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Tabi basa everyone! Today, I’d like to share with you the health topic that was shared by our onboard “awantang” Medic Jaduin from Ranau this morning about Mental Health. It is related to emotion, psychology & self well-being. 3 factors that causes all of this including biological factor (genetics), life experiences (trauma, abuse, broken relationships & heartbreak, quarantine too long, extended offshore etc) and family history with mental health problems. For those suffering from mental health, it is easy to see that they are not their usual self.

The early warning signs are as follows: 

1) Eating / sleeping too much/ too little

2) Pull away from people or usual activity (prefer to be alone / isolating oneself)

3) Have low / no energy to daily activity

4) Feel numb / like nothing matters in this world

5) Feel helpless / hopeless

6) Excessive smoking or drinking / start using drug to drown the pain

7) Feeling confused, forgetful, upset, on edge, angry, worried, scared for no particular reason

8) Yelling / fighting with family / friends / colleagues

9) Experiencing mood swings

10) Having persistent thought / memories that you can’t get out of from head

11) Hearing voice / believing things that’s not true

12) Thinking of self-harm / suicidal thoughts

13) Inability to perform daily task

In case any of you are experiencing these early warning signs, it is important for you to approach the right person. Our society is not yet ready to accept the idea of visit to psychologist is just as important as visiting a doctor.

While doctors heal physical wound, these psychologist helps to heal mental wound. It is during this time, help from family and friends are equally important to keep you going. You should get physically active lest your body are affected as well.

Some people also develop a coping skill, including finding their own catharsis, which includes music. Singing high note songs are cathartic to some because some emotion can’t be expressed with words. Some chose to meditate, while some chose to pray.


Nevertheless, if any of your friends or family is showing signs of mental illness, do reach out to them. For emotional support, you also can call Befrienders’s hotline at +60376272929.

Life is too short to be wasted on mental illness. Therefore, stay safe & take care!

Tukang Rantek,


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