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Mr & Mrs Weson. Finally had the opportunity to capture their long-overdue “pre-wedding” photoshoot. As you can see here, I love bokeh! Truly bokehlicious. © Claudius Weson (2017)

Dear friends,

To fall in love is easy, but to remain in love is not easy especially in the current social situation, and with the advent of dating sites that grow like mushroom after the rain at tropical rainforest. But, what exactly we need to worry about if we have a significant other that truly understands our situation and vows to always by your side, in joy and sorrow, in ups and downs of life? Period.

Love is always there for loyal hearts. Some people enhances their love through activities that can be done together such as sports, riding big bikes, music etc. Personally, I think one common denominator for all of these are none other than photography. No other single activity that can relate to all of these aside from photography. Just imagine, even when you are doing sports, what would be the best method to capture the moment? Photography. When you ride bikes and chilling  out with your friends, you also take selfie or some photos, isn’t it? Same goes with anyone in love. For sure, those lovebirds will immortalise the moments in permanent pixels.

This seems to come naturally that everyone seems to forgot that they are, in fact, a photographer themselves. Gone are the days where the photographer are the huge blackbox wielding personnel. Everyone carrying a smartphone nowadays are photographers. However, the difference that they have with the professional photographer is the quality of the image, the end result and the emotional impact that it possess (borrowing Thorsten von Overgaard’s term. You can visit his website here).

In my opinion, there are 3 key roles that photography plays in love.

  1. Immortalising Moments
  2. Capturing The Emotions
  3. Opportunity To Fall in Love, Again


Marvin & Patrissa’s Civil Marriage Day. Look at the joy in their face! Moments captured using Leica 35 Summilux and Leica M9-P. © Claudius Weson (2017)


First Dance – Eric & Vesella. Moments captured using Leica 35 Summilux and M Monochrom. © Claudius Weson (2017)

1. Immortalising Moments

Imagine that we are living in a 3-axis plane called third-dimension, where the 3 axis are the physical plane that we can see. Then time would be its fourth dimension added into that plane. As the fourth axis, time cannot be reversed and can only move forward. So, whatever we saw happening now, will never be happening again unless someone has a super-power to control time. Whatever picture that you took, you are looking at your past, be it few seconds or 1 year ago. What a good photographer do is to capture the moments where the lovers are together, whatever they do. For the serious ones, they even willing to take their intimate photos, for they realise that their shape today is not what they might see tomorrow. The beautiful and handsome face of today will be an aged face of tomorrow. Just imagine whatever you are doing, be it capturing photographs, you are freezing the moments – best if you do it together with your loved ones. Ever wonder why people take wedding photographs? It is another way to freeze the moments, immortalising it for the benefit of the future generations. That is why people go as far possible for their wedding photographs, even though, with a bit of creativity, the mundane scenery can be made amazing with the right timing, and the right placement of the subject and the camera in this 3-dimensional world. Basically, immortalising moment is more to the physical aspect.

2. Capturing The Emotions

When we smile, actually we are releasing a set of energy, which is beyond my technical knowledge to explain. But I do know, you do know that smiling person warms up the heart of the person surrounding them. A cold heart, on the other hand, will be made warmer as well by smile, although deliberate suppression of emotion is unavoidable for those in bad mood. From my experience, the best emotion is radiated by those in love. Genuine expression of feeling is truly a rare gem in this world full of “like” hunters. In my works, I do love to capture the emotion of the couples when they are together, and I usually let them with their thoughts to one another as if I was not there. Confession of love makes the best moments portrait. Something to look forward in my next job. Once the photo is done, often the effect it has is “wow”, especially for the couples. I always strive to make the best photos of my clients. I make them as beautiful, as handsome, as charming as naturally possible. I also always on the look for these emotions, once captured, processed, and presented, will have the element to enhance the love for one another.

3. Opportunity To Fall In Love, Again

The process of taking photo together, whether we realise it or not, is an opportunity to fall in love again. Doesn’t matter if the photo is captured by professional photographer or just simply a selfie together at the park, it is always an opportunity. The secret of a lasting relationship is to fall in love again and again, but always with the same person. Too many breakups nowadays because there were expecting so much from one another, without knowing their limits and boundaries. However, there are some cases they rekindled together after sometime, thanks to the photos captured together, a reminder of the good times they once had. Relating to the photo that I have captured below, for Stroyan and Emmy, it was a chance-shooting, where they attended our mutual friend’s wedding, Stef. I, as usual took the opportunity to immortalise the moments together for them. Also, not to forget the king and queen of the night, Stef and Edmond.

Stef and Edmond. This shot was taken handheld, using only the available light from the lamp post to give the fog-like effect and the element of romance. Moment captured using 50mm Noctilux f/0.95 and Leica M9. © Claudius Weson (2017)


King & Queen of the Night sharing kisses – Boni & Diane. Moment captured using Leica 35 Summilux and Leica M9-P. © Claudius Weson (2017)


If you agree with my opinions above or want to discuss something, leave a comment below. On the photography notes, there pictures were captured using Leica M9 and the King of the Night, 50mm Noctilux f/0.95 ASPH. I simply love to use that lens wide open, and bought an ND filter for it too from Leica Store Malaysia. If you love my philosophy and wish to make me the man to capture they beautiful moments of your event, you may contact me via Facebook, Instagram or mobile phone.

That’s all for now peoples. Have a good weekend!


Tukang Rantek,
Claudius Weson

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