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As we grow older, our age increases. Being a three-dimension dwellers, age is just a concept used by humans to define the passage of our body through the fourth dimension, i.e. time. However, being a spiritual being, we should not forget that we only age as we accept it to be. Age is just a number. Someone might have a greater chronological age, but has a younger physical body.

In the case of Uncle Ling, he might be 61 but he is always 16. He is cheerful and youthful, and always exercise regularly. He was with the team as far as anyone can remember. He is part of family called F6, brother from another mother and father, and a father figure to some, especially the electrical boys.

Probably he is thinking – another day at the office, and nobody remembers my birthday – kind of thought.

Today is his special day, so his team decided to throw a surprise birthday celebration at him. First, Andy and Sue Yie put his birthday cake inside a box. Anas then gave the box to him, saying that it is a battery from offshore.

What kind of battery box is this?

The moment he realised that it’s his birthday cake.

Uncle Ling have a look at it, and to his surprise, he found out that it was his birthday cake. After a melodious birthday song, he blew the candles and thanks everyone. Awesome cake selection from Andy and Sue Yie – it’s delicious.

“Mini” tears of joy perhaps?





A reflection from this is that, even though we are far from family, actually we are making a family at our workplace. Come to think of it, for those working office hours, you are spending 6 to 7 hours together daily. For offshore peoples, it is even more. Half of the year is spend with family from other blood relations, at home, away from home.

I am not even exaggerating that some of the best feelings in the world is to help these extended family of ours getting the job done, so that in the end of the working hours, we all can go back safely to our loved ones.

Stay Cool. Spend Time With Friends.

There is a power in doing the things we that we love, everyday. The happiest man is the one who gets to do what he loves, everyday. To be able to make a living out of what we love is indeed one of the best thing in the world. Find your passion, and tap into it.


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