War Versus Dengue

Tabi basa and greetings family and friends. How was your weekend? I hope it is a fine weekend.

Snapshot from Borneo Post

A couple of days ago on 18 September 2020, our nation’s warrior Sergeant Dato’ Awang anak Raweng P.S.B.S., GC,(Rt) (1916 – 18 September 2020) was called to back to his eternal rest. Deepest condolences to their family, especially Auberry, his grandchildren who is also a friend of mine. The late Sgt Dato’ Awang was indeed a hero and he was awarded St George’s Cross, second highest British military decoration after Victoria’s Cross, after his heroic action during Malayan Emergency (Darurat Malaya).

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a common mosquito-borne fever in tropical areas. One in four peoples infected with dengue will get sick, with mild or sever symptoms. Sever dengue can be life-threatening and would require hospitalisation.

You must be wondering what the signs are. Well, it includes: nausea, vomiting, rash, aches and pains especially eye pain, muscle, joint or bone pain which will last from 2 to 7 days. This is true for mild dengue.

For severe dengue, the signs are: stomach or belly pain; vomiting at least 3 times in 24 hours; bleeding from nose or gums; vomiting blood or blood in the stool; and feeling tired, restless or irritable.

If you think you have a dengue fever, don’t just Google it, but go seek your medical healthcare provider instead. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Run away
Runaway Peoples

I learned that there was a dengue case at my village, hence the fogging team was deployed to the site. However, the disappointing part was their arrival was not being warned earlier to us. During that time, we were preparing for the final prayer night for my late grandfather. Food was already prepared outside.

Because of their last minute notice, which is only minutes before they start fogging, we scrambled to cover the food prepared outside. After that, the kids was locked inside the car with its aircondition turned on.

The rest of the villagers just ran away from their house to the nearest hill to avoid the foggers “onslaught”.

Not much can be done but to wait.
Poor visibility due to fogging operation
Did you call my name?

Though brief, their arrival is enough to create an impression that they are taking care of our problem pertaining mosquito. However, I still believe that the best solution for Dengue problem caused by Aedes mosquito is to destroy their breeding grounds.

More Aedes that way.
Temporary refuge

What You Can Do?

Mosquitoes like Aedes likes to breed in a stagnant, clear water. Plastic bottles and packets makes a perfect pool for them to breed, especially those that was thrown away at odd places instead of proper rubbish bin. Look at your plant vases too. Who knows you might have a pool of water there? Just make sure that you don’t have any pool of stagnant water around your house and you’re good to go.

Photography Notes

For these photographs, because I was in a rush, I only managed to grab my M10 and Noctilux and begin shooting while I was outside and stay upwind from those malodourous smokes. It reminds me to the riot scenes, where tear gas were thrown instead of these insecticides.
That’s the end of this short post. Like what Thorsten said, always wear your camera. Until next time. Take care!

Tukang Rantek,


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