Matheus’s Birthday Celebration


Tabi basa and greetings everyone. In this post, I’d like to share about a recent children birthday that I have attended, which is for Matheus, my niece’s classmate. 

Since it was Cici & family was invited, my sister invited me too to join in the fun. 

The Birthday

Few months ago, it was Cici’s 7th birthday. This time it is Matheus’s turn to throw in the party. It is not the scale of party that matters, but the intention behind it. 

For us, it is more important to give thanks to the almighty God for the blessings that He has granted unto us.

I asked Cici, who were the attendees. Cici then told me during that time Shelby, Beatrice, Jorgensen, Petrus, Ronyado, Victor and Jonny attended Matheus’s birthday party.

Meanwhile, Alvin and Hendry did not attend. Probably they have another family event elsewhere. 

The event was blessed by our prayer leaders, the two Joe’s, Mr Joe Liyang a.k.a Mang Jalep and Mr Joe Lihung.


It is good to throw such party like this. Kids being kids, they actually are happy with the presence of their friends, which is their most important asset at that phase of their life. No matter what is given to them, they can make full use of it. 

May God bless Matheus & family.

Notes On Black and White

Black and white photography fascinates me. I started with Black and white long time ago, but then abandoned it because I was doing mainly commissioned works. Now I decided to do another B&W photography again.

Quoting Ted Grant, when you photograph people in colour, you photography their clothes. But when photograph people in black and white, you photographs their soul.

Your Tukang Rantek,
Emcee Claud

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