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Tabi basa and greetings!

Happy Deepavali to my Hindu friends – a day to remember the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. For offshore folks, every festive day is celebrated because their offshore family can be considered an extended family. After spending almost half of their year offshore together, even strangers will be your best buddy. Their wives and family will get to know one another because both shares the same concern of their loved ones offshore. Offshore for them is like, home away from home. Brotherhood are formed between these frontliners, and they became brothers keepers, looking one another’s safety out in the field. At worksite, they work hard. But when it came to play time, they play harder to release the pent-up stress, as well as a way to drown the unspoken sadness for being away from their respective family – a topic reserved only to their closest buddy. For those who is still out in the field during this festive season, take care of yourself and watch out for one another.  

In topic, I would like to write about Gador & Jeremy’s new venture, which is 89 Grill stall at My Bamboo House located at Jalan Padang Kerbau.

Picture from My Bamboo House Facebook Page.

As usual, upon arrival, SOP has to be followed – scan at MySejahtera, Temperature check before sitting down at the bench. The environment at the 89 Grill is calm and quiet, with some relaxing music at the background.

Anyway, cutting straight to the point is the special pork dish by Gador and Jeremy, founder of 89 Grill.

89 Grill Secret Recipe

89 Grill’s Pork and Kelabit traditional rice – “Nuba Laya”

As you can see above, it is 89 Grill’s Secret Recipe pork grill served with its secret sauce, served with its limited Kelabit traditional rice recipe called “nuba laya” which is a steaming hot rice wrapped in “isip/titip” leaf. It is similar to “songkoi tungkus” (wrapped rice) by Bidayuh peoples though “nuba laya” is much softer in texture.

Interview Part

A bit of question and answer with Gador about his business venture, he said he is doing this partnership with his friend, Jeremy who is also his BFF and classmate. They started this business venture on 1st of November, meaning their business is only 2 weeks’ old.

I do ask him, why do they settle for pork because Miri alone has a lot of smokehouses serving porks. He said, they are not only serving pork, but also local foods and BBQ-based foods. Their pork’s specialty is specially prepared pork meat, served with its secret sauce.

In the future, they decided to open up another branch within Miri.

Around 89 Grill

Thanks to the environment around 89 Grill, at My Bamboo House, those who came also are being welcomed by the friendly staff over there, Ismawati and Santi, who are both “Army” – fans of BTS. They are both Penans and I managed to learn a few important Penan phrases from them.

Tauke U-Tea approves 89 Grill
Social distancing
Aunty Maria – the secret of being youthful is to be happy
One for the road.


As a cat-lover, it saddens me to see how these innocent cats get sick unknowingly. I had the conversation with Kiki’s owner and he said he will bring Kiki to vet to prevent it from getting worse. Kiki suddenly fell ill for no reason. A once active and friendly cat, now is only able to sit at its basket, looking at me with its friendly eye, wanting to play but unable to because of its illness.

Get well soon, Kiki 🙁

Tukang Rantek,

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