Bijarah Wang Gawai 2024: Gawai Visiting Stories & Photoshoot


Tabi basa and greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share about some of the pictures captured during “bijarah” on the first and day of Gawai celebration at Kampung Pichin, Serian.


For Pichins, being a strong Catholic village, Gawai is not complete without Gawai Celebration. It is Saturday, but the Celebration goes on as usual, this time led by Cikgu Jekop & Mr Joe Lihung. 

Unfortunately, right before the celebration commences, there was a blackout. So, we have to do our Gawai celebration without electricity. The celebration was done in the old style: acoustic.

It doesn’t stop us from giving thanks to the Almighty God for the blessings.


After Gawai, it is time for “bijarah”, which means visiting. While some other people uses “ngabang”, actually it is not a Bidayuh word, hence I put “bijarah” instead. 

Ngabang is actually a word that is commonly shared by Iban and Sarawakian Malay, because both languages share the same root. In fact, there is a lot of similarities which makes me believe that they were once the same language. 

As time goes by, it evolves to what it is now. 

Anyway, during bijarah, there is a lot of activity on going. That’s why, the best memories are captured in our mind. We experience it, we feel the feeling and be in the moment. No time to shoot. 

Except photographers, they consciously take picture when things are getting more interesting.  

Gawai Photoshoot

During this Gawai time, I also took this opportunity to do a bit of photoshoot with my friends and my cousin, as a memory of the Gawai day. 

I purposely use Black and White because for me, it is nice.

Kan Obok, Buus

For Gawai time, since people are drinking here and there, usually the common drinkers will know their limit. But, there will be some special one that went out of control and forces others to take drastic measure to prevent them from creating inconveniences to others. 

The best one is this case. But after an earful, he was released. It is not permanent. Just waiting for him to sober up.

Kan obok, buus = Enti mabuk, tinduk.

Continue Bijarah

Actually this one is not the first day, but since it is Gawai, I just paste it here. Afterall, it is Gawai time. During Gawai also is a good time to catch-up with old friends, and to answer that question: “wang manih mu ra kawen?” (when are you getting married?). I have slowly perfected my answer but you will need to meet me in person to hear it.


Different place has a different way of celebrating Gawai, but in essence, it is a good day to have fun with family and friends. I will share other pictures in my other posts. 

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