Monochromatic Celebration of Love – Peter and Elvy

Greetings family and friends!

Today is 8th of February, how was your week so far? Have you come into peace with your inner self? There is a lot of contradictory philosophy about creating the peace with yourself. To conquer the world, first you need to conquer yourself. The point of power lies in the future, not the past. So there is no point in dwelling in the past mistakes. Let’s move on!

This post is dedicated to my friend, Peter who was married to his love of his life, Elvy. They are so sweet together. The wedding which was held at Grand Continental Kuching was a fun one! Their hired MC and DJ were very accommodating and I was given few opportunities to sing few songs (as usual). Singing is like a therapy to my soul, and even though I am not really a technical singer, I do enjoy singing. You should try it too. By the way, Elvy sang a song to Peter when they walk in the second time.

Peter is in Cloud 9, with Elvy serenading a song for him.

Love is in the air. Can you feel it?

During that dinner, I have made few new friends, Mike, Joseph & Liza. The usual geng, Stroyan & Emmy, Edmond & Stef, Josephine & Ben was around as well. Talking photography, this time I am not using my usual colour photography, but instead I am using my Monochrom (which I recently re-acquired after so many months apart, so I am still excited with it) and my Summilux 50 (the best Leica glasses, functionality and price). I love a 50 and a CCD Leica combination. That is the best combination for me, maybe next time I’ll be trying CMOS Leicas and get one for myself. However, for now, I am not inclined into that direction (yet). These are some of the moments captured during the event. Enjoy!

Kita Minum Dulu!

Here comes the ladies.

Muka ganas, tapi hati ada taman.


Bidayuh Couple of the Month!

Ben is excited whenever she is around.

Oppa! #smallheart

Suamiku Mr Photographer

Bicem Bicem

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