Pra-1 & 2 Futsal Training At SK St Dominic Pichin


Tabi basa & greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share about the recent futsal training that I have attended and even coached, which is the futsal training at SK St Dominic Pichin for Pra-1 & Pra-2 classes.

Notes On Black and White

Before anything, I’d like to share that for me, black and white photography can be considered a niche because nowadays people shoot in colour. 

I was thinking, if I shoot in colour, then my images would look just like any other images. As I shared in my earlier post, I did mentioned that I started with Black and white long time ago, but then abandoned it because I was doing mainly commissioned works. Now I decided to do another B&W photography again.

Quoting Ted Grant, when you photograph people in colour, you photography their clothes. But when photograph people in black and white, you photographs their soul.

Hence, this series in black and white photography.

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a 5-sided foot-based ball game, that can be considered another version of football, but with small playing field, though it has seemingly much faster play rate due to the smaller size of their playing field.

In fact, the name itself came from Spanish word “fútbal sala”, which means indoor football. It was started in 1930 by Juan Carlos Ceriani, a teacher in Uruguay. The name “futsal” was officially and internationally accepted in 1985, including by FIFA.

Having joined a futsal tournament and spent most of my evening playing futsal at uni long time ago, I do appreciate futsal game as it requires both physical fitness, strategic play and visual acuity in order to win such competitive game.

Futsal For Pra-1 & 2

This game that we are playing is for the selection of Payau Zone’s futsal representative, according to Cikgu Agnes, the teacher in charge of Pra 1 & 2 futsal training.

Most of these students, however, were not introduced to futsal until today although a lot of Bi-Pichin are known to play football every evening. 

Only a few will be selected, those who are skilled enough to represent Payau Zone and those that can make St Dominic Pichin proud.

I’d like to call it “skilled” rather than “talented” because you still need a lot of hard work to polish your capabilities in order to achieve a certain acceptable competence, especially when you are competing against equally-competent players from other areas. 

The best attitude is to think of yourself as a first timer and always want to learn. One’s downfall come when he/she thinks that he/she is good enough and doesn’t have to work as hard.

Now & Then: What Has Changed?

When I was still small, about 3 decades ago, we do not have a proper facility to play football. What we have was an open field, the football field that is currently being used by Bi-Pichin to play football every evening.

The spot where Balǔ Tayung Langui is now were used to be an overgrown field, but then was changed into a field. Then they build a hall on top of it. 

But we are resourceful. Any open space can be our field. 

There were a few that I can recall: Dato Seri Richard Riot’s hall, Dato Seri’s Badminton Court; those used to be our football field. Most of our activities in the past were outdoor games. Another field that I can think of were the place where Benen’s house is now. It used to be Kuari boys football field spot, and badminton too. 

Years gone by, those lands were then used for more important purposes. However, our memory remains fresh in our mind.

Futsal Training Day 1

Initially, I only came to watch my nephew, Jared playing futsal for the first time with his friends. It is quite fun to watch because these kids were just started learning about futsal.

You can expect that there is a lot of funny moments when Cikgu Agnes teaches these kids about futsal. 

They started with basic warm-up training, followed by futsal familiarisation. As expected, these kids are not familiar with it but it’s fun to watch. These kids are like energiser, full of energy and does not know when to stop.

After that, they were doing some free kick exercise, followed by another round of futsal game. Run, kids run.

To The Field

Day 1 Training Begins

Stop At Netball & Return to Class

We went back to the hall area, where the netball court is. There, the girls of their class were practicing netball under Cikgu Lanek’s watch. Some of the naughty ones went out of control, forcing Cikgu Lanek to chase them away from the court because they were disturbing the girls from playing netball in peace.

After that, they lined up and walked back to their class in a single file. The other mothers and grandmothers of these students followed them too since some of them would need a bit of help with the change, but some only need a bit of presence. Mother’s presence always bring sense of comfort and security. 

Basically that is the end of the first day.

Futsal Training Day 2

Then, Cikgu Agnes asked me via my sister whether I am willing to train these kids on the second day, from 7am to 8am. Since I was not having any activity that time, I agree to help out. Besides, I am helping Jared and friends to play as well. 

This time, we started early since the hockey players are going to use the court after 8am. 

After warm-up by Cikgu Agnes, I stepped in. The first thing that we did was passing the ball practice. This is a simple drill but considered a fundamental one since this is the time I taught them how to kick the right way. 

Then, we did some free kick exercise. This time, there was a lot of improvement compared to the first day. I also taught them to shout “Goal!!” whenever their friends score.

Thirdly, the final drill was ball-handing exercise. We split them into two team, where they will pass the ball from one side to other other.  

Lastly, it is the time that they have been waiting for: match time. Cikgu Agnes divided them into two groups. Since it is a mock match, we mixed both Pra-1 & Pra-2. From here on out, Cikgu Agnes can select those that has potential. It should be straightforward because only a handful that really shows real interest in futsal and skill. 

Some are more interested with playing at the side of the field and play with leaves. 

One team was named Itik, where Jared, Alister & Benjamin (Cikgu Agnes called him Benji) plays. While team Ayam is where Ethan, Aaron and Gordon plays.

With permission from Cikgu Agnes, we just keep playing since other team doesn’t seem to be ready to play anyway. Finally, we stop at around 8.30am. 

Before we officially ends, I took a group photo of these kids with their teacher. One for the memory.

Then, we walked back to the hall and waited for their netball counterpart once again before they walked back to the class.


These were just the beginning of their futsal journey. I am equally curious as how far they will go from this point. Only time will tell whether they will be able to unleash their full potential, or they will discover their interest in some other field as their life has just begun. 

Your Tukang Rantek,
Emcee Claud

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