Vallentine & Sandrine’s Love Story: The Next Chapter

Tabi basa & greetings everyone. Today I’d like to share some of the pictures captured during registration of marriage (ROM) between Vallentine & Sandrine at Tebedu. 

We might realise, or took this information for granted, but one of the key element of wedding, be it civil or church wedding is one must come from their own willingness, not by force or being extorted to get married for whatever reason. This is to ensure that they will have wedding based on love, respect & trust in one another.

Our Arrival

Back to their ROM, on a bright sunny day at Tebedu, family from both side gathered together to be part of this joyous occasion. The young ones also there to be the unofficial witness between their aunty & uncle. 

Unplanned Photoshoot

Before their turn arrives, we did some unplanned photoshoot, employing whatever resources that we managed to find on site. A photographer should be resourceful and at the same time, be a people’s person too in order to truly part of the occasion.

Some school of thought might disagree but for me, just like my emcee-ing style, I love to make the environment happy. It is a happy day after all. 

Finally, It’s Our Turn

Finally, once our turn arrived, we flock into the JPN’s office. The registrar, Pn Mimi also kind enough to allow us to enter so long as the we can fit in. 

Though it is not a physically-demanding task, all of us can see the sense of nervousness in the eye of Vallentine & Sandrine. Abiek also helped me to capture some of the videos during that event day since I got my hands full with camera, my trusty M camera.

Registration of Marriage Ceremony Begins

It started by an explanation by Pn Mimi. It is quite obvious that she is well-seasoned in this but she also shares our excitement albeit in a more reserved manner, as expected from someone of her calibre.

For Vallentine & Sandrine’s ROM, Henry & Vanessa became their witness. Thumb-scanning is a standard process for any government matters, so this shouldn’t be something new for anyone.

The Vow

After professing their vows, both Vallentine & Sandrine exchanged their rings, after which all in presence cheers “Ooooooooo”, following a shout of Tara Tara Tara by yours truly. In Bidayuh, we “tara” whenever we celebrate something. It doesn’t feel complete if there is no “tara” for such an important event: like eating food without salt. 

Post-ROM Photoshoot

After ROM was completed, we did some photoshoot inside the office. After thanking both personnel at JPN, we take our leave and head to Ranchan for our lunch. There, we did some catching-up, talking about Pichin-related stuff (including stories of days long gone, “prapanyai”) and even talk about “dugem-dugem”. Anyone is familiar with the term “cek cing”? That’s a Pichin-only term as I realised no other Bidayuh area uses it. 

The End

After a final image, we call it a day. The story will continue on this Saturday, where we will “cek-cing tok brupagi”. “Nam stengah kuan Mr Kimpa” (Be happy and merry until 6.30am).

May God bless both Sandrine & Vallentine!

Your Tukang Rantek / Rockstar Emcee,

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