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Tabi basa & greetings everyone. Today I’d like to feature the recent photoshoot that I’ve done with Kpg Pichin’s Tayung & Babuk (Grandma & Grandpa), participated by Mr & Mrs Edwin Dullah and Mr & Mrs Joe Lihung.


While it is much common for us to see younger peoples had more photoshoots, especially those who is going to get married, elder people’s photoshoot are much less common, as most of them have different priorities in life. 

But when there is an opportunity, they wouldn’t want to miss the chance. Quoting Mdm Lucy, we have nothing better to do at home, might as well join this session. 

Clocking decades of life together, with more than 50 years of live together for Tayung & Babuk Dida, it is easy to see how they remained together in love after all these years. They keep their life together interesting. 

When you are married to someone that can be your bestfriend, lover & partner; keeping things fun, romantic & has good communication; as well as putting God as the axis of your married life, you can make it.

May God bless these lovebirds. 🙏🏻


Duwah Sanda Bidayuh:
Tabi basa & silamat brupagi bala kaban bradi dangan dingan. Andu ti ku ira pitanggah gamar de mbuh odog tumbit taye neh dgn Babuk & Tayung Dida dangan Amang & Andû Ato de Awah Gawai Bi-Pichin. Bala nyati mbuh tuhai bisindi, tok bi-anak& bisungkuh, pak lagi masih steady. Arap Tampa brakat bala tayung babuk ti.

Big thank you to Mr Joe Lihung, Mrs Lucy Bake, Mr Edwin Dullah, Mrs Ramut & Mr Ringûs for making this photoshoot a reality. Thank you also to Babuk Tolok, Leled Wowoi Antes & Cicisa Cicot for stopping by & saying hi.

Babuk Tolok, Cicisa & Leled ngajung Atel de Awah Gawai.

Your Tukang Rantek,
Claudius (Del)

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Test Shot with Mr Ringûs


Mr & Mrs Joe Lihung

Mr & Mrs Edwin Dullah

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