POP-VAL’23 Limited Edition Plaque

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. Thank you for your active participations in making POP-VAL’23 a memorable event. There were 20 competing couples, but there can only be one winner. That winner is Jay & Patricia, πŸ†πŸ† second years in-a-row, far leading behind Mick & Sorinta as well as Eva & Darrel.

For these top three winners, each will bring back special edition crystal plaque as what they can see below.

However, don’t limit your love life to special occasions only such as Valentine’s Day. In fact, we should love each other every day. Keep the fire burning, no matter how far you are from one another.

Challenges in love life is inevitable, but we can always choose to hold on strong to one another. It is in fact, a choice. To stay loyal, to stay strong, is a choice that we make each day.

Therefore, choose to love one another stronger each passing day. That’s all for now. Stay safe & take care!

Tukang Rantek,


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