Tukang Rantek's StoryRadiation Protection Conference & Workshop 2023 Dinner

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share some of the pictures that I have captured during RPCW 2023 at Ipoh, Perak.

What is RPCW?

RPCW stands for Radiation Protection Conference & Workshop, which is an annual event by Radioactive energy practitioners all around Malaysia, and it is actually considered as an international level event, organised by Malaysian Radiation Protection Association (MARPA) and  Malaysian Nuclear Agency (or simply Nuclear Malaysia).

It is the event that brings the best minds in atomic energy in Malaysia, as well as those who’d like to learn more about atomic energy and to network with the others from various industries.


RPCW dinner is one of the best part of the whole RPCW because this is the time we can try the best dish from that particular state. Each state has their own delicacies, and it is something that we should be proud of being part of Malaysia.

Also, during the dinner also we get to see the traditional cultural performance from each of the states. 


For Ipoh, Perak edition, we are being entertained by GENTARI dance troupe, an award-winning school children that has been raking winning after winnings despite their young age, be it local or international competitions. 

According to Brader Emcee, GENTARI stands for Generasi Tari.


For singing performance, Royal Perak Golf Club (RPGC) very own songstress, Lyn peformed a few song, but the one that caught my attention was Sway and Smooth Operator. 

Yours truly, Tukang Rantek in Red also performed a few song, Bunyi Gitar and The Young Ones to entertain fellow RPCW participants after a year of not meeting each other.


This is a good event for us to network and meet with friends, old and new, as well to make new ones from other organisation. Until next time, stay safe & take care!

Tukang Rantek,

Emcee / Portrait Photographer / Certified NLP Practitioner

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  1. “Tabi basa” means “Greetings” in Bidayuh 
  2. “Tukang Rantek” means “photographer” in Bidayuh

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