Til Death Us Do Part

Babai & Oma Last Moment Together

A lot of us want to have someone to love in our life, especially those who wants to live until the end, share our lives until old age. To like someone is the easiest part because more and more people knows how to groom themselves, apply proper make-up to beautify themselves and make them more handsome. To pretend to fall in love is easy in first encounter, because lust is often masked as love and we call it love first sight, when it’s actually hormone in action, fueled by libido. For some, love just happens. Like a spark, it just go boom. For others, it takes time. For some unfortunate ones, they are still waiting and hoping for that miracle.

To fall in love is the easy part. The real challenge is to maintain it; to maintain the same love as when we first started to fall in love.

As humans, once we are being fed with the same stimuli by the same person, the hormonal response tends to reduce. After a while, things became boring. It takes a novel partner to feel the same excitement. Ever wonder why middle-aged men looks for a younger girls as their mistress?They want to feel wanted again. They want to have to have someone to impress. They also have no problems with money. These young girls want their money, while they want their honey from their flowers. So, it’s money-for-honey business.

Some will say it’s fated to meet these peoples. But the truth is it’s our ego, and we want to find more, to find something/someone much better than what we have now. We forgot our promises to each other, our marriage vows, to love each other in joy and sorrow. We are hardwired to be never satisfied with our lives. We always desire for more, we never wanted to lose especially with those we call our rivals. Our desire for more often hijacks us to do things we want, not what we need. That’s why some people are willing to leave behind the joys and promises they have made earlier on with their family under God, wife, children to live together with their new mistress. They forgot that their action just started a cycle of brokenness and lovelessness in the eye of their children, because their children, being a victim to this madness, will have tendency to do it since they learn from example.

On the other hand, the person who really love each other will not leave their partner, in joy and sorrow, ups and downs of live, and will always be there for each other when the going gets tough. Their hands will hold each other, from the flawless smooth skin until it turns into thousands of canal of wrinkes, signs that they have loved each other. Each line carves a history of joy and pain, each consolidates their love for each other. There is no perfect person in this world, but the perfect relationship is made when two imperfect person accepts each other’s weaknesses and strive to make things work. Life is but a dream, and only death will wake us up.

Therefore, may God bless us, protect us and strengthen our love for each other, til death us do part.

Tukang Rantek,


Note: Claudius is a “tukang rantek” (photographer in Bidayuh Pichin) based in Miri.

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