Aba Kai Paya: Third Day of Gawai at Kpg Pichin


Tabi basa & greetings everyone. In this post, I want to share some of the images captured during the third day of Gawai.

Mini Bidayuh House Replica

One thing done different for Gawai this time is the replica of Bidayuh house by Paddu folks. While last year, there was a best decoration competition, this year, there was none. 

Instead, the host (Paddu) created this for all to see.

Not only that, they even created bamboo bridge replica on top of the existing bridge from main road to Awah Gawai. 

We actually intended to take picture there during the second day but because there were a lot of peoples, we cancelled our plan. 

This time, since there were no one there, and the fact that we arrived early, around 8.30pm, makes it a good chance for us to enjoy there. 

This time, I brought my flash because I know I will be needing it. True enough, the places I intend to shoot photo at is dimly-lit, and flash provided solution for it. 

One worker, three supervisors.

Sangar Bidayuh

While Iban have their own “ranyai” or the Tree of Life, Bidayuh have “sangar”, which is a structure to place offerings for the paddy spirits. As you can see there, it is a miniaturised version of what we are actually having because Bidayuhs believe that these paddy spirits are small, but that doesn’t mean they are powerless. “Sangar” is considered sacred in the past and in the present.

Even though we are mostly Catholics, we do not disturb it. The task is better left to those who know. What we can do is to look at it with respect, for it is part of our identity. It is good for younger generation to know.

Joget Begins

After our photoshoot, we retreated back to our zone’s allocated place. This time, for our zone is Room 15 until 17. There, I managed to capture our Top G, Mr Godes in action.

Our zone leader manage to sing a song, “Salam Sayang Masu Bintulu”.

This Ain’t A Song For The Broken Hearted

I also managed to sing a few songs, first was Dari Handsome, and the second one was Kampung Love. I know Dari Gap is currently trending at Serian, but since someone sang it before me, I didn’t sing it. 

No, this is not a rock song.

Midnight Porridge Break

Just like during the 2nd of June, on the 3rd of June also we have midnight porridge break. This dedicated meal time is to give opportunity for others to rest and rejuvenate before resuming the singing and dancing. 

It is important because if we just continue with entertainment non-stop, most likely we will end quite soon. By doing this, we can actually extend Gawai until dawn. 

More Pictures

During this time, I actually spend more time talking and catching up with my friends. One of them is Maxen, with whom I share common interest regarding arts and how we perceive “dare to be different”.

If you are preaching dare to be different, it is better for you to walk the talk, rather than just all talk. 

For example, shooting exclusively in black and white; or for Maxen, focus on inks.

Lucky? Make Your Own Break

In The End

I also managed to brought together my ex-classmates for some photo together. To be honest, it is not easy to gather everyone in a single place. This time, we only managed to gather 10. Hopefully more luck next time.

The celebration ends at 4.30am, I think. Why? I actually left early. Elek said it is better for us to leave early, otherwise we would be caught in a traffic jammed. I agree with her, hence we depart once the last two song was being sung. 


The third day is reserved for lucky draw, but I didn’t purchase any though as I know I will be busy photographing the evening. Anyway, as the emcee said, we will resume the session on 8th of June during our Gawai closing. 

Meanwhile, have a great weekend ahead!

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