Complacency in Love Life is Dangerous


Last night I attended our company’s dinnner, which I will not talk about due to privacy and confidentiality (professional la tek). Anyway, these are the pictures that you can see from the dinner. Thank you to the organiser, Emilia, the first ever Dayung Laut, who is like a big sis to me.

Emilia – Dayung Laut

The event also attended by few friends of mine from the same industry we are thriving in and making a difference, be it onshore or offshore.

As usual, when I look at the beautiful scenery, I can’t help but to request these ladies to pose for me, since I am using my Noctilux lens, the best one by Leica, with its amazing bokeh – which is the best tool to bring out the beauty and grace in someone.

All of these peoples are from the oil and gas industry, but it doesn’t mean that they should wear dirty coverall or cannot look pretty. For those who has that narrow mindset, that means that they don’t really know the industry itself, in and out. Some has to do the office job, while some has to work outside. Either way, both has to collaborate in order to produce the desired result. It is all team work. Simon Ng would say, team power.

Thoughts on Complacency

As I was shooting last night, whilst doing the emcee job alongside my friend, Syukrani, I had a thought on complacency.

Complacent is defined by Oxford dictionary as too satisfied with yourself or with a situation, so that you do not feel that any change is necessary.

The origin of this word comes in mid 17th century, from Latin “complacent”. Basically it means that you think that it is pleasant.

Why This Is Dangerous?

If you are complacent in your work place, then you should be careful. It is extremely dangerous in your workplace, wherever it might be. It doesn’t take much to injure us. Even tripping over toys at home or bathroom can be disastrous. Using the same route for the same ptime

Another word that we commonly use is risk normalisation. Just imagine you walk past a high pressure vessel, probably 1000 – 1200 psig daily, for the first time, you will be very careful. Your sense of reception is highly activated, “spider sense” tingling, and you will be working and walking vigilantly. That’s for the first timer. After few times walking there, nothing happened, then you sense of guard reduces, until certain point in time, you just walk past it normally. That’s complacency, it’s dangerous. What if there is a leak up there high in the vessel, away from our direct line of sight? The neglected area is where the problem came from, usually.

Complacency in Love Life

What is this BS? you might say. However, to answer you, complacency in love life is when you starts to take things for granted. For example, you wife has been nagging you about a habit that you don’t want to break. If this were to happen when you are in the beginning of your relationship, you would change. You would promise that you would cross the sea of fire and fly to the moon. Now that you “own” her, you don’t want to do anything.

Hazard To Love Life

If you are in the Occident, you would face severe consequences because they are more expressive. That is why more divorce rate is happening, because some cannot tolerate any maltreatment any longer, unlike in the Orient, because saving face is more important than comfort. That is why some stays in a bad romance or toxic relationship. Or because they are compensated in other department, be it physical or mental. Eventually, they became a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity, first observed in Stockholm in 1973.

What Can You Do About It?

  1. Ensure you know very well about the system
  2. Consciously make a system to check the hazards at workplace.

In your love life, you can apply somewhat similar items.

  1. You should get to know your partners very well.
  2. Remember the important dates. If you can’t, set a reminder in your phone. It is easy. Do reminders, days, or even weeks before the big day. If you can take care of the complex industrial problem, then you can tackle this problem.
  3. Forget about flowers and chocolates. The most romantic thing is doing the small things such as: cleaning the dishes, washing clothes, keeping the toiler clean etc, to name a few. Something so simple, yet has profound impact.

Hopefully this short sharing will help you a bit in improving your love life. Love is not just about making love or keeping the “bushes” clear during Valentine’s Day, but to make the relationship work for each other, and the little ones. God bless.

Your Tukang Rantek,

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