Mike & Angel’s Love Celebration

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. It’s still right for me to wish everyone Happy Gawai once again. For us, as long as it is not being closed, it is still Gawai. 

As for today, I’d like to share some of the images captured during Mike & Angel’s wedding reception at Kpg Tebedu Mawang, one of the most happening wedding reception that I have attended so far.

That’s the thing about Bidayuhs wedding – no matter where it is, 9 out of 10 of the time is always happening. The other 10% is reserved for the other kinds of “skema” wedding reception, but eventually it will be happening as well.


My journey there is not easy. I was driving smoothly from Pichin, climbed Parun Binong effortlessly, but it rained heavily upon reaching Tubih. It was not an ordinary rain but rather raining cats and dogs. Sheldon, Angel & Mike are still on the way that time.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Sama’ Sheldon, Mr Salin. I wasn’t able to go out of my car because it was raining. Another familiar face that I’ve met Romina, a well-known Bidayuh guitarist and a member of Time Signature Band.


I also met Sheldon’s relatives there, including Dell & Princessna. Calling Dell’s name is awkward because my nickname is Del too, but I just go with the flow.

Since we have a lot of time and Sheldon is not going to come anytime soon, I invited them to do a “mini” photoshoot.


After that, we just rest for a while waiting for the arrival of bride and groom.


Once they have arrived, we prepared for the bride & groom march. Mike came along with his family, and Angel & her family awaits.

Before their family & friends, both Mike & Angel was paraded to their beautifully-decorated wedding dais done in accordance to Bidayuh’s motive.

In accordance to Bidayuh tradition, these guests are being welcomed using “Biradang” tradition, where the drinks are served to the guests, be it soft drink, or alcoholic drinks, depending on the preferences of the guests.

But for able & healthy Bidayuh male guests, an alcoholic beverage is being served to them.

There was a blessing by the local prayer leader. Most of Bidayuh Serian community is a devout Catholic followers. Therefore, before anything else, prayer is a must.


Time Signature & Acid Rain band also were present to entertain guests, including Carrie Geres & the one and only, Harry Acid Rain, both are well-known Bidayuh singers.

I have seen Time Signature Band performing before, during Lester Remus’ wedding celebration, and it was a blast!

Whilst song are being sung, the guests took the opportunity to congratulate both Mike & Angel.

Rain that fell earlier is indeed a blessing from God, as it cools down the ambient, but it doesn’t take long for the dance floor to be properly heated up by eager dancers, including Sheldon, Dell & the rest of the boys, heating it before cake-cutting & first dance takes place.


As usual, there is a time for a speech by both side, to give advise to these newlyweds. 

During the cake cutting ceremony, Dell took the centre stage by playing Chopin’s Nocturne. I can’t help but to think of Muse’s United States of Eurasia+Collateral Damage everytime I hear Nocturne.

After cake-cutting ceremony & first dance, song that was sung by Miss Lorren, the rest of the event were considered free & easy. Mr Spencer, the emcee, was busy arranging the singers, for there were lots of request. 

Not to forget, Tebedu Mawang ladies also took the chance to perform “Tobelo”, their very own line dance. It is more complicated than Poco-Poco, but nevertheless, it’s fun!

Mike’s mother was kind enough to teach both Dell & I the steps, which we eventually aced by the end of the song. Princessna or Nana was having fun elsewhere, in the middle of the crowd.

The crowd are also excited to hear Harry to sing hit Acid Rain songs, including Kampung Love. In between the songs & jogets, we took the opportunity to do another round of photoshoot. 




Not everyone wants to dance. Some just want to chill & have their favourite drinks whilst chatting with friends overlooking the dancing crowd.

I also managed to sing a few songs including Dari’ Handsome, one of Bidayuh’s legendary song and in the end, It’s My Life, nearing the end of the event.

Finally, Sheldon also managed to sing Ezra’s song after countless hours waiting for his turn to come.

Officially, the event ends at 2am, but there some stays on until 5am – chatting & drinking. It’s Gawai time after all. 

Though it is not captured in image by anyone, but after Mike setup the new sound system, I managed to sing a few songs, including The Young Ones, Bunyi Gitar & Oh Fatimah, where both Mike & Angel’s family members dance away.


Before I depart, I also managed to duet with Lorren: Sandarkan Pada Kenangan.


It was indeed a night to be remembered for, with lots of fun, music and dances, joget-joget until wee hours, making new friends from various places.

My journey back home also was not a quiet one, despite it being a 5 am journey from Tebedu to Pichin. There were lots of riders making their way back home too.

May God bless both Mike & Angel. Tok bi-anak, bi-sungkuh, tok bi-sungkuh barak.

Tukang Rantek,
Claudius (Del)

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