No, This Is Not Farewell.See You Again, George!We are definitely going to see him again.

3 years ago, this guy by the name of George Warbrick started his journey at E11. The life-changing journey for him was walked through with his fellow team mates with courage and hope to ensure production is always up,mechanically-speaking. But this is not the story about his career – it is about his farewell buffet dinner that was organised by the E11 team.

“Skema” Group Shot.

The event begins with the opening speech by MS Tan and a “pantun” to keep the audience entertained. After that, OIM Razak gave words of wisdom to George and wish him all the best in his new adventure. Finally, it is George’s time to give the speech. With a few jokes made by his team, the crowd burst in laughter. It is quite obvious that there is a strong bond with him and his team, and he will be missed here at the location. PS Froster also not to be forgotten when it comes to the speech. Finally, it is time to group photos. .

No. This is not a Kung Fu match.

Bokeh of APO-50.

George looks calm but a bit melancholic here.

OIM Razak.

Liew’s Million Dollar Laugh.


What to say?

MS Tan.

Ladies in the house.

One for the camera.

Karan Guys

Camboss and his left hand man.

Kuat team tok.

A foggy afternoon at Central Luconia.

Angry Face. Yeah right.

If you notice, Look at his farewell cake. It is shaped after a spanner.Creative indeed. That is George’s tool all this while he is here.

Farewell Cake

I personally love this one. Look at everyone’s face. (APO-50 & M10-P)

As the closing word, all the best to George and see you again!


p.s. Photographically-speaking, it is a fun challenge because I only have a 50mm with me (which is my favourite though, my APO-50) and in terms of lighting, some of the area are well-lit, but some of the areas are not. The bright highlight makes it a challenge to get a good exposure. In terms of white-balance, I would need to set it to auto and adjust in post-processing later. But, then again, using a portrait lens means for group photos mean I would have to take a lot of step back, to the point I have to go to the other room. I prefer to use the portrait lens for group photo as it is without the unflattering weird distortion the wide angle lens has. It is just not my preference. Anyway, to each photographer is their own opinion.


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