Jojoy’s Family Gawai Photoshoot (Kpg Pichin, Serian)

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. Today I’d like to share about the recent photoshoot that I have done for Jojoy and her family. 

As we all know, Gawai is a time for family gathering. As family gathers, wearing their best dress, usually traditional clothes for Gawai, it is a perfect opportunity to capture the moments.

This opportunity won’t come by easily. On any ordinary day, due to work & commitments, family members might be hundreds or thousands of miles away from village. Perhaps, half-way across the world. 

It was only during Gawai or any other important family gatherings would they be back home.

Why would people capture these pictures, you’d ask? It is to capture the moments that they have at that time.

For many peoples, phone would be sufficient. Yes, a lot of phones nowadays are equally capable to create good images.

But for some, it is better to leave that job to those who is trained to do it, with the right set of equipment. 

It is much, much cheaper to hire a photographer to do home studio photoshoot than to purchase the same set of equipment, to attend the same training or even to spend the same crazy amount of time to learn.

Notes for Photographers

Different photographers have a different approach, hence the reason why we have lots of photographer to choose from. 

For me, my style is to retain the natural-ness of each of people I am photoshooting. Some photographer likes to spend more time at post, but I prefer to get things right during photoshoot. That is the best.

Then later at post, only minor adjustment is needed. Otherwise, it would be good enough during photoshoot.

The one that meet your needs may or may not meet the needs of others. Some like quiet photographer, but wouldn’t it be nice if there is a good communication throughout the session, and occasional laughter? Besides, Gawai is a time for us to visit each other, or “ngabang” /  (bijarah kuan Bi-Piching).

Thank you Jojoy for entrusting me to photograph your family memories. Silamat Andu Gawai!

Tukang Rantek,
Claudius (Del)

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