Molly & Nizam: Siburan-Sematan Love Story

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. Today I’d like to share about the recent event which I’ve attended, which is Molly & Nizam’s wedding blessing at Kpg Sebako, Sematan.

It was not a short journey from Serian nor Siburan. The traffic light at Mambong-Samarahan crossroad is not helping either. But we persevered because we want to attend this wedding.

Some even drive straight from Saratok to Sematan (Biak and his family).


Upon our arrival at Kpg Sebako, at the wedding venue, we’re greeted by its Ketua Kampung. 

Because the wedding party is from Bidayuh Biatah and Bidayuh Salako, the language of choice during wedding blessing is Malay language. 

That’s a common thing to do during inter-marriages between Bidayuh couples, as Bidayuh languages from different dialect are not mutually intelligible, especially when we are talking about distant Bidayuh dialects, especially Salako & Biatah.



Wedding blessing was done in accordance to Catholic rites. 



Only after wedding blessing, then they did a simple symbolic in Salako tradition, where both couples gave each other “penyaram”, Salako’s traditional food.

There were a few betel nut leaves and other items on traditional tray, but it was not being used. Last time, according to the village chief, they do follow the rites based on the Salako tradition. It is quite elaborate, but too bad it was not being demonstrated. Perhaps on next available opportunity.


After that, the couples were escorted to the wedding dais, where they will do modern wedding ceremony, including cake-cutting ceremony. As usual, each bride & groom will give a small piece of cake to their new official father and mother – a symbolic of their acceptance to their new family.


Group photo follows. It is difficult to take group photo when you have to be in the group. Thankfully, there is an aunty there, helping me to take the photo. The emcee didn’t really press the shutter button first, so our first pose was not captured. Too bad. Our second round of shoot is not as pretty as the first.



After wedding blessing & photo, it’s time for entertainment. It was started by bergendang session by Sebako ladies, while Sg Duuh-Masaan folks dance to the tune.

Modern entertainment follows. Some choose to karaoke, some choose to dance to the music, some prefer to drink & chat with fellow relatives & friends; while some take the opportunity to do some photoshoot at the wedding dais.

Some chose to play pool for fun. Quite a number of them played pool too. I understand that it is a good chance for them to practice or to flex their skill. Either way, it’s both fun and enjoyable.

For me, being a Dayak, it is common for us to dance & sing karaoke whenever there is a chance like this.

The entertainment continues until early morning hour, probably until 4 am. We didn’t finish it because we went to the other house, where they have another entertainment too.

Nevertheless, for those who is not familiar with Dayak Bidayuh’s culture, only during festivities like this they’ll drink and dance. Otherwise, it’s just a normal life. Drinks are not cheap, but once in a while, it is acceptable. 

Also, for me, an event like this is a good opportunity to meet relatives from a the other side of the family.

Once again, blessed wedding to Molly & Nizam! 

Tukang Rantek,
Claudius (Del)

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