The Story of Nani & Akang

Greetings and tabi basa family and friends,

To my Chinese friends, Happy Chap Goh Mei. I hope you had a good celebration. How was your weekend? I hope it is a good one. Always keep a high standard of safety and personal hygiene wherever you go as a prudent safety measure to prevent spread of any influenza that may come to your residence or your family.

This weekend was a good one for me because it is another joyful celebration for a friend, and fellow Bi-Pichin – Stephenie or Nanie and her husband, Gabriel Akang. For me it is a beautiful wedding reception and even before that, there was a beautiful wedding ceremony at St Dominic & Rosary, Taman Tunku.

Remembering Yesterdays

These are few beautiful life chapters that I have involved with in Nanie and Akang’s life story.

Tijan’s First Birthday

This was actually my first involvement with Nani. I was quite surprised and excited when she offers me this job. During that time I was just at the beginning of my photography journey.

Dayung Pichin
Thai Girl?

Family Photoshoot

The following year, Nani told me that she has a secret job for me, where she plans to have a private photoshoot, and yet keep the photo secret, because it will only be revealed during their big day. This session was done at Taman Awam Miri. This is Suling’s first photoshoot.

Tijan looking pro here. Err, Suling?
She’s happy here by the way.
Love Story in Miri

The Wedding Day

For the day itself is a beautiful day, and it was another blessed day under the sun. Friends and family all come together to make the event merrier.

Not to forget the bunch of Bi-Pichin that came to make the event merrier.

Purple Ladies

After church wedding reception was done, all of us head to Eastwood valley for another round of photoshoot.

Wedding Dinner

The wedding dinner is indeed one of a kind, and the one that really symbolises Sarawakian’s wedding. It is a mix between Iban, Bidayuh and Kenyah culture, with various guests from all around Malaysia, or even from outside of Malaysia.

I have to post this: Emilia – the first Dayung Laut, the first one that became viral.

Emcee – Jerry Wan

As for the night’s event, without a sporting and crazy emcee, the event won’t be as lively as it is. Jerry’s special touch is he is able to connect with the audience, and he also sings, and dances, while making some jokes with the audiences. I still remember that “batang” jokes. lol.

The Band – Avalanche

They are the entertainer of the night, and they did an awesome job! This is actually the first time I heard them live. I love how sporting they are, because their lead male singer realises I am a Bidayuh and he gave me the honour to sing Mr Sanuh and Kampung Love. Azie also rocks! You guys are awesome. One special touch that I can’t forget is when they start to play Another One Bites The Dust. That’s cool indeed.

The final act of closing it with It’s My Life is awesome indeed!

Del’s Performance

I also did a performance during the dinner. You can actually see the video using this link. Basically it is a acoustic version of Can’t Help Falling In Love and Dealova. I notices in the distance that there is a second-voice backing me up. I appreciate it. Tiga tawai!

The new thing added here is the “sirambuk” that I just obtained from Delia.

Let Fun Begins

The event begins with entrance processions, with the first group of Kenyah ladies escorting Akang’s parents; Bidayuh dancers escorting Nani’s parents and lastly, Iban dancers escorting Nani and Akang.

Zianzilyana singing Darah Muda.

Last Photoshoot: One For The Road

Mujan – model Kenyah.
Love transcends the fragility of our mortal bodies.
Somehow this reminds me to Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham.
Akang’s sporting family.
Amat stidi Ibu’
I, I, I, I Love You Very Bageg
Few Last Men Standing

Gears Used:

As usual, I am using Leica cameras for my job, because it like its natural rendering. However, the one that trumps it all is the experience when handling it. I like how Leica camera is all manual. As usual, I am referring to Leica M system, as I am not a fan of its other system. For the night’s job, I used Noctilux. It is the lens that many would regards as the end-game of Leica lens, until there is a new successor that come to topple the king.  

End Note

May God bless Nani and Akang, and their family. Keep the love’s fire burning brightly by trying to win each other’s heart again and again. That is something so beautiful with  

Until next time. 😉

Your Tukang Rantek,

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