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Saturday Afternoon at Tennis Court

Tabi basa and greeting everybody! Finally it’s Sunday and there is only one day left for my first ever Citra Kenyalang Performance competition which is being held online at my Facebook page Tukang Rantek.

For today’s story, I’d like to write about my exprience doing photoshoot at a tennis court with fellow Miri photographers: Denzel “Denz”, Steve Maggie & Mas Jay.

Our talents for yesterday’s session was Katheria & Steph. On our way to Miri Tennis Complex, Kat left her racket. As we get near to the court, Denz told us that he forgot to bring the balls. So, we have to bought two new sets of balls at Servay near Grand Palace.

This is where do our photoshoot (top middle)

This is actually the first time I meet those three in person: Jay, Denz and Steph. But we did our photoshoot as if we have known each other for a very long time. I am also the type of person who don’t approve random FB friends request unless I have met requestor in person (with few exceptions).

For our photoshoot, there was no system in place. We just shoot at random at first. Since there is only two talents and four photographers, we did our session by doing it per talents. I started off with Kat because the other boys seems to be more interested in Steph (tok nok ditangga ku ja), where Kat was left to her own devices.

Kat seems to be insecure with her own tummy, but I hope she takes it as a motivation to maintain her fitness level.

After a while, finally I managed to get my turn to photograph Steph. She seems to be serious, but she’s actually a friendly person and easy to work with. She demonstrates her familiarity with photography sessions and it makes my life easier. She’s also an anime lover, including Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack On Titan (still waiting for the final season, part 2 where Erehh became the bad guy. Duh)

Sometimes, even as a photographer, I also need to give few instructions to the talents in order for them to be able to help me with my requirements.

Finally, after 1.5 hours of photoshoot, the session came to an end. So, here is the pic that we took before we departs.

May be an image of 4 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'LUOFU m. SHOT ON BLACK SHARK 2 AI DUAL CAMERA H'
Picture courtesy of Denz Harper.

Final Result




For this photoshoot, I used a single-OCF (off-camera flash) where it is adequate, considering I am not assisted by anyone. It is also sufficient to fill most of the shadows generated by November sun. For me, having photoshoot with like-minded friends is important to strengthen bond as well as to have fun in the weekend.

Perhaps I should write more about my boudoir in this blog. Anyway, have a good weekend everyone!

Tukang Rantek,

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Attack On Our Diving Queen

Tabi basa everyone! Today my sharing is about Pandelela’s success on winning Malaysia’s first ever Gold Medal on 10m FINA Diving World Cup at Tokyo on 5th May, beating Japan’s Arai Matsuri (342 points vs 355.70 points) and other world class diving athletes. Twitter & Facebook is flooded with congratulatory messages, and even His Majesty, Yang Dipertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al Mustafa Billah Shah took his time to congratulate her, expressing his pride & happiness for her success in making a national history.

However, not all people are happy with her success. It seems like her success invites envy. Sarawakians are supposed to be proud of her success, but there is one contradictory message from one of the Sarawakian minister, saying that too many rewards might spoil the athlete. On a separate note, there is also one Facebook page that highlights her blunder back in 2018 via their post yesterday, which seems inappropriate to be highlighted. That page took it down after receiving barrages of comments from fellow Malaysian netizens and replaced it with more appropriate post, highlighting her success. This morning, however, another Sarawakian’s own Facebook copied the original offensive FB post and shamelessly copied it and posted it after removing the watermark of the originator. Two offences there, 1) copy & paste without giving credit where it’s due; 2) highlighting the blunder of 2018.

For those who is wondering what happened in 2018 written in the poster, without revealing too much, it is a disciplinary action taken towards her & her friends. If they want to be fair, put also the name of the person with her. Why only blaming Pandelela? In her defense, for Bidayuhs & Dayaks in general, there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. That’s why it’s not supposed to be highlighted. It looks like a defamation afterall.

However, I believe that our nation’s diving queen will be able to rise above these petty attacks. I’m sure she faced far greater challenges before she rose to her fame. Therefore, let’s keep her in our prayers so that she will bring more success to our country and make us proud. Whatever she is earning now, it’s a fruit of her labours and she deserves it.

In the world where we can be anything, be nice.

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Tukang Rantek,

Claudius is a Miri-based Boudoir & Portrait Photographer, from Kpg Piching, Serian.
“Tukang Rantek” means photographer in Piching dialect.