Tudan Bidayuh Community’s Pre-Christmas Celebration


Tabi basa & greetings everyone! For many Christians all around the world, Christmas time is one of the most awaited time of the year, especially for kids because it is time for them to dress up in their favourite red and white dress, to sing their favourite Christmas songs during carolling and to meet Santa Claus. 

Though it is kind of sad to see that Christ is being forgotten from Christmas. What is Christmas without Christ? Just “mas”. 

Hence, even in carolling, instead of singing “Jingle Bell Rock”, we prefer to sing “O Holy Night”. I even translated it into my own mother tongue, “Ngarum Kudus” (O Holy Night in Bidayuh Serian) that I sung for the first time during DBNA Pre-Christmas gathering on 15 Dec 2023, Friday.

Tudan Pre-Christmas Celebration

In this post, I will share some of the pictures captured during Pre-Christmas celebration at Tudan organised by Tudan Bidayuh Community (TBC), currently Chaired by Mdm Agatha. There were some part of it that I didn’t capture because I was DJ-ing / emcee-ing the event. Being an emcee is also another thing that I enjoy doing, apart from capturing the image.

For those who is curious, the King & Queen of the night – Sino Mimi & Sama Wawa. Santa Claus is by the multi-talented Mr Roger.

There were some entertainment prepared for the event as what you can see in the gallery below.  


Your Tukang Rantek / Rockstar Emcee,

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00 The Beginning

01 Choir Performance

02 Performances

03 Enter Santa Claus

04 Games Time

05 Song Requests & Bara Dayung’s Performance

06 Body Builder Competition

07 Drinking Game

08 Karaoke Continues

09 King & Queen of the Night: Sama Wawa & Sino Tino

10 Entertainment Time Til End

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