Andu dindi neh, ku pidaan dangan tayung babuk ku. Tantu lagi bala ne pidaan adeh inya kabus de binua ami ngarum he. Jaji kayuh de tebek ku he ihang inya de mbuh kabus ti, panu sibayuh ne tagan dunia iti.

De tarun, kan kita tebek bala dingan kita de plil joho, kai dep ngaba ganan neh, pak kita “wooo” ngaba neh. Kan nyahe neeh, saut ne balik minan “wooo”. Kan ne retek, aba nyiak neh. Tandah, bin ne ngajah adep maring.

Dedeg bala Bidayuh, dapih-dapih bala kita, baik de Bau, Padawan, Siburan ato Serian, sikokok/sikukuok/sekek ti ahi tanen neh ngin ne babar ngaban agah pingabus ato de kai tanggah. Pak mua lagi masi mikir ngin bala de puan cirita ti mbuh anyap.

p.s. cirita sikokok de ngade, ira madah buruh giradak wang ne pli biangun wang bingarum, nanda inya mbuh ira kabus ato adeh kayuh nyinduk.

Tukang Rantek,

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Note: Tukang Rantek means photographer in Bidayuh.



The Legend of Manggeng

Tabi basa everyone! Today, I’d like to share about a Bidayuh story from my father’s side, which is Bidayuh Biatah that lives around Siburan area.

There is a community hall named Remin Rais Manggeng in Kpg Masaan, Siburan, but there is more than that to the name.

Manggeng, or Simanggeng is a central figure of Biatah folklore, where he is the son of a man from Siburan, Sikaya and a woman from the star, Sikamba.

To talk about Manggeng’s origin, it is wise to talk about how his father met his mother. Sikaya had a beautiful fiancée. When they were engaged they made their own farm. While working on his paddy field, his paddy dibbing stick was blunt and he sharpened his stick at a tree stump. Surprisingly, blood spurted out from the tree stump. While he was wondering what was going on, a beautiful lady appeared in front of him, with her toe had a cut which was still bleeding. Out of concern, he embraced her. As they embrace each other, she told him, “why don’t we go home instead?” He learned that her name is Sikamba, but he doesn’t know that she came from the stars, part of the constellation called Pleiades, called Sikara by Bidayuh Biatah.

Their union gave birth to Simanggeng or Manggeng. Being the son of a man and a celestial being, he is no doubt a demigod, half-human, half-god. Secretly, after Sikamba gave birth to Manggeng, Sikaya met his former fiancée and commited adultery with her. She knows, and sent a fly with a pigeon orchid looped around its leg to bite the back of Sikamba who was making love. Immediately, Sikamba knows because only his wife split pigeon orchid that time. Because of that, Sikamba wants to return to her own villave (the stars). Before she left, she taught Sikaya how to look at the stars to plant paddy and taught him about using tapang tree to get what he wants, which is the origin of Gawai Tamui. During Gawai Tamui, it is forbidden to leave the village for four days and four nights.

After feeding Manggeng, she left home for good, leaving behind Sikaya who was still at the forest. Her sibling fetched her, from bamboo pole which she erected prior to that. That evening, when Sikamba saw that his wife was not around, he knew that she had gone.

Years gone by, Simanggeng grew up and had two sons of his own named Sijun and Sibarun. When Sibarun was still small, he had an accident where he fell down from their verandah to the banana tree down below, leaving him a wound to his forehead, right below the hairline. When the two was still six to seven years old, Simanggeng sailed to Java, along with his servants. For info also, Simanggeng is also the king of animals, including gibbons, crickets and insects which made lots of noises in the late evening. These creatures followed their king to Java because they see no point for them to stay at Siburan after their king left.

At Java, Simanggeng had his servants prepared him meal and was about to eat Dayak mustard (kudos sabi) and so he looked up. At the upper platform, there was the king and his wife sitting. The king noticed that Simanggeng was looking at his wife. So he called to him, saying that he was looking at his wife. He replied that he was not looking at the king’s wife on purpose, but that was how Bidayuh eat Dayak mustard. But the king didn’t believe him and made a bet with him. If he won, he can take the king’s wife. If he lost, he will be killed. The challenge was to cut beeswax. Being a smart guy, Simanggeng already had a plan in his mind. Early in the morning he put his knife under the sun to warms it up from morning til noon, where a warm knife will be able to cut through the beeswax without any difficulty.  His trick works and the king lost his bet. Thereafter, Simanggeng took the king’s wife as his own. He earns respect of the people of the area and then became their king. His life there was full of luxury and happiness.

However, across the sea, Siburan was desolate. All the creatures left Siburan to follow their king. Simanggeng’s sons, Sibarun and Sijun wanted to visit their father at Java. Their age around that time is 9 to 10 year’s old. Upon their arrival at Java, they asked around about King Manggeng’s house. Nobody dares to say the kings real name. Their action created an uneasiness among the peoples there, thus the angry peoples wanted to brought the two to meet the king. They refused, and demanded that the king met them at the jetty instead. When the king arrived, they repeated their demand of wanting to meet the king of Java. Simanggeng grabbed the child’s head, intending to stab him. Then he noticed the scar on Sibarun’s head, thus immediately realized that the child that he almost stabbed was in fact his own child. He asked them to come to his house, but they refused unless king’s wife come to and fetched them. Simanggeng agrees, and they had a big celebration that night.

However, both Sijun and Sibarun are still troubled because Siburan village was still desolate. Simanggeng’s wife, noticed their hidden dilemma, told Simanggeng about it. She couldn’t understand Biatah’s language but she knows that they are troubled. Early the next morning, Simanggeng spied on his sons and learned about what happened after he left; Siburan’s desolation and the signs of that proclaiming the time also left with him. 

Because he can’t leave Java, Simanggeng told his sons to prepare and take with them everything that can restore the village as before. On the two boats prepared by their father’s men, they took gibbon, cricket, dragonfly, cicada, partridge and other insects.

Upon the arrival of these animals and insects to Siburan from Java, Siburan was no longer desolate, but a lively village and area as it was before.


Tabi basa semua. Pada hari ini saya ingin berkongsi cerita orang Bidayuh dari sebelah bapa saya, iaktu Bidayuh Biatah yang tinggal di Siburan.

Manggeng atau Simanggeng merupakan teraju utama di dalam lagenda masyarakat Bidayuh Biatah yang mendiami kawasan Siburan, Sarawak.

Sebelum berbicara berkenaan asal usul Manggeng, penting untuk kita bercerita berkenaan cara bapanya bertemu dengan ibunya. Ayah Manggeng, Sikaya mempunyai tunang yang cantik. Semasa mereka bertunang, Sikamba membuat ladang mereka sendiri. Semasa mengerjakan padi huma, kayu yang digunakan untuk menanam padi menjadi tumpul. Oleh itu, Sikaya menajamkannya di tunggul kayu yang berdekatan. Dia menjadi tekejut melihat darah terpancut dari tunggul kayu itu. Semasa dia sedang berfikir kenapa hal itu terjadi, muncul seorang wanita yang cantik di depan dia, yang mana ibu jari dia berdarah dek pisau Sikaya. Kerana risau, Sikaya terus mendakap Sikamba. Didalam dakapan Sikaya, wanita itu berkata, “apa kata kita pulang rumah sahaja?”. Sikaya kemudiannya mengetahui akan nama wanita itu, iaitu Sikamba. Namun, dia tidak tahu yang Sikamba itu berasal daripada bintang, daripada buruj Pleiades yang dikenali oleh Bidayuh Biatah sebagai Sikara.

Hasil dari hubungan mereka berdua, maka lahirlah Simanggeng / Manggeng, iaitu anak manusia dan anak warga kayangan. Hubungan mereka terlihat berlaku tanpa sebarang masalah. Namun, selepas Sikamba melahirkan Simanggeng, Sikaya pula curang dibelakangnya dan berzina dengan bekas tunang dia. Sikamba tahu akan hal itu. Dengan menggunakan kebolehan dia, dia telah menangkap lalat dan meliliti kaki lalat tersebut dengan bunga anggerek merpati. Lalat tersebut dihantar ke Sikaya dan menggigit belakang dia semasa dia sedang berzina dengan bekas tunang dia. Oleh kerana merasa disakiti dan dikhianati, Sikamba hendak kembali ke kampung halaman dia di sebalik bintang Sikara. Sebelum dia pergi, dia mengajar Sikaya cara-cara untuk melihat bintang-bintang untuk mendapatkan hasil tuaian padi yang bagus dan menggunakan pokok tapang untuk mendapatkan apa yang dia mahu, yang mana ini merupakan asal usul Gawai Tamui. Semasa Gawai Tamui, warga kampung tersebut tidak dibenarkan untuk meninggalkan kampung selama empat hari empat malam. 

Selepas menyusui Manggeng, Sikamba meninggalkan Sikaya yang masih berada di hutan. Adik beradik Sikamba datang menjemput dia dari bintang, melalui buluh yang telah didirikan sebelum itu. Petang itu, setibanya Sikaya dari hutan dan mendapati Sikamba sudah tiada, dia tahu yang isterinya itu sudah pergi meninggalkan dia.

Tahun demi tahun berlalu, Simanggeng membesar dan mempunyai anaknya yang sendiri yang diberi nama Sijun dan Sibarun. Semasa Sibarun masih lagi kecil, dia telah terjatuh dari beranda rumah ke pohon pisang di bawah rumah lalu meninggalkan kesan parut di dahi dia, dibawah garisan rambut. Semasa mereka berdua berusia enam dan tujuh tahun, Simanggeng pergi meninggalkan Siburan dan belayar ke Pulau Jawa bersama-sama orang suruhannya. Simanggeng juga sebenarnya merupakan raja binatang termasuk beruk, cengkerik dan serangga-serangga kecil yang membuat bunyi bising pada lewat petang. Makhluk-makhluk ini mengikuti Raja Manggeng ke Jawa kerana melihat tiada erti bagi mereka tinggal di Siburan 

Di Jawa, orang suruhan Simanggeng telah pun menyediakan makanan buatnya. Semasa makan sayur, dia mendongak ke atas dan mendapati raja dan isteri duduk di atas. Raja merasakan yang Simanggeng melihat isterinya dan memanggilnya, menuduhnya melihat isterinya. Simanggeng membalas dengan mengatakan yang dia tidak melihat isteri raja, tetapi begitulah cara orang Bidayuh makan. Raja itu tidak percaya dan mencabar Simanggeng. Kalau dia menang, dia boleh ambil isteri raja. Kalau dia kalah, dia akan dibunuh. Cabaran yang diberikan adalah memotong lilin lebah. Sebagai seorang yang licik, Simanggeng telah pun merangka strategi untuk memenangi cabaran tersebut. Awal pagi hari cabaran, dia menjemur pisau dia dari pagi sampai tengah hari untuk memanaskan pisau tersebut. Pisau yang panas dapat memotong lilin lebah dengan bagus. Taktik dia berhasil. Oleh itu, Simanggeng mengambil isteri raja sebagai isterinya. Dia juga telah beroleh penghormatan daripada penduduk kawasan tersebut dan menjadi raja mereka. Kehidupannya di sana adalah mewah dan bahagia.

Walaubagaimanapun, di Siburan terbiar sepi. Semua makhluk telah mengikuti raja mereka ke Jawa. Anak-anak Simanggeng, Sibarun dan Sijun ingin menziarahi bapa mereka di Jawa. Umur mereka pada masa itu adalah 9 dan 10 tahun. Setibanya mereka di Jawa, mereka bertanya akan Raja Manggeng. Tiada penduduk Jawa yang berani menyebut nama raja mereka. Tindakan mereka telah menimbulkan ketidaksenangan di kalangan penduduk Jawa, lantas mengarahkan kedua-dua budak tersebut untuk menghadap raja. Mereka enggan dan berkeras agar raja berjumpa dengan mereka di jeti. Apabila raja tiba di jeti, mereka menyebut kembali hasrat merek untuk berjumpa dengan raja Jawa. Berang dengan perangai mereka, Simanggeng merentap rambut budak tersebut dengan niat untuk menikam budak tersebut. Namun, dia perasan akan parut pada kepala Sibarun dan teringat akan parut anaknya. Lantas, dia sedar yang budak tersebut adalah anaknya sendiri. Dia meminta agar mereka datang ke rumahnya, tetapi ditolak melainkan isteri raja datang dan menjemput mereka. Simanggeng setuju dan pada malam itu juga diadakan keramaian untuk menyambut kedatangam mereka.

Walaupun mereka hidup mewah, Sijun dan Sibarun masih berduka kerana Siburan masih sepi. Isteri Simanggeng perasan akan hal ini dan memberitahu Simanggeng. Walaupun dia tidak faham bahasa Biatah, namun dia tahu yang mereka sedang gusar. Pada pagi seterusnya, Simanggeng mencuri dengar perbualan anak-anaknya dan mengetahui akan apa yang terjadi di Siburan. 

Oleh kerana dia tidak dapat meninggalkan Jawa, dia menyuruh anak-anaknya untuk membawa segala benda yang dapat mengembalikan seri kepada Siburan. Dua kapal disediakan buat mereka dan mereka bertolak dengan membawa segala mergastua dan serangga yang telah pergi mengikuti Simanggeng.

Ketibaan mereka ternyata mengembalikan seri kepada Siburan.

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Source: Buk Shun Nyamba Nang (Father Peter P. Howes)


Tabi basa & Blessed Mother’s Day everyone! Today is a day dedicated to honour our mother, as well as motherhood in general and the influence of mothers in our society.

The journey to motherhood is never easy. From the day a woman is married and the day she knows that she is pregnant, she already starts to develop her motherhood instinct just as her body gradually changes to accommodate the little one, growing stage by stage through those three trimesters. It was never an easy journey. Anaemia, urinary tract infection, mood changes, morning sickness, vomiting, potential diabetes, frequent urination as bladder capacity reduced – these are among the thing every mother-to-be has to endure. Some might require IV fluids.

Good bye perfect body shape, hello oversized t-shirts. That was just the beginning. As the baby grows, fatigue increases, discomfort worsen for some. But this doesn’t compare to the joy they feel when the baby starts to move by the end of second trimester. Suddenly, the pain goes away, replaced by excitement. The once smooth, youthful skin is then replaced with stretch marks here and there. Baby delivery comes with an unimaginable pain, and life is put on the line. But no words can describe the joy that mothers experience after delivery. The feeling of holding that small, cute little one is bliss.

Being a mother is easily the hardest job in the world that comes without any instruction manual, handover note or documentation whatsoever. An average mother spends about 98hours a week, equivalent to 2.5 full time jobs doing parent-related thing. It is no surprise that most of the children are closer to their mothers than with their father because a mother is a good listener and empathise more.

A mother understand what a child does not say. She gave all that she has to us, and more. Don’t call your mother fat, ugly or not cool because she sacrificed her time, money and energy to raise you up to become a good and useful person in the future.

While we still have the opportunity, while she is still around on this world, always love and respect your mother. Don’t just simply reply “K” to her WhatsApp messages or ignore her phone call whenever her name appears on your phone display. You might think it trivial or useless because all she ask is how are you or have you eaten. Call her once in a while. Top-up her mobile. Videocall if you can. If there is opportunity, go back to meet her. Wish her birthday and pray for her good health. Take as much pictures and video as you can.

Cherish every moments, because one day, God will take her away from us. By that time, you will regret your actions and will beg for forgiveness at her grave, embracing her cold, hard tombstone. No amount of money or tears will bring her back or returning back the time that you lost, not even one second.

Therefore, love your mother, always. No matter what is your religion or race, may God bless your mothers. Happy Mother’s Day.


Versi BM:

Tabi basa dan selamat hari Ibu buat semua! Hari ini adalah hari untuk memperingati jasa dan sumbangan ibu kita buat kita semua dan terhadap masyarakat kita.

Perjalanan untuk menjadi seorang ibu tidaklah mudah. Dari hari seorang wanita berkahwin dan mendapat tahu dia sedang mengandung, naluri keibuan dia mula terbentuk seiring dengan perubahan fizikal yang dia alami untuk menampung tumbesaran si kecil. Anemia, jangkitan saluran kencing, perubahaan mood, loya dan muntah-muntah, kerap kencing adalah antara perkara yang sering dihadapi oleh wanita yang mengandung. Ada yang memerlukan cecair IV.

Selamat tinggal buat bentuk badan yang langsing, selamat datang baju longgar dan baju saiz besar. Itu hanyalah permulaan. Semakin kandungan membesar, rasa letih dan ketidakselesaan semakin menjadi-jadi. Namun, apabila si kecil mula bergerak-gerak pada penghujung trimester kedua, ada antara wanita mengandung yang merasa gembira kerana ini tandanya si kecil adalah sihat. Rasa gembira meraja di hati, menggantikan rasa resah. Kulit remaja diganti dengan tanda-tanda regangan kulit di kebanyakan bahagian badan. Proses melahirkan anak pula disertai kesakitan yang tidak terungkapkan, nyawa ibarat di hujung tanduk. Namun, disitu kita lihat bahawa kaum Hawa ini sebenarnya adalah kuat. Kesakitan itu tetap mereka harungi demi melahirkan anak, tanda cinta dan kasih mereka, pelengkap keluarga yang diimpikan selama ini. Tangisan bayi sebaik sahaja keluar ibarat semboyan kemenangan di cuping telinga si ibu yang dibanjiri keringat. Rasa gembira ketika memegang si kecil di tangan adalah tidak terbayangkan.

Menjadi seorang ibu bukan satu kerja yang mudah. Kebanyakan masa ibu dihabiskan bersama anak-anak, dan sebab itulah anak-anak menjadi lebih rapat dengan ibu berbanding dengan bapa. Anak-anak juga biasanya mampu bertutur di dalam bahasa ibunda.

Si ibu memahami apa yang si anak tidak luahkan. Dia memberi segalanya bagi memastikan kebajikan kita terjaga, dan menjadi pelindung ketika kita tertindas. Oleh sebab itu, janganlah memanggil si ibu gemuk, hodoh ataupun tidak hebat kerana mereka mengorbankan segalanya bagi membesarkan kita, termasuk impian dan harapan mereka.

Sementara kita masih ada peluang, sayangilah dan hormatilah ibu kita. Jangan hanya membalas “K” apabila mereka menghantar pesanan ringkas melalui WhatsApp, atau mengabaikan panggilan telefon apabila nama ibu kita tertera di kaca skrin telefon. Mungkin kamu fikir ianya hanyalah panggilan picisan kerana biasanya si ibu akan bertanya soalan seperti sudah makan atau apa khabar, tidak menarik seperti perbualan kita dengan buah hati kita. Sekali sekala, hubungilah ibu kita. Videocall pun boleh. Sekiranya ada peluang, balik kampung untuk berjumpa dengan dia. Ucapkan selamat hari jadi dan berdoalah agar dia dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik.

Hargai setiap saat yang ada kerana suatu hari nanti, Tuhan akan mengambil dia daripada kita. Pada masa itu, kamu akan menyesali setiap perbuatan kamu dan akan memohon kemaafan di kubur dia sambil memeluk batu nisan yang sejuk dan keras. Seandainya kamu kumpul semua intan berlian dan harta karun di dunia ini, atau menangis sekolam air mata darah sekalipun, kamu tidak akan dapat mengambil balik masa-masa yang telah lepas, walau saat.

Oleh itu, sayangilah ibu anda selalu. Tidak kisah anda beragama atau berbangsa apa, semoga Tuhan memberkati ibu kita semua. Selamat Hari Ibu.

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Tukang Rantek,


Claudius is a Miri-based Boudoir & Portrait Photographer, from Kpg Piching, Serian.

“Tukang Rantek” means photographer in Piching dialect.

Legend of Kuyoi: Headhunter vs Bujin


Kpg Pichin

I am Del, a boy from Kpg Pichin, Serian. About my village, Bidayuh peoples, we no longer practice headhunting since the early of 1900s, and now we are strong devoted Catholics. Every now and then, we invite priests to come to our village to do blessings, longhouse blessing, life blessing and so on. In short, all of the things that we have there are done in accordance to Catholic faith. Most of the villagers are Catholics, or so we thought. During Christmas, we usually do carolling from one house to another, and I am the guitar player for my mother’s team. It was such a joy and I am looking forward to go carolling again. Sometimes I heard about the headhunter’s stories from my grandfather, or “Babai”, in Bidayuh Biatah-Padawan dialect. He told me about the might of Pichin headhunters, who can teleport from one place to another, invincible to any sort of physical attack and can always seems to recover, no matter how fatal the injury is. That includes even when a flesh is bitten-off from his body, he can regenerate the flesh without any problem despite being exposed to any kinds of germs, bacteria or viruses. He also told me that there was once a great battle happens in the past, where this great warrior called Panglima Kuyoi led a group of small army against a ten thousand armies from the north, trying to invade our village. The details of the battle was not known, but it was believed due to the leader of the North warriors, an equally strong headhunting tribe, and backed by a virgin powerful sorceress. These sorceress has to be virgin because that is where their spiritual energy is at max. Once they harnesses their energy in marital business and procreation, it is no longer as strong as it once was, merely a shell of her former glory. Kuyoi and his warriors won the fight, but not without a great price. The defeated foe vow to revenge, but few centuries passed without any news of them. Perhaps they have settled down and forget about the feud? Babai doesn’t know what happens to that tribe as well, but now he said their descendants are scattered all around Borneo island. Babai was now bed-ridden, but every now and then, my grandma found him waking up at night, around 3.07am, talking to himself in an old ancient language while in trance, performing some ancient martial arts whilst being covered by darkness – moving without shadows, before going back to sleep.

I always go back to my village for holidays. Sometimes I spent around few days there while I am not working. Spending my time there gave me a peace of mind, though sometimes small humans in the form of Leled bereng and Cicisa, my nephew and niece gave me some challenges to continue my afternoon nap. Since they are cute and adorable, I forgive them. I should train them to be my successor in photography, so that I can continue on with what I love most – travelling while photographing peoples all around the world and capture their stories. June is coming, which means, Gawai is coming near as well. I didn’t know the incident during Gawai will change my life and how I see my relationship with my girlfriend, Bel after this. It all began with a Gawai celebration at my village.

Enter Bindang

Early May, I kept on receiving notification from this unknown number, who does not disclose what her name is. She kept mentioning about promise, promise and promise. All I know about my past relationships did not work out. I had a lot of experiences before, failed relationships I would call it it, before I met Bel. Back then I had nothing – no money, no cars, no house, and not good looking. Most of my money was channelled to my school fee, so there is no chance I am attracting gold diggers. My charm was mainly from guitar since I am not a good singer back then. My current level is presentable, not professional yet. Martial art is not my cup of tea although I love to dance, which is inspired by our ancient people’s martial art. I often heard people dance until they are in trance, and sometimes they can talk about the things in the future, or things in the past. Kind of scary, you know. That unknown number then introduced herself as Bindang, and she said she knows me. That name doesn’t ring a bell. I only know someone by the name of Inda. I check with Bel, does she know her? She doesn’t know either. That is strange. So, I continue on with my life. Life is too precious to be wasted. Don’t waste your time, or time will waste you.

Two weeks to Gawai, preparation is already made. People starts to slowly flocking in at Pasar Serian. There was no COVID-19 to worry about. I already took my three weeks off because I have so much days in my leave bank. My boss is also kind enough to release me until second week of June. That means I am able to go around and do some photography around Serian. Then, 10 days before Gawai, I received a last minute invitation to this wedding. The pay was good as well, I can buy a good old EX-5 with the price. As usual, I am donning my favourite all black attire for the event. The event went on as usual. I noticed someone was kept on staring at me, but I don’t give an attention to it. The person was a lady, short height of about 1.5m roughly, with a bob hairstyle. Judging from her cheongsam-like red dress and a fair white skin, I am guessing she’s a Chinese, but her star-like round brown eyes disagree with me. Filled with curiousity, I pretend to take photo at her table, to which she gladly smile, as if a cat that finally gets its long awaited fish. Normally I am glad when someone smile at me when I point the camera at them, but for her, my gut feeling tells me otherwise. I passed my card to her and she called my name – Del. That means she knows me, or probably someone told her. She introduced herself as Bindang, or in short, Inda. That strikes a bell. I do know Inda. But I never realised she will become a model-like lady. I am always curious, why she looks so familiar. Yes, her face looks exactly like Bel. But why? Bel didn’t tell me she has a twin. Even her sister doesn’t look like her.

After the dinner ends, I was about to leave when Bindang was standing at the exit, right in front of me, asking whether we can go somewhere. My mind went auto-pilot, I reject her invitation because I would need to deliver my client’s picture by the next day, as part of my promise to my client. She did not give up, and invited me again, this time with her hand on my chest. Without losing a beat, I apologise to her and told her again that I can’t go. At the back of my mind,  I have no intention to go out one-on-one with someone, especially a beautiful lady like that since I already have my other half, and I need to take care of her feeling as well. I also would not want her to go out with a handsome man late at night, go to who-knows-where doing God-knows-what. She utter no words, but it is clear as day that she is deeply disappointed, but I find that baseless. My gut tells me that there must be something else that drives this, but I just can’t get a finger around it. I drove into the late of night and head back home. Sleeping was the first thing I do when I arrive back home. I was so tired.

At one of the back alley of Serian town, Bindang walks alone. She was being cat-called by naughty boys around the area, but she doesn’t pay attention to them because she knows that they are no threat. Suddenly, one of the boys, drunken, gets up and chase her. She quickly took notice and with one glance, she brought him down, crashed backwards, as if he was shot down with a powerful revolver. But she barely move her arms. They other guys saw what happened and ran away. Their motorcycle, that was in tip top condition, modified to be race worthy, suddenly refused to start. Out of nowhere, there are few strange creature coming out of the exhaust, probably of supernatural origin, that might caused that failure. The creature few off and surround Bindang, where she pets them whilst looking at the boys and gave them a devilish pretty smile. Terrified, and left with no choice, the boys ran off.

Slowly, from a distance, a tall figure approached her with a strong steady gait. She immediately recognised him as her uncle, who she called Amba Jurud, “amba” since he was her mother’s older brother. Amba Jurud noticed that she was not in the good mood, in contrast with him who was in a euphoria, and managed to have some fun with the ladies at Ibiza, before he teleported to Serian for their rendezvous, talking about the plan when stars are aligned. She told him that she did not managed to get me out that night. He didn’t say anything except wishing her luck next time. Without explaining why, he told her to complete her mission before 3rd day of Gawai, because otherwise, someone has to pay the price. That is about 13 days to go. She thanked him for the second chance, and he left, teleported back to where he came from. Anyway, for them, distance is not a matter because they can always connect using “kamang” or spirit, where they can talk in real-time, using only their thoughts after synchronising their energy pattern. A long lost technology, modern man would say.

Tension Builds: The Rejected Love

Back to my life, as a normal Bidayuh boy, I am quite occupied with my pre-Gawai life. Gawai is like a celebration for us Dayaks, be it Iban or Bidayuh. Serian town was busy as usual. I will arrive to Serian town before 6.30am because if I go later, I will not be able to pick the best portion of pork. 9 days to Gawai, while I was washing my car, I suddenly felt like someone is watching me. I looked around, but there was no one. That is strange. Usually my senses never failed me. In fact, it helped me numerous times, and saved me from danger, especially at the jungle. Be it wild animal attack, or car accident, or at work, it is as if I have a third eye behind me. In combat, that would be a huge tactical advantage. Actually, my sense is did not fail me. I sense a strange energy, for the first time, as if the sixth sense was activated by someone for no particular reason. The vibe I am feeling, is the same one that I get when Bindang was around – a charming but deadly vibe, total opposite of Bel’s energy. They might be similar in look, but oh boy, the energy. That is why I am not feeling good when she invited me out last night. I suddenly remembered about my grandfather. My mother told me to go and visit him every now and then. Our house is next to one another. Since I already completd my photography tasks, not much editing is required, I visited him. Strangely, I found him standing on the floor, in a fighting stance. I thought he was bed-ridden? The blue-ish hue enveloping him was faint, but I can sense it. That’s the first time. He was chanting some unnatural mantra when I called him. Startled, he fell back to the floor, as if he doesn’t want me to see him and continue on to his ill-state. I shouted for help, and quickly, my tayok (grandmother in Bidayuh) arrives. She gave him an earful, and that is the time every men would be grateful that they are deaf. Yes, my babai is deaf. Not sure because of the earful or of injury.

I went back home, and look who did I found there – Bindang, or Inda who was sitting on the floor like the best bride-to-be. My mother was charmed by her look and her polite manner. But I am no fool. I can sense a killing intent behind that smile – the one that is willing to do anything to get what she wants. Yes, Inda that I know is like that. Perhaps after 10 years missing, she managed to put her life into perfect pieces and now looking stunning. Perhaps learning lots of trick. After lots of talking, she then reveals her intent to come. She wants me to go with her somewhere, leaving all of this behind, including Bel. She told me we can build a new life at Spain, where her uncle is staying at Ibiza, and I can learn about flamenco and become street photographer there. Wait, I never told her about this? All we did was talking about our past life. Yes, we were close once, but after finished uni, we did not talk to each other. Also, that was the time I met Bel. My life goes on after that. She claimed that she travels a lot after Uni, meeting all the unique personnel oversea. I am pretty sure she went more than just knowing them, thus making me happier to know that we did not pursue our friendship back then to the next level.

Her invitation, while it is exciting, I cannot just leave my current life like this. And therefore, I, once again, rejected her. She did not give up, and she apologies for her wrongdoing in the past and promised to begin anew. I did not understand why there is the sudden interest in me once again, but I cannot accept it. Both of us can move on with our lives and forget we ever meet. She was not happy, and stormed through the doors. My mom who came in with the lunch was puzzled, and asked where she goes. I told her, I have no idea and I am not interested to chase after her because that would gave her false hope. I am not happy because she disrespects the fact that I have a girlfriend already.

She cried in the car, and knowing that her time is running out for that plan, she had no choice. She had to resort to the next method, by force because she knows how stubborn I can be. Before long, my grandma came to us, asking whether that did anyone came around just now because my babai was chanting something. He only does that when there is great danger around. I didn’t know what is the relation of that to Inda’s visit, but I will learn about it soon. I received a text from Inda, this time I know it’s her because she told me it was her number. She told me to get ready, because storm is coming. I thought that was a joke, but I have a bad feeling about it. For the next few days, I receive few texts from her, all with the same message, how she wanted to meet me and talk to me, but I am not sure whether it is genuine or not. So I ignore it until finally two days before Gawai, she sent a smiley with two words – be careful. I thought it was an empty message and then I move on.

Gawai and Prelude to Showtime

It was Gawai time and everyone was so happy. People visiting family and friends all around the state and no one was left behind. I was visiting my uncle’s house one day when he asked me about what happened to my babai. They also heard about babai doing those ancient thingy God-knows-what. He even mentioned about the ancient battle that took place at our village long time ago. I told him that I also heard about that story. He then shown to me an dusty old sword, that he claims belonged to the warrior that ends that battle. I laugh at it because it must be another tall tale of my uncle. He also laughs at it before switching to serious mode, and shown me the hair-strands that was used to decorate the sword. Those were the hair of the fallen warriors, he said. Astonished, I took the picture of the sword. I touched it and in that instant, I had a flashback – where I was surrounded by battle-clad warriors, which I recognised as the ancient Bidayuh warriors costume, the one that not many youngsters want to wear because of the loincloth- for them it is embarrassing. The warriors over there gave me the warrior salute and then shouting our warcry – “tara tara tara”, which was now knowns as beer-cry, shouted before drinking alcoholic beverage. Since when we were downgraded from tough warrior to pot-bellied beer-drinker? I have no idea. As I hold the sword, I felt an immense energy surging in, as if it’s waking up something in me. But out of shock, instinct-based move, I immediately released it. My uncle’s eye was smiling as he observe the incident, knowing what’s coming next, but out of courtesy, he asked me, what happened? I told him that it was nothing and I continue on with my visiting program that day. The incident felt like forever, but it was just an instant. As I drive my white Viva, I kept on getting flash back on the vision that I saw. There was one lady kept on calling me Kuyoi. Why would she call me that?

I casually WhatsApp-ed my father of that name, and he immediateley called me, asking me where did I heard that name? I told him it was from a vision that I encounter just now, though I know my babai always tell me about that story. He then typed a long story about it, which ends with – “be careful”. I just don’t get why a tall tale would end with “be careful?”. Is there something I need to know?

Without me knowing, on hill faraway, on top of a 20-storey high durian tree, there was a girl in an ancient Bidayuh cloth, smiling while holding an energy-based crystal ball, looking at me, who was clueless on what is going to happen next. Obviously she is Inda, who was then speak in a loud voice, “it’s show time”. Four invisible figures scrambles away from the tree, as if they are her four horsemen, except they are adept at jumping from trees to trees, sticking their limbs at the tree by using internal energy as the glue. She teleports away, and drones mid-air, observing the stage of the night, 5km above Pichin for a minute before vanishing out in the thin air. Her time is running out.

At Pichin’s long house, people were gathering to celebrate the first day of Gawai. Usually, 1st June is reserved for family, but for some reason, it was celebrated on 1st June this year. The merry-making goes on until morning, around 7 am if the youths are still able to go on and energetic. Otherwise, the band will stop playing music around 2am. That is why a lot of Bidayuhs like to organise their wedding ceremony at village due to low cost and there is no time limit. All you need to provide is food, drinks and band will keep on playing, with DJ playing music or karaoke whilst the band boys take their rest.


9pm that night, it was the time for YB to speak and address the Gawai-goers, and thanking them for another beautiful year, and the blessing received from God. Inda was among the crowd, looking for an opportunity to start the “show”. There is a lot of peoples there that night. The potion that Amba Jurud gave earlier during their final meeting is glowing in a blue light, just like Cherenkov radiation, except this one does not emit any gamma radiation at all. Inda learned from Amba Jurud that potion was not of this time, so that could only mean he obtained it from another plane of reality. Our five senses can only respond to physical stimuli relative to our reality, but some are gifted with the sixth sense that can detect the unknowns. During that time, I was busy taking photo of peoples at the long house. I don’t want to miss any of those moments. Too beautiful to be missed. Not to forget, the life we have are fleeting. One lost moment, forever it will gone. Time can only flow forward, or so I thought. Inda saw a group of men, drinking outside the longhouse. The longhouse was built 2m above ground. Outside of it is the place where people usually stands since they are quite shy to enter, and the “awah” or “ruai” is usually meant for people to sit and to dance. With a sleight of hand, Inda managed to drop few droplets of the blue potion into the unsuspecting, unlucky guy who was drinking tuak from his cup. Probably aided by her semi-invisibility skills, nobody noticed Inda. She quickly left and head to rendezvous with her four horsemen, which turns out to be her headhunters, or her nickname to them, Pingayu Bihis, or simply “black headhunter”. One of the Pingayu was told to go to the nearby ancient cemetery at Pingeren (old burial ground, full of old, nasty spirits) and wake them up from their long slumber. The second Pingayu was told to dive into the river, to shake the bottom, because there are some of the fallen warriors. The final two was told to barricade the village using energy so that no communication in and out can come, including there was no entry of people because she want the show to be smooth without any interruption. With the help from Amba Jurud’s, all three entry into Pichin was blocked, the road at Parun Binong (Binong Hill) suddenly had an landslide, thus cutting the connection from the south. The other two paths was flooded. Water was slowly rising, and by the time it rose around 11pm, the Gawai goers were already quite drunken and too happy to bother. The guy who drank the potion was not showing any signs, yet, as if it was waiting for the signal from Inda. I was too busy to notice, then I had a headache. As I close my eyes, I had a vision in my mind, the signal is getting stronger, and in my ears someone shouted “wake up, they are coming”. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me, no one was around me, everyone was busy with their own business, be it joget or dancing, eating or drinking. There are some lonely girls, but it can’t be them. Far in the distance, at my uncle’s house, the ancient sword is shaking, which my uncle noticed and unsheathes while saying, “it is about time”.

The guy who drink the potion, slowly showing signs of craziness. His hand was shaking, while his eye is rolling up. In his mind, there was a clash between the evil spirit and his soul, which his soul is fighting a losing battle as his soul’s control over his body was hijacked by the evil spirit. His body’s energy was getting lower and lower, until finally when the hijack was over, he stops shaking. It is similar to the ancient technique of body control, to create a mindless soldier that will fight according to the bid of the owner. Inda saw all of this from above, for her eyesight is sharp as an eagle. She immediately took control of her first puppet, or she calls it Bujin, for he was possessed by evil spirit. It is not zombie either because he is not dead. The more sinister the Bujin’s handler are, the more evil they will become. They are no doubt the best killing machine. His friends laugh at him. Then he gave them a deadlystare – his eyes turned red – before Inda gave the command to him, “Bujin, engage”. Bujin #1 then starts to rage around the area, shouting and shouting while calling for Del. That time I was not aware, I thought it was another crazy drunken guy making some trouble, which is quite normal. RELA on-duty tried to calm him down, but since he was mind-controlled, there is no way he is going to stop. Telephatically, Inda spoke to me these words, “since you rejected me, now I am going to make you pay”. I immediately recognise that voice and the dark vibe that it emits, and to my horror, I saw it – I saw Bujin #1 that was soaked in blood, he managed to bite off the RELA guards flesh while they were trying to console him down. To make things worse, his saliva contains the blue potions, that I can see dripping from his shirt. The RELA guard, infected by blue potion, was slowly mind controlled as well, turning him into Bujin. Before the outburst of the Bujins, I immediately had this vision, “go get that sword”. I noticed it was a warm, calming voice and relaxing vibe, it was from my babai. However, before I managed to go there, there was already few Bujins around, who was stopped temporarily as they walk in front of the cross. I get the idea that those Bujins might be some possessed peoples, so I grab that cross and make my way to the nearest microphone. The band boy was no longer playing music because they were panicked as well. In a loud voice, I told them to take out any cross and probably holy water to ward of the Bujins. They crowd froze for a while, and I have to repeat myself again. Only then they took action. It was so fortunate that the night was the night of “Nantang Jule”, so the cross can be found on the “awah” (berandah). Those Bujins took notice of this, then they retreat outside for a while before they were joined together by a dark figure emerging from the river. That dark figure, with his long dark arms, hold each of the Bujin’s head, and yell some ancient, unknown words. Some of the really old people at the village heard this and she exlaimed, “mera tamang neh, bala Bujin mandug”, which translated to oh my goodness, the Bujins army are coming. The upgraded Bujins were no longer appear humanlike, because their body is emitting a black smoke from their now pale, muscular skin, and no longer has shirt, but has loincloth, their hairs are long, sharp teeth like a piranha’s teeth, and now has their fingernails are replaced with sharp claws. These Bujins look like a creature out of horror movie. They are standing outside, waiting for something.

It was 5 minutes to midnight. Inda contacted me once again, “still don’t want to give-up?” I looked up to the sky, and noticed that she was floating up high in the sky, with blood-red moon as it background, looking at me with her red eyes, pale-skinned face and long black hair. Still lovely, but now she’s the mistress of evil. There was nothing sweet about that. I realisd my heart was glowing, a bright yellow light. I was shocked to see it, I had lots of vision after that. Time moves slowly, as if the time stops. Within that moment, I saw what happened at the battle of Kuyoi – how that battle was so much similar with the Bujins before my eyes. I learned that Kuyoi was actually fighting an army of the dark warriors, the untold truth of the legend. It was then I had a vision that I was speaking to Kuyoi, to which he explained about the rival tribe have made us, the descendants of Kuyoi his sworn enemy, and not even death can end it. It can only be going on and on until the end of time, or until someone broke the chain of terror. He said only love can break the chain. He holds my hand and immediately I can feel an energy surging inside me, and that instance also I learned about the past love life of Kuyoi, where he had a girlfriend, Kumang that looks exactly like Inda, and my Bel. Kumang also have a twin sister, Kara, but Kuyoi chose Kumang over her because she is more caring than her, more of a wife material. Kumang and Kara is like Yin and Yang, the other one is angelic, while Kara is devilish. Kara went to Bukit Sematan, Pulau Sumatera and the mountain behind old Java city, to learn the ways of the ancient shaman. She rejected worldly pleasure and concentrate her inner energy to learn dark arts, one of it is body possessions through contact with the genies, which was called Bujin. Bujin’s method makes a perfect killing machine. She just have to capture peoples, then brainwash them using the Bujin technique and voila, she has an army. She then collaborated with Kuyoi’s archnemesis, Kodoi, to take down Kuyoi. The attempted few series of battle around Pichin area, but because Pichin had an elite pingayu “headhunters” that can teleport, invincible, and has strong spirit sword, they can deal with Bujin’s threat easily. Because of this, Kodoi was not happy. He gathers his elite warriors, he called Kodoi Pingayuh, the best of the best from his warriors, 10,000 strong army, to storm Kuyoi’s longhouse. However, Kuyoi has a battle plan, for the Oracle, Tayung Kolok gave him a vision in the future and he will prevail if he does the thing she advised. Kuyoi was not alone, he was supported by two wise shaman, Babuk Kolok and Babuk Botak, to deal with the spiritual warfare. Both Babuk Kolok and Babuk Botak forged an enchanted sword, called Buran Bereng to deal with the dark arts. On the day itself, Kuyoi and his team of 50 elite warriors managed to deal with the 10,000 Bujins in an all-out warfare at the place called Padang Damba, where there lies the old grave – a haunted place. However, the Bujins are still there despite the flesh decaying, waiting to be risen again by the descendents of Kara and Kodoi. Inda is the direct reincarnation of Kara, and due to that, she has the strongest spiritual force that allows her to use the Bujin spells, to create more Bujins.

In my spiritual conversation with Kuyoi, I learned that the yellow glow of energy from my heart was due to the energy of Kuyoi resonates well with me, and that in return gave me an extra energy, thus unlocking the inner energy within me, allowing me to teleport myself, using his invincibility, superhuman strength and even energy blast. But all of this can be unlocked if I have Buran Bereng sword. I told him, I know where it is, and he wished me luck. Before departing, he told me that once I unlocked his power, I can also spiritually enhance few other persons to be my warriors, four at a time. But most of it depends on my skill in playing the light-arts, the only counter to the dark arts used by Kara’s descendents. Then, slowly time moves until it went back to present speed. I learned so much in that short amount of time. But my body is still cold, the energy is yet to be unlocked. I am doomed.

Back to present time, Inda then yelled, attack! Her Bujins rushed to the longhouse, and without mercy, they slash around and attacked the people at the longhouse whilst making their way to me. Horrified, I ran away to the direction my gut feeling tells me. It tells me to run to my uncle’s house at the middle of the village, near the old hall or “Balu Damba”. I saw him there, and then I ran at my top speed. The Bujins are still terrorising the longhouse, where people are having merry making. Armed by guns, some of the people shot the Bujins. This of course only inflict minor damage to Bujin, and without mercy, Bujin stabs those innocent peoples and tossed them aside, only to be risen again as Lesser Bujins in less than a minute. Majority of the peoples ran away from Awah Gawai. The festival turns into a bloody feast, where those Bujins terrorising the town. It was only the beginning.

Bujin Strikes The Village

Seeing the people fleeing, and currently numbered 3000, the Bujins wanted to pursue the fleeing peoples, but they were stopped by Inda. Without saying anything, she instructed the Pingayu Bihis to upgrade the new Bujins into battle-ready attire because they want to wage a war. From the distance, the earth was shaking as if there was a huge army coming. Indeed, an army came, army of darkness, where Pingayu Bihis leads the army of the undead, numbering in 5000. From the look of it, those are the general infantry of the ancient warriors, wielding long swords and a shield, made from “tahas” a thick wood of Borneo rainforest. There from the river, another group of undead rose from the depths of the river. These group are properly armored, with their body made from thick calcium material, enough to nullify a direct sword attack from a normal infantry. Their other hands is their dangerous claws, their secret weapon, inspired by the crabs of the depths. The eyes of these Bujins are red. In total, there are 10000 in total.

Once gathered, Inda gave them an instruction to find Del and bring him to her – dead or alive. The Bujin shouts loudly before they marched slowly to the village, killing anyone on their paths. Their first victims were the peoples at the longhouse, no one was spared. It was a terrifying sight. The night of merry-making turns into a massacre, all due to rejected love. But there are more story to it, more than just being rejected.

Back to my story, I was about to grab the sword when someone dashed in panic and knocks the sword from my uncle’s hand. I struggled to get it back without being trampled by the oncoming peoples rushing away from the Bujins. Bujin did no move fast, but there are cruel and brutal. They are beyond redemption, and there is no way to defeat without killing them, to cut their head like how headhunters do. Pingayu Bihis noticed that I was trying to wield Buran Bereng, then he shot me from afar with his blowpipe. I fell down and I screamed in pain. It was a terrible pain, but I am still alive, except the injury at my right leg. I was unable to stand-up, then he jumped up high in the sky and land his left leg directly on top of my chest. I was supposed to be dead due to that injury, but thanks to the glow that was activated before it hits me, I survived. I am no longer in control of my body, my vision is getting blur and finally it fades to white.

Kuyoi: Reborn

The peoples around me saw the sword Buran Bereng flies to my hand, as if is being attracted to my hand in near-death experience. In that split second that seems to last forever, I transformed into a warrior, closely resembling Kuyoi, the one that I met in my vision. Moonlight that night turns into white, and it beams upon me. I was enveloped in blue aura, weilding a sword and a shield at my back. I saw Pingayu Bihis right in front of me, looking puzzled at my transformation. Probably he was wondering, from where did I get such strength. I am also not sure myself. Once the transformation completed, I hovers in place for a while, as if I had the ability to float in the sky. I looked straight into the eye of Pingayu Bihis, I only saw darkness. But he can’t stand my sight and stepped back. Before he even moved, I punched him in the face, cracking his mask, and it was revealed that he was only bones, moved by the spirit of hatred. But the damage he inflicted was real. Again, time stops as I receive another transmission from my babai. He was awake the whole time, observing us through his force field. He told me to quickly dispatch the undead using my sword. With a swing of my sword, I managed to down around 50 Bujins. It was a powerful sword indeed, and I am yet to master my movements.

I noticed that some of the spears came flying to me, to which I dodged easily. With an energy blast, I managed to create a big hole that swallows the Bujin, thus buying me sometime to reinforce my force.

I quickly gathers a group of 50 able bodied men, and told them my plan to strike back. They were hesitant at first, but since time is running out, I asked them to form a circle while holding hands. I then transferred some of my spiritual energy to them, empowering them with my energy and in that instance, transforming them to become my warriors to fend off the Bujin. I told them to hold the ground and help to protect the peoples while I teleport to the longhouse. When I arrived there, I noticed that almost all of the peoples there fell victim to the Bujins tyranny and brutality. It was such a sad sight. These Bujins are not also brutal, but they are hungry as well, and they feast on human flesh. I can’t imagine the horror that I saw for it only angers me. I am sad, and I cried profusely because I know they only came there to have some fun, not to become the food of Bujin. I saw one familiar tiny little shoe, and I know to it belongs to. I didn’t expect him, so young and so little, with life full of hope but ended up becoming food of the Bujin. Out of anger and sadness, I shout my lungs out and dashed back to the village in a speed of light. I slashed Bujins that I encounter along the way.

My body is full of energy, and I am angry, that I know I can take down anyone there. Quickly, I counted the Bujins in front of us, they are only numbered 3000. That means there are some more around the village, terrorising the village. I told 10 of my warriors to scout around while we hold of the majority of the Bujins. The 3000 made some noise in front, that we forgot the Bujins are also coming from the back, stealthily, We lose sight of them, but then we have to fight even though we are outnumbered. The surviving peoples, numbered by around 3000 are severely injured as well, and unable to fight. They were guided to the nearest hall by my warriors, where my warriors tried to defend them from the outside. The hall was surrounded by trees and a field, thus making it easy for us to dispatch off the Bujins using guerrilla method. The first wave lasted until 2am. It was only few hours to daylight.

The Battle of Pichin:

The Bujins came slowly and surround the hall. My warriors found some of them sneaking at other peoples houses, but I can easily kill them off thanks to my teleport ability and I am able to sense my remaining team. However, suddenly, there was a huge tremor at the land. I looked in the distance and I saw one huge creature emerging from the river. I am pretty sure it was large. Telephatically, Babai told me it was Kidumbak, the ancient creature of terror, the one that causes the flood when it pees into the river. Seems like Inda is bringing all of the ancient creatures of terror into life. Or perhaps she was out of idea. I brought four of my warriors to fight it off. The first round was easy because it has soft thick skin. But then it was revived by Inda, and this time, with some upgrade, thicker armour-like skin. It took us some time to figure out the weak connections between the armour. We used that weak connection to kill it off and before it was even resurrected, we destroys its head using an energy blast from our hands.

Far in the distance, I heard one scary sound, it was the sound of death, the sound that was being made by the graveyard owl, the one that signifies death in Bidayuh culture. Then, I noticed there was a dark, huge figure flying at the sky. It was Sikuang, the bird of death. It rained death upon us, for those who touched it will immediately die. The Bujin was impacted, but as long as the magic is still active, Bujin will not die. I unleashed my inner levitation ability, and fights off Sikuang. The battle was complicated because Sikuang is agile and I am not used to fight in the sky, but I noticed, with every battle, I am getting better with my combat skills. Sikuang was finally defeated by my energy blast, that I shot in surprise because it did not expect someone would teleport beneath its soft belly. Poor bird. It came crashing down to the pool of Mang Iri.

Suddenly, there was a strong light shining from a distance and the shining figure flies toward me, before stopping. It was Inda. She asked me whether I like the game or not. Angrily, I told her, killing innocent people is not a game. It is a massacre. She just laugh it off, a response befitting a queen of terror. She told me, that is how the battle between Kara and Kuyoi was. I am not surprised when she told me that. I want to end it immediately, so I dashed towards her. Her Pingayu Bihis jumps in front of me, trying to stop me from my tracks. The it began the battle of Pingayu Bihis and Reincarnated Kuyoi.

Initially it was a sword duel between four to one, but in the end, it was just mixed martial art combat. It was not easy to fight the undead, especially when every now and then Bujin will come and interrupt our duel, which I can dispatch easily with my energy blast. So far, the Bujins did not make any move to the hall because of my warriors are guarding it. My other warriors managed to kill off the Bujins that are terrorising the village.

Exhausted, I muster all of my energy to finish off the last Pingayu Bihis. It worked! However, the spirits of Pingayu Bihis combined and formed an even stronger Pingayu. I am shocked to see it. They are even scarier than before. They spoke in four tones, as if they are four-in-one warrior. I am not scared of you, I told them. We fought, but then we interrupted by Inda telling me to give up and join her. In that moment she told me why all of this happens, telepathically to my mind. It was because she wants to obtain the spirit of Kuyoi that resides in me, which is the key to unlock the strongest power mortal can ever achieve. She has the dark side of the energy, thanks to Kara, while I have the light side of the energy. Together, they are undefeated. She then continue on that Amba Jurud, is a direct descendant to Kodoi, thus making them the perfect duo to collaborate for their desired goal. While were are it, she then confessed that she is actually the biological twin to Bel, which is surprising because Bel doesn’t know either. It was later revealed that they were separated at birth, even without Bel’s parents knowing. That explains why they look so similar. Because of the white aura that Bel emits, that actually makes me attracted to her more than to Inda, the emitter of dark aura. No wonder feel disgusted when I sense the killing intent earlier on.

I cut the chatter and told her I want to end this, once and for all. She agrees, and she told me to meet at the old war ground, where Kuyoi fought Kodoi’s warrior long time ago. Then, they vanished. I looked at my warrior, now numbering only 39, because the other 11 was killed in action, thanks to those Bujins. I look at the survivors, and I noticed my cousins are there: Didoi, Rangew, Togi, Pau, Cibam, Angap, Jobian, Baby. I did not feel KP just now, but I can sense her energy in a distant away, along with Leled and Cicisa. I was relieved. I told my cousins to hold my arm because I want to share my energy. Probably in response to the Kuyoi’s DNA in us, each of them has their own unique ability. The most useful one is Rangew with his high-speed move, Didoi with superhuman strength and the rest has some mix in between speed and strength. Togi, Pau and Cibam has healing ability.

Once we are ready, all healed up, we head to the final battle field. When I passed by the longouse, now painted in blood red, I took some of the blood and use it to write some ancient script on the ground. I summoned the Death Angel, hoping to revive them back. But it was too late. None of them are able to be revived, but they are at a better place now, far from the pains of the earth.

Final Battle

At the final battle ground, I bring my team of 48 including myself to the team of 7000, where the other 3000 was killed prior to that. Among the 7000, there are 100 elite warriors that we need to be careful with. I share my energy with my team, but it seems that is the last time I can share it with them. I have to end this battle quickly. My team of 48 was not the best fighter, but because they are going to avenge their fallen loved ones, they are willing to die. Among them I saw some familiar faces such as Gugik, Alen, Oni, Pusik, Teten, Adum, Tata, Kubil, Utui, Ricoi, Ijon, Pakeng, Braud, Calis and the sumo Bidayuh, Abang. We don’t care what will happen, but we will prevail. With the warcry of Tara, Tara, Tara, returning our fighting spirit instead of beer-drinking chant, we charge towards the 7000. The 7000 marched slowly towards us. They might be fast, but we have on upper hand because we have Buran Bereng, the magical sword. Inda noticed that and she summons the magical creature called Mirahak to steal the sword from me. I fought valiantly, but her minions managed to snatched it away from me. She broke it into two. Our morale dropped, but we still fight ferociously. I was disheartened, but realising what is at stake, I do not want to give up easily. I am bruised, I am scarred, I am hurt, but I will not give up. Subconsiously, knowing what is at stake, it awoke the final form of Kuyoi in me, the one that trancends the power given by Buran Bereng to me. With that new-found energy, we managed to reduce the force from 7000 to 1000. Form that 1000, it was not an easy fight because they are the elites of Inda. It took us a long while to battle, until the cock crows, signifying daylight. That is when we are leading. But Inda, being a smart lady, she reversed the time and returns the time to 4am. We were not so lucky. With one last push, we managed to kill them off until finally only Inda left. But there was a huge price to pay. Out of 48, only 9 survives including me, the one that carries the blood of Kuyoi.

Epilogue: Gawai Resumes

When cornered, Inda told me she loves me and the usual stuff. I put an energy sword at her neck and asked her to reverse the time to earlier that night, restores back the life of the people that was lost, erase their memories of all this, when none of this happens. She refused initially because it is too hard to her to do. But I forced her. Then, with her last remaining energy, she used it to redeem herself. She fells to the ground and out of the blue, Bel appears, caught her before she touches the ground. I looked in the distance, the village was restored. The red barrier that covers the village was removed. Inda looks so tired, because the ritual took a lot of her energy. Bel gave her something to eat, thus restoring her energy, but not her power. She lost her power, and now she is a normal person. It seems like the one that was not affected by the time reversal was only me, Bel and Inda. We were left on an empty field, the place where the final battle took place, but now is an empty land, untouched. Bel told me that she suddenly has a power surge probably due to her connection with Inda, which she learns that she is her twin sister. Inda told Bel that she likes me, to which Bel mentioned, don’t be ridiculous, he’s mine. I cannot help but to laught hearing that. However, our joy was cut short when I was caught by surprise by Amba Jurud, who was devastated to know his plan did not work. It was his plan all along. Amba Jurud then came from the sky like a rocket-powered bird, his falcon-like winds, and stab my chest with his dagger. Due to the impact, I fell to the ground but I managed to rise up and pull his dager. Luckily, it did not hit the vital spot. Armed with the newly activated power, I am ready to fight Amba Jurud as the Gawai song was playing in the background by band Paluh Japon, Pichin’s popular band.

Bring it on, Jurud!

To be continued…

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