Pichin’s Gawai Inter-Zone Football Tournament 2024

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share a bit about the recent football tournament at Kpg Pichin. 

Introduction About Kpg Pichin

Kampung Pichin is considered as one of the largest village at Serian, and as such, it has to be divided into few zones or “ntangan” as we would call it.

Starting from the west is Ntangan Parai Kuari or simply Kuari Zone, a better sounding name since “parai” means death in Iban’s language though Parai is a type of grass in Bidayuh language, followed by Ntangan Parai Bari, or simply Bari Zone. Bari is a place to store paddy, and in Iban is called “sadau”. 

Then, it is Ntangan Binyok (Binyok Zone), Ntangan Paddu (Paddu Zone), Ntangan Bintau (Bintau Zone) and lastly, KaSiDi Zone, which is a combination of Karang, Siluang & Dimbong. 

Those were the main ones, though there are some relatively new zones at the edges of the village. 

In this tournament, these six main zones compete. 

The Football Tournament

The football tournament took place on 30th May 2024, at SK St Dominic’s football field. It is a long-awaited tournament since a lot of Pichin folks are football fan and players. 

The format done is football deathmatch (kalah-mati).

The Result

After a long gruelling match under the sun from 10am until 4.30pm, finally it is time for the finals between Bari VS Kuari. Kuari Zone, which was considered the underdog since the football team didn’t feature any star players or regular players managed to play until final. 

After an intense match, Bari Zone emerges victorious, and Kuari Zone was content with second place despite all the challenges that they have faced earlier on, especially finding players. 

In terms of overall standing, here is the result:

  1. Bari
  2. Kuari
  3. KaSiDi
  4. Paddu
  5. Binyok
  6. Bintau


The football tournament proved to be a good family-bonding, zone-uniting event that brought all Pichin folks together, and some even took an opportunity to make some money via selling cold drinks, which proved to be irresistible during hot sunny day. 

Congratulations to the winners and Selamat Andu Gawai too all. Tara tara tara!!! Oooooooo (tara dari’)……. Weeeeeee (tara dayung).  

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