Simayang Mince Bine: Kpg Pichin’s Gawai Tradition


Tabi basa & greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share about the one of Kpg Pichin’s Gawai tradition, which is called Simayang Mince’ Bine.

Why Am I Doing This?

The reason is simple: for future generations.

As I type, the knowledge is still fresh in the mind of Pichin villagers. But as time goes by, there is no doubt that things will change. Mince Bine 10 years from now might be different. Hence, it is good for us to have something to refer to.

Mince Bine

Just like any other Gawai-related tradition, its history can be traced back to our old ways, which is related to the seven gods of Dayak.

However, just to clarify, this are done in symbolic only as each steps of the procession is done in Catholic ways. The only thing that was retained was the fact that we actually make a procession around our village, visiting each stations just like the Station of the Cross and at each station, each prayer leader will recite the usual Catholic prayers, including “Amang Ami” (Our Father), Tabi Maria (Hail Mary) and Mulia (Glory Be). 


I was at my house when I saw few prayer leaders making their way to the awah gawai (as mentioned earlier, Awah Gawai refers to our homestay Awah Gawai Tun Abdul Razak). 

Awah Gawai was the place where we gather for Mince Bine, where we will wait for other fellow villagers to come. 

While waiting, the gong-beaters a.k.a band boys will warm up and plays that sweet-sounding “agung langgi” (Bidayuh traditional music). In this way, it keeps the Gawai alive and well in the air. 

The Start of Mince Bine 

Mince Bine starts by opening prayer and an announcement regarding the route of our procession. Though the route is fixed year in, year out, but it is always good to double confirm with the others. 

Off To Binyok

Finally, after approximately 30 mins of waiting for others to come, we commence our journey at 9.30am. For some reason, most of the joiners are elderlies (probably this reminds them to their glory days, with their beloved late grandparents / parents). However, that doesn’t mean that the group moved at a slow pace.

The group walked together at a steady pace since most of elders mention above are actually still actively going to their respective “kabon” farm lands. Their lifestyle actually contributed a lot to their vitality and longevity. 

Bidayuhs, traditionally are good with making a living from the land, be it via farming or even hunting.  

After few minutes of walking, we arrived at our first station, which is Binyok Zone’s Station. Our arrival was greeted with a seemingly endless dance firework. 

Firework is something that we adopt from the Chinese community. We do not have any particular ghost that is afraid of firework, but the loud noise and light that it provided is similar to the clap and cheers of a thousand peoples. 

Going To Kuari

After that, we make our journey to Kuari Zone’s station. It is about 10 minutes journey from Zone Binyok. Due to the close proximity, I actually prefer walking at my village since everything is quite near to one another. But modern generations would disagree. They prefer to use motorcycles to travel. Alternatively, I prefer to use bicycle. Not the tens of thousand of ringgit one but the inexpensive gentlemen’s bicycle. That is a fun bike for me.

Short Journey to Bari

As usual, these prayers didn’t take long, approximately around 5 minutes. Then, we will make our move to the nearest station. Bari’s station is within stone throw’s away from Kuari’s station. Hence, it is just a short journey. 

One of the challenge in doing these procession is traffic control. However, the incoming drivers also being considerate since this is our tradition, they also showed some understanding didn’t create any commotion, but just passed-by peacefully.

The Bari folks are already waiting there, and therefore joining in the fun. Upon completion of the prayer, we made our way to KaSiDi. 

Further to KaSiDi

This is the longest journey that we have to make within stations. The sky was also sporting that day, where it is actually an overcast. From photographer’s perspective, it actually act like a huge softbox. Hence, I am getting an even light all around.

At Mr Abeng’s compound, we are welcomed with a long string of firework that was being tied at a “pikauh” (long bamboo stick with a U-shaped end that is used to pluck fruits by twisting the fruit’s branch). That is quite normal already. In fact, each of those stations have their own firework masters that will light it upon arrival of the Mince Bine group. 

The emcee, Mr Dickson also finally invited us to tara tara tara here. Seems like no one noticed that at the previous stations.

To Bintau’s Station

After completion of KaSiDi’s station, we make our way to Bintau’s station. It is not a long journey, but the day feels hotter now as the sun heats up the sky, chasing away all of the clouds. 

By the time we started our prayer, the clock shows 1045hrs. Luckily, we only have one last station left.  

The Last Lap: Paddu

The last lap is in fact the station closest to our Awah Gawai, i.e. Paddu’s zone. At this zone, the firework explosion was so closed to the station that we had to take few minutes breather to let the smoke dissipate first before we even can begin our prayer. I took this chance to talk to Mr Zachary Levi, one of Pichin’s active YouTuber. 

While he prefers video as his medium, I prefer to use my blog instead, because I love photography (particularly Black and White) and writing in my blog. 

The End of Mince Bine

Once the prayer concluded at Paddu’s zone, we went straightaway to Awah Gawai. Our iconic mountain, Lenge Kiburan can be seen at the background, thought it is slowly covered by the evergrowing trees behind Awah Gawai. 

At Awah Gawai, the announcement was made regarding our program at the evening, which is Nantang Jule, which I will share in my next post. 


Mince Bine is one of the many tradition that Pichin folks still keep for the benefit of the future generations. I hope you enjoy this edition and stay tuned for the next post. 

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